Enhance Your Safety with Towable Harnesses

Water towables are available in a variety of styles such as long rockets and inner tubes which accommodate various riders at the same time. A modern day towable includes a strap that is placed in front and a fast connector to fasten the rope. Then there are the harnesses that act by connecting the towable similarly. They have a couple of ropes attached to the back of the boat to centre the floats. Tow harnesses also contain a float which helps the towline stay above the surface of the water to prevent it from interfering with the boat propeller.

You need to hold the end of the towrope and the loop in one hand. Hold the centre of the rope using your other hand and pull back the centre under the knot at the base of the loop. This helps in forming 2 loops on either side of the knot. The loops should be held in this position. Hold the tow strap using a fast connector and position each of the ears into a loop. Tug the towrope firmly near the knot to allow it to grasp the fast connector. Feed the end of the towrope through the slot in the fast connector on the towable harnesses.

The loose end should be pulled through the end of the loop firmly to attach the connector. Hold the towable to the connector by folding the loop of the rope beneath and place the top loops that form above the connector. Tug the rope to attach to the connector steadfastly. Squeeze the connector of the left snap on the harness for opening and clipping it on the left hook at the back of the boat. Release the clip to allow it to hold the hook.

3 MUST Have Boating Accessories For A Safe Journey

As summer approaches, people consider renting boats for cruises. A journey in the water is always fraught with danger even if you know how to swim. By acquiring the proper sailing equipment, you will ensure that your journey is safe and also pleasurable. By keeping boat accessories handy and knowing how and when to use them will add safety to your trip.

There are certain kinds of boating accessories which are a MUST to have in all kinds of boats. In this article, I’ve described about 3 such must have boat accessories,

First aid kit: If you’re planning to spend a lot of day time out on your boat, then you should be ready and well prepared with a first aid kit to prevent you from any issues such as dehydration, heatstroke etc. Make sure that your first aid kit contains sun screen lotion and sun glasses to protect your eyes and your skin from the scorching sun.

Marine Radio: What will you do if you suddenly find yourself in danger while cruising in the sea? How are you going to communicate with your crew or rescue team? Well, that’s why a marine radio is included in the MUST have boat accessories.

Safety water sports equipment: If you like to dive, surf or swim in the sea, then water sports equipment are also the MUST have boat accessories in your boat. You can include sport equipment such as water skis, life jackets, wake boards, towable, Jet Ski covers etc.

High quality and specialised boat accessories can add comfort and peace of mind, which you and your loved ones will bask in. Boat accessories spice up your trip and make the journey more memorable.

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Is It Possible To De-stress With The Help Of Water Sports?

Water sports are outstanding work out. While standing up on a paddle board or ski boards we need to have proper strength and balance to stay upright and move on water.

There are basically plenty of benefits of water sports, such as

- While running or practicing other sports you may experience a jarring to joints or mussels. But water sports are safer from that aspect. It does not cause such affect. But be careful while surfing on a large wave.

- Water sports are great to de-stress. You may paddle up a river or surf high waves for having fun. It ensures relaxation and rejuvenation. Thus let the fresh air and water freshen you up. So make your holydays more enjoyable with different types of water sports.

- Learning a water sport takes time. You need to practice for acquiring balance and skill. At first you may find it difficult but later you will just love to play with water.

- Water sports help to increase our fitness factor. It requires the use of muscles in your legs, back, arms and your feet. On the board you need to balance your muscles. So it’s a perfect work out. Water sports are relaxing as well.

- While performing on water skis you go through a lot of enjoyment as well as exercise. This is also true for wakeboarding. So do water skiing, stay feet and enjoy the adventure.

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Three Person Towable Inflatable

Experience a thrilling ride through the sea while seated on the three person towable inflatable. This cockpit styled towable features a boat hull shaped bottom for unparalleled stability and offers ample seating room for you and two friends to ride comfortably.


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The People’s Paper Co-op is headed to the Big Apple tomorrow!

With the new mobile studio co-created with Art Built Studios, the PPC is one of 100 + projects curated by the New Museum curated for their Ideas City festival. Come say hi, make posters, make paper, and make friends from 12-6 p.m., Saturday at the Museum.

“New York City’s steamroller economy makes artists, cultural producers, and small organizations invisible—by pricing them out of existence and driving them out of town. Our Mobile Workspace initiative envisions a bold effort to reverse this process by surfacing and supporting our disappearing cultural sector and making small-scale enterprise visible and mobile. ArtBuilt Mobile Studios are RV-size, towable, wheeled workspaces. They’re moveable homes for artists, nimble social service agencies, and quirky vendors, and they can be placed wherever they’re needed. They can be affordably built and owned, and deployed at a scale to suit any endeavor. Let’s make the programmed prototype visible at IDEAS CITY!

The People’s Paper Co-Op (PPC), a project of the Village of Arts and Humanities in Philadelphia, brings together artists, civil rights lawyers, and citizens returning from the criminal justice system for free community legal clinics. Participants work with lawyers to clear their criminal records, removing barriers to employment, housing, healthcare, education, and other services. Printed records are shredded, pulped, and made into blank sheets of handmade paper, then transformed into artworks using participants’ images and words. At the IDEAS CITY Festival, PPC will host hands-on papermaking sessions for the public from the ArtBuilt Mobile Studio; visitors can learn more about their work through the accompanying exhibition. PPC makes their constituents’ invisible challenges visible, helping community members advocate for themselves and others through the arts.”

Towable Hot Dog Float

Enjoy an exciting speedy ride along the waters with this towable hot dog float! It’s designed for 1-3 riders and features neoprene seat pads for extra comfort. Tow it onto the back of a speedboat and hold on tight ready for the ride of your life!


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