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UchiSaku Week: Day One- Runaway Queen

Prompt: Immortal/the garbage will do

Pairings: MadaSaku, hints of IzuSaku and SasoSaku

@madasakuweek Thank you!!! <3 <3

I wasn’t going to post anything but I’ve been reading too many fics so…I just had to. Typed this out in a rush, so it’s short and kind of sweet??

 He’d forgotten the thrill that came with this chase.

It didn’t happen often these days, but as Raijin broke into a furious gallop, he could feel his blood pumping at an almost equally fast pace.

“Madara-sama, please!” He glanced back to see Fugaku rushing after him on his own horse, an unusually anxious look on the stoic man’s face. “The paperwork-“

“-is not going anywhere. I’ll deal with it when I’m back,” Madara yelled back with a grin. “Or get Izuna to do it.” With that said, the wild haired man disappeared into the forest, his form quickly lost among the massive trees. Fugaku urged his horse to a slow stop, lifting a hand to his face in defeat.

“But Izuna-sama is not in the castle…” he whispered, shoulders shaking with the force of his frustration.

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