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I feel like there’s an obvious connection of Cas to Dean first- he rescued him, contacted him, etc… the show was his POV, but he’s overtly connected to Dean first and foremost. Of course that’s his closest relationship. And I think it’s bigger than just ‘your boyfriend’s family you also love’. While they tow the line a little much to not just be goosing intrigue, it’s officially and clearly a non-romantic love story. As a friend or more, you love your person, then you grow to love their people. Dean knows it’s directed at him, and it’s why neither of them can keep each other’s eye. Not to hide some sexual feeling connotation, but the sheer reality of it sitting on Dean. And for 'you should show me some respect’ Castiel to say.

Correct me if I’m misinterpreting your words, but I don’t think we can say that “it’s officially and clearly a non-romantic love story” when a crucial element recently emphasized is the taboo for angels of loving humans sexually. In 12x10 a plot point was the fact that Cas and the rest of his group (the ones who didn’t know the truth behind Ishim’s actions) misunderstood Akobel’s use of the word “love”. Akobel said he loved humans, but Ishim had told them that Akobel had a sexual relationship with Lily (to which a child was born) so they inflicted the death penalty on him on the spot. That doesn’t mean that Cas’ “I love you” was a deliberate confession of a specific kind of love, but that “what kind of ‘love’ does this use of the word ‘love’ expresses” is an actual element of the storyline being told, and I think that when Cas uses the word, the meanings flash into his mind. Or at least, the show has given us a textual instance of “confusion” between two kinds of love (“love… and love”, “love, heartbreak and… love”, it’s a pattern) in 12x10, so the meanings should flash into our - the viewers’ - minds, because nothing is random especially when there’s a pattern.

I believe that the conflict in the story of Dean and Cas’ relationship at this point is shame - that’s what their inability to keep eye contact expresses, among possible other things. Cas is ashamed because of all the things he’s internalized as an angel, Dean is ashamed because he believes he has corrupted Cas (not in a sexual sense, but in general). That’s why he has a visible reaction to the part where Cas says that the things they have shared have changed him, and also why 12x10 started putting emphasis on the fact that Cas believes that his relationship with the Winchesters has changed him for the better. Cas believes that he’s changed for the better, Dean is yet to be convinced of that, because Cas has become more like Dean, and for Dean that means… a downgrade, so to speak. Dean blames himself for dragging Cas down to his “level”, and he’s ashamed of that. As for Cas’ shame, I don’t think it’s uniquely a fact of “he wants to have sex with a human but that is a no-no thing for angels” because I believe it’s a larger thing that encompasses his sense of duty as an angel, his guilt for betraying that duty, his shame for the damages he’s wrought to the cause. The explicitation of the angel+human->nephilim taboo in 12x10 wasn’t strictly necessary, because before then we had plenty of explicit reasons to justify Cas’ shame for his attachment to Dean (not necessarily in romantic or sexual terms) and the sexual taboo existed deep in the subtext. 12x10 brought the sexual connotations of the taboo to the text (even if the taboo only applied to the conception of a nephilim, conceiving a child is about sex anyway).

Maybe the show will never have Dean and Cas be in an explicitly romantic relationship or be in a sexual relationship at all, but that would not invalidate that the story being told is not being told in non-romantic terms. At least this is how I see it and I’m watching it closely and I’m definitely not the only one. The subtext that codes them as a couple (in romantic and/or sexual terms) exists at least since season 7 (in fact some elements were purposely inserted by Jensen himself), more recently Dabb has even allowed a romantic interpretation of the events around 6x20, there’s a long history of subtext that I wouldn’t just call fostering intrigue, because it’s not just a quirky addition to wink at fans, but works as a giver of meaning to entire storylines (well, one storyline if you count it as declinations of the Dean-Cas story).


Tom Holland x Reader
Prompt: “ Could I please request a Tom Holland fic based on the song “Sunburn” by Ed Sheeran?” by anon
Words: 930
Notes: this is pretty much sad but there’s hope in the end. I don’t think I’m able to do a second part to this, I’m sorry. Listen to the song, if you want to.

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Tom walked out from his house. The air was cold and blurry, just like how he felt. He looked to his hands, waiting for something magical, that he knew it was never going to happen. So he decided to run. He ran as faster as he could, his lungs claiming for him to stop but he couldn’t.

You’re not her, though I try to see you differently
I tow the line, and see I’m searching
For what used to be mine
And I saw your eyes, and I saw Alice staring back at me
So I will try to find another one who’s suited me
As well as her

He had seen so many faces, so many eyes. But none of them showed hers, none of them had the same light Y/N’s had. That way of smiling with it or how it showed love and so many emotions that made his heart jump on his chest.

He missed her, he missed her like hell. It was like his body was in flames and she was the only way of put out the fire and the pain, but she didn’t come and it was starting to become unbearable. She was the only thing that made him feel alive and now he felt like everything was dead inside him, his body, his feelings, his sanity.

