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🇺🇸 Happy 4th of July!! 🇫🇷💟🇺🇸

On this day it is important to remember the history of the American Revolution or War of Independence and our oldest & reciprocal alliance with France. The Franco-American Alliance forged by Thomas Jefferson & Benjamin Franklin with King Louis XVI at Versailles. The King’s financial and military aide under the leadership of the great Marquis de Lafayette and Rochambeau played a major role in our victory over George III and the British.

God Bless America 😇🇺🇸
America the beautiful 🇺🇸
Franco-American Alliance 🇫🇷💟🇺🇸


Ce que j’avais beaucoup aimé dans le film Lego, c’est que le héros n’était pas du tout l’élu, le “chosen one”. C’était juste un gars qui se trouvait au bon endroit au bon moment (ou au mauvais endroit au mauvais moment). J’ai parfois du mal quand une personne doit le faire, juste parce qu’elle est l’élue (à la Alice au pays des merveilles de 2011). C’est pour ça que j’espère vraiment pas que Rey est la fille de Luke dans le nouveau star wars, car déjà ça commencerait à faire un peu beaucoup de liens familiaux, on se calme. Et parce que Rey c’est la fille qui pop juste dans cet univers, et ok elle maîtrise la force, MAIS C’EST PAS UNE RAISON POUR QUE CA SOIT LA FILLE DE LUKE !

En vrai les Jedis ils perdent un manteau par combat vu qu’ils le laissent toujours tomber et qu’ils le ramassent jamais, quel gâchis

Kathleen Kennedy on Kylo Ren

I was reading a French Star Wars magazine and suddenly there was an excerpt from a Kathleen Kennedy interview concerning Kylo Ren that I found pretty interesting. She discusses the character, makes parallels with our contemporary world, and at the end I had the impression she wasn’t talking about him as a villain, but as someone who still has to grow and who’s definitely good inside, or at least not bad at all (this is pretty hilarious when you think about all the absurd Kylo Ren drama we have here on tumblr…)

I don’t know if she has talked about this in other interviews, it’s probably the case, but I’ll leave this here for discussion.

I’ve made a rough translation of the French excerpt (English to French to English, feel the irony), probably not the best translation, but at least you’ll have the general idea :

“[Q] You really wanted Adam Driver for this role. What made him the perfect Kylo Ren ?

[KK] I had the opportunity to work with Adam on Lincoln. That was our first met. From the moment we started to think about this character, Kylo Ren, Adam was an obvious choice to me, and one of the few actors who could play him. J.J didn’t know him as well as I did, but he was immediately convinced when they met. He was one of the first actors we had considered for the role and it was an early decision. One of the most interesting aspects of Kylo Ren is his young age. Most of the time, villains are damaged, troubled and older. Making the new Star Wars villain a 30 years old man was a captivating choice. We could take advantage from a troubled adolescence and a past we know very little about. There we could find this tension between light and dark which dominates all the Star Wars universe. We could use it as a metaphor for the path that leads a young adult to his accomplished adult life. The characters who can be drawn to the dark side and seduced by all sorts of experiences that might be dangerous are compelling for us. For today’s audience it’s an original, fascinating and appealing character.

When we look at our own lives, it all depends on the choices we’ve made. Kylo Ren seems to have taken many bad decisions, but they aren’t necessarily bad decisions within the context of Star Wars, where they can lead to almost anything. This story reflects the real world. Many kids evolve in a political environment that can be difficult to decipher, and many events suggest that people are drawn to danger, trouble and agitation. In terms of international policy, there’s a sense that we live a time full of upheavals. The political structure of the Star Wars narratives reflects this in a unique way. Kylo Ren represents this dark side of society that can be appealing when we don’t know which side to choose and right and wrong become very vague concepts. All these aspects make Kylo Ren a really complex character and offer us many different options for future plots.

Emphasis are mine. But seriously. Seriously. If Kylo Ren really is, for the writers, an image of our contemporary youth searching for answers, making mistakes and trying to grow in a chaotic world, who can simply imagine that he will die unredeemed, and that the message of this new trilogy won’t be a message of hope ?

I leave the original French text and the references under the cut for those who are interested.

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Foreign Language Film category for the 88th Academy Awards

  • Belgium, “The Brand New Testament,” Jaco Van Dormael, director;
  • Colombia, “Embrace of the Serpent,” Ciro Guerra, director;
  • Denmark, “A War,” Tobias Lindholm, director;
  • Finland, “The Fencer,” Klaus Härö, director;
  • France, “Mustang,” Deniz Gamze Ergüven, director;
  • Germany, “Labyrinth of Lies,” Giulio Ricciarelli, director;
  • Hungary, “Son of Saul,” László Nemes, director;
  • Ireland, “Viva,” Paddy Breathnach, director;
  • Jordan, “Theeb,” Naji Abu Nowar, director.

Coucou à tous! Voilà la partie 4 de mon histoire pour le @huxlolidays! Et encore merