tow pig

Kerrwynn lazily made his way back to the farm. The little pig in tow. He placed the pig on the porch of the house and reached inside the door to retrieve the unfinished bottle of bourbon that had been his breakfast and lunch. He lost track of time as the sky was set on fire with the pinks and oranges of dusk bringing on the night. Twilight moved in closer to him and the burn of the bottle kept him warm until the contents ran as empty as his motivation. “I need a change of pace.” He grabbed his bow and tossed the bottle into the air. An attempt at a quick nock and draw was unsuccessful, instead he found himself sitting on the porch holding his right hand which still lacked the strength to hold back the string. The shattered bottle shards mocked him with their glistening and reflection of the stars above. He ushered in the small pig and slammed the door behind him.

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