She was mine, I was hers and all that’s in between
When she would cry, I would shelter her and keep her
From the darkness that will be

Tom ran faster, now his legs were hurting, the pain coming from his ankle and going up to his thighs. He didn’t care, that was nothing compared with what he was feeling. He had a hole on his heart and he knew it would be difficult to fill it again.

Everything remembered her. He missed their love nights and how their bodies fit together, like they were meant to be. He missed touching her skin and his body producing all this hormones that made him go crazy. He missed her voice and how the sound made him happy, like he was hearing angels. He missed how she called his name. He even missed the fights. But he missed more what she made him feel. Love, complete, whole. All of that was gone, just like a drop of water.

He was scared of being alone. But he was most scared of letting her alone. He knew every problem she had, every fear, everything. But he was always there to help, to calm her down, to remind her everything would be okay. And now he wasn’t. He missed the feeling of being hers and he missed the feeling of having her.

I’ve moved far away from you
And I want to see you here beside me, dear
But things aren’t clear

They decided that being apart for a while would be good. Tom wanted to scream that it wasn’t, he just wanted her body pressed against his. Her warmth filling him completely. But he couldn’t. So he ran faster, his knuckles white of the pressure, caused by the cold. And it wasn’t only because of the weather.

When we never even tried, we never even talked
We never even thought in the long run
Whenever it was painful, whenever I was away
I’d miss you
I’d miss you

He regretted not saying a thing and leaving like that, like he was the storm in the calm weather. He remembered the tears on her eyes and, god, that hurt. It was like he was suffocating, even though he was breathing. He stopped and sat in a bench. He closed his eyes for a minute and all he could see was darkness, the same feeling he felt when he woke up everyday without her.

He stopped his tears of falling down. He wasn’t going to cry, not alone and in public. He saw a couple walking through the park, their hands intertwined and his chest ached. It felt like someone was stoning his heart, the wound getting opened again. He felt cold and decided to go away.

Don’t drop me in, it’s not my turn
If you cut deep then I might learn
That you scarred and left me like sunburn

During his walk back home, Tom looked at himself in one mirror. To the ones that didn’t know him, he was the same. But for the ones who were close, it was noticeable his dark circles under his eyes of sleepless nights. When he slept, he would call for her name and wake up in the middle of the night missing the body it used to be near him.

He was afraid she would move on. That she didn’t even think about him anymore and that was more painful. He was lost and alone, and he knew only her embrace would make him feel home and comfortable again. Home. His home was where she was.

“I miss her too, girl.” He spoke to Tess. The dog looked at his eyes like she understood what he was talking about. She moved closer and rubbed her head on his hand. “I miss her too.”

He looked,through the window, to the sunset and smiled reminding how much she loved it. There was only one way of knowing what he should do. He knew it was the only way but he was so afraid of the answer. But he did anyway.

The seconds passed until he heard the sound that made his heart race faster than anything else. He smiled instantly.


“Hey, Y/N.”

WoPo runs a “fake news” article today citing anonymous “experts” with a “new organization” called “Prop or Not” which identifies “Russian outlets” spreading “fake news” so the public can turn to this newly anointed authority in these uncertain times.

The list is hilarious. It basically includes everyone but corporate news and partisan prog outlets. Ron Paul made it, Lew Rockwell’s blog made the cut. Consolidators like Drudge are on the list, which savaged the Bush regime is also present. Of course other former darlings of the left like Wikileaks are included.

Check out the insane doublespeak Greenwald calls out in the tweet from the Prop or Not FAQ.

If you’re not towing the corporatist line, you’re a Russian propagandist!

Is it just me or has Enzo done nothing but put Bonnie’s life in danger? The pills, were arguably accidental. But because of his refusal to tow the line and act like the obedient soldier he gave up Sarah and Bonnie. So, I have to agree with Damon on this, this whole mess with Bonnie being in danger wouldn’t be a thing if Enzo had just at least acted like he’d turned off his switch. At least until they could figure out how to break her hold. Just saying.


Saw this truck near my house. 

“We’re on the pull”. I’m sensing an AU.

Sherlock’s sexuality as violin.  John’s sexuality as gun.

Based on bckwyf‘s question, ‘Sherlock is to violin as John is to ____’.

My answer: “Sherlock is to violin as John is to gun”.

If each represents their sexualities that would be keeping with how I see their boundaries.  I think that Sherlock plays with the edges of their romance a lot more than John: he flirts, he struts, he turns up coat collars, he skypes in a sheet.  John keeps a hard (no pun intended) boundary on these things: he doesn’t cross the line.  The flirting he enjoys or endures depending on how tortured he feels but he, himself, I think, is always trying to tow the friendship line as per his rejection at Angelo’s.  He’s a soldier and a man of, ‘strong moral principle’, he will not mess with the rules as established by Sherlock.

So, the violin is something that Sherlock plays, he weaves melodies, he composes, he puts the sound out there.  John does not fire his gun unless and until he has to.  So, in this way Sherlock’s sexuality is more fluidly conveyed to John: he’s constantly trying to seduce him and to tell him something.  John is always ready but never firing.  He needs the right time and place.  And a very specific, clear reason.

Sketch of the Day!

