“That’s what you are, a bee charmer.”


Tegan woke up to the scent of coffee and smiled at the memories of the night before.
Finally Sara and her had called the shots and now were going steady, she knew their friends had been teasing them to do so since they look like an old married couple already, knowing what the other will say or do before hand or finishing each other’s sentences; matching clothes wasnt either uncommon for them. Some people thought of them as twins just being extremely close, and others saw them as a cute couple walking down the streets matching.
Tegan willed herself to open her eyes and sit on the bed taking in Sara’s room, what a change it was from her own room… this room screamed Sara, they just needed the cats in and of course Sara.
Tegan decided to get up and meet her on the living room or maybe she was in the kitchen, finally doing breakfast for both of them in mercy of Tegan and not just coffee; once dressed letting out a yawn she picked her phone off the nightstand getting lost for a second in the notifications but heard some meows out and smiled quickly moving to open the bedroom door which had to be closed cause she didnt wanted her new kids to watch mommies having action.
Opening the door she was surprised by a Sara and not two little balls of fur, smiling at a grinning Tegan with two cups of coffee in one hand  and dish with doughnuts in the other.
“FOOD!” Tegan said helping Sara with the mugs cursing at how hot it was.

After their breakfast, Tegan stood again pumped with energy as Sara was slow and elegant gathering the things to put them in the kitchen again, only to be stopped by a Tegan.
“I know you dont like much FB, just like me but maybe… we can… i was thinking in making it snapchat official?”
That earned an eye roll from Sara who just nodded with a smile
“Snapchat official” Sara snorted as Tegan took her phone in hand again moving it so the frontal camera was on them, thinking ‘damn Sara looks good with every lightning and every thing’
“You ready Sasa? Im gonna make a quick video for our friends…” Tegan said but couldn’t finish
“So they stop mocking us?” Sara finished for her instead letting a giggle out “i was born ready” she mumbled and got impossibly close to Tegan
“Hey guys, …….” For Sara, Tegan’s voice went in off as her eyes fixated on her girlfriend and sister on the screen… 'flawless’ she thought and turned and placed a chaste kiss on Tegan’s jaw.

Well hello there… remember that last update? On the “towanda takes requests” project. Well this is the room where that drawing will be placed….
Teaser? Much…
Hint? The room is Sara’s. Obviously.
Plus? Yes, comes with a little story cause i believe this drawing is my baby, my pride… my all… i cant believe i did it.
And im sorry it took me so long.