towada lake


April 30th

The last day of April~ this also means I am one and a half month here already!

Today I made a bike tour. Actually, I wanted to drive all around the lake (yes, I thought about it again), but after I drove around for one hour and checked my position, I found out I had almost one sixth of the whole way done and so I decided to just go back instead of continuing.

The main reason for this decision were the mountains and my bike. I had to get off several times, because it was impossible for me to drive up a road. It just got harder and harder to move my legs and even though I did my best, I always became slower and slower and almost fell, so I had to get off and walk to the top and then drive back down again.

It was quite exhausting and when I did my break after an hour and I found out that I didn’t get as far as I thought (once again), I just decided to drive back and relax the rest of the day.

Another reason for this decision is, that tomorrow, my training will officially begin. I will start my training-plan for the half marathon (my first whole one) in October and I don’t want to be completely worn out from riding my bike for ages today.

I am already very excited and can’t wait to start jogging again. Especially at such a beautiful spot like this one~
Now I will take a shower and then maybe watch some videos and go to bed.


April 28th

Today I moved from Sendai to Towadako. A huge lake in Aomori prefecture. I can tell you: It’s beautiful!

But let’s start this morning. I got up at 5:30 and started to pack everything and then left my Hotel to take the Shinkansen to Hachinohe Station. From here I took the only Bus that drives to the lake and after more than 4 hours, I arrived at the lake.

The travel in the Shinkansen was amazing! You don’t really feel how fast it goes but you can imagine when you see everything flying by at an immense speed. I was able to see some beautiful spots from the train and I enjoyed the ride a lot.

The tour with the bus was somehow even better. Our bus driver was very kind and always stopped for a while at every photo spot so I could take several pictures of our surroundings when we got to the lake.

And the lake…. Oh my god it’s so damn beautiful! I can’t believe it! I will have a great time here for sure (no sightseeing, only relaxing, watching Anime and spending much time at that gorgeous lake!). I really hope the weather will be good while I stay here and I also hope for it to get warmer. It’s only 13 degree Celsius right now and I got used to these 20 or more from Sendai… So I’d love to have some more… heat around. But as long as it stays sunny I am happy~


April 29th

Today I spent my first whole day at the lake and it didn’t start that great. It was super duper cold and rainy. And I thought I’d have to stay inside the whole day.
Nevertheless, the breakfast was amazing. Such a western styled breakfast. Toast and butter and jam, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, milk, juice cornflakes. Everything very western. I honestly enjoyed it a lot. Even though I really love Japanese breakfasts, I somehow missed the typical western style bread-breakfast. So, I took my time eating all these and drinking so much coffee and hot chocolate…~
Then I got to my room and just watched some videos (Ghibli movies and finally Marvel’s Captain America Civil War) until it stopped raining. Then I got dressed, took a bike and made a little tour (well I thought I got very far but I didn’t even move around a tenth). Later I found out the sea has an extend of 46km and that’s not even the length of the road around it so I stopped dreaming about going around the lake by bike and just used some beautiful spots to take pictures and to relax.
In the evening, I got back to the Hotel and made some dinner. First I had to find out how to use a rice cooker. A Japanese rice cooker on top. But it turned out I did everything right and just had to wait longer than I thought. My eggs got already cold and I even ate one until my rice was ready but finally I had a great yummy dinner~


步 Walking ~十和田湖,Lake Towada,休屋~ by PS兔~兔兔兔~