Sketch-A-Day #51!

Terra’s on the way, with plenty of medical supplies in tow!

More lining and coloring practice! This one featured a 600 DPI canvas instead of 300 DPI like I usually use for sketches. I like how this one came out, but I want to spend some more time ironing out how to use shadows and highlights better. I think it’s a little soft-looking right now.

It is so very hard towing the line between not letting misinformed bigots get the last word, and not engaging them at all.

I want to call people out when I see hateful things being said on family members and friends fb pages, but some people just don’t budge. No matter what evidence you provide or how you phrase things. We have stopped learning from each other. Listening to one another.

This is what I hate the most out of this presidency so far. It’s driven this wedge between the people of this nation, and people are more closed minded and stubborn about their world views than ever before.

Politics and speaking up are important but god dammit I just want to talk about mundane, banal things sometimes without it crossing over into left wing v right wing bullshit.

i tow that gordon ramsey line between being a prickly bitch but also like most people who know me call me sweet because while i take no shit if you’re nice to me i will definitely be very nice back 

@flamingplay tagged me to shuffle my music! Thank you :D So, I gave it a try (and skipped repeat artists, sorry Coldplay!!!).

  1. Square One - by Coldplay :)

“Is there anybody out there who

Is lost and hurt and lonely too?

Are they bleeding all your colors into one?”

2. All I Ever Wanted - by Vance Joy

“I could still see the sun on the water, I could still feel your sunlight.”

3. Crazy=Genius, Panic at the Disco

“You’re so straight like commuters with briefcases towing the line

There’s no residue of a torturer inside your of eyes”

4. Mind Over Matter - Young the Giant

“I missed that train - New York City , It rains

Fly to East L.A., in big jet planes

You know you’re on my mind”

5. Where the Skies are Blue - The Lumineers

“Lay your dreams, little darlin’, in a flower bed

Let that sunshine in your hair, in your hair.”

6. Tiptoe - Imagine Dragons

“From your slanted view see the morning dew

Sink into the soil, watch the water boil

They won’t see me run, who can blame them?”

7. The Headmaster Ritual - The Smiths

“Belligerent ghouls

Run Manchester schools

Spineless swines

Cemented minds”

8. Blue Blood - Foals

“You came at me in the midnight to show me my soul.

Of all the people, I hoped it’d be you.”

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  • Aries: She said, "Darlin', you know, How the wine plays tricks on my tongue
  • Taurus: Other boys you may have dated, Serrated your heart with a slice
  • Gemini: Then I'm a fucking arsonist, I'm a rocket scientist
  • Cancer: She said you're just like Mike Love, But you'll never be Brian Wilson
  • Leo: You can set yourself on fire, But you're never gonna learn, learn, learn
  • Virgo: She said at night in my dreams, You dance on a tightrope of weird. Oh but when I wake up, You're so normal that you just disappear
  • Libra: You can set yourself on fire, But you're never gonna burn, burn, burn
  • Scorpio: You're so straight like commuters, With briefcases towing the line. There's no residue of a torturer, Inside of your eyes
  • Sagittarius: She said you're just like Mike Love, But you wanna be Brian Wilson, Brian Wilson
  • Capricorn: And I said, "Hey ay ay, hey ay! If crazy equals genius"
  • Aquarius: But the cut of your love never hurts, Baby, it's a sweet butter knife
  • Pisces: But you don't seem to change, When you stuff all of your feelings with drugs"


I’m still wondering how DC could claim that taking Anderson down 3 times was the most anybody had gotten against him… are we supposed to forget about Chael because of Bellator????

DC gotta tow the company line. or he forgot. or both.

I'm fine

I’m fine

I fill myself with coffee
I tow the part line
I push down the fear
Through gritted teeth
“I’m fine”

I don’t deal with anxiety
I’ve learned to compartmentalise
Until it over flows
The Fear
Now I’m Paralysed

There is too much for the senses
Too much noise within
Too much future
That I’m scared of being in

I break out of the room
All sweaty and pale
Tortured by pride
Again I have failed.

Then it subsides
My heart rate comes down
I don a fake smile
That I wear like a crown.

I go back to being “me”
Tormented secrets drowned
I pick up the pen
Some solace is found

Words for Elysium 2015 ©


I actually find it hilarious that people think Connor is “ungrateful” to Annalise. (And for some reason he seems to get this criticism more than any of the rest of the K5)

  • The whole disposal of Sam’s body was a) done under Annalise’s guidance and b) done to cover HER ass as much as anyone else’s. She’s even said as much. She’s protecting herself, because her dead husband, in her house with a blunt force trauma almost certainly means she’d be getting arrested. 
  • When he wanted to voluntarily hand himself in, she pleaded with him not to to protect Wes
  • She effectively threatened to frame him for Sam’s murder to make him tow the line
  • Bonnie threatened to murder him, if he didn’t tow the line.
  • Annalise threatened to get his boyfriend thrown in jail AND gloated that he’d be raped   

It’s textbook Emotional Blackmail. Are you REALLY surprised that he resents the woman?