touya x yue


So Touya is a student himself, works odd jobs all the damn time so he can pay for his college but still manages to make time to buy books for the love of his life?
This so so damn perfect and gives me life TBH. If that ain’t boyfriend goals, I don’t know what is.

You know I love our girl Sakura, but we have honestly been denied the possibilities of wizard!touya who would be so freaking badass. Like we already know he’s got some 6th sense and knows blackbelt karate, but he’s also hella smart and got that protective complex so he would literally fuck you up if you came near his loved ones.
Also: I would kill to see the Touya x Yue relationship 💕
**outfit inspired by one of Tomoyo’s most iconic Sakura outfits 👌🏼

  • Me, 13 years old, arguing with another CCS fan: Yukito and Touya aren't gays!
  • Someone: Yukito and Touya aren't gays!
  • Me, almost 10 years later: How you DARE disrespect their true, beautiful and pure love!? They have been the best relationship ever since the dawn of time! THEY LOVE EACH OTHER IN THE MOST MARVELOUS WAY GODDAMMIT-

30 days of CLAMP- Day 9 - Favourite Slash couple moment

Touya and Yukito/Yue - after giving powers 

I can’t really call this a moment but its a step in their relationship that I love. I am personally a firm believer that these two are cannon (read the manga people) and here is where they admit their love in different ways and to different people. 

Soooo episode 1 of CCS…I basically started crying here:

Cried some more here:

Even more here:

And then finally completely lost it here:

Bonus mention: the fact that Yukito stays overnight at the Kinomoto home…my heart…and I refuse to believe he sleeps anywhere but in Touya’s room and in his bed. 

Seeing Kero-chan, Tomoyo, Eriol, Spinel Sun, Mizuki-sensei, Ruby Moon, Yue, Papa Kinomoto, and everyone else made my heart ache with happiness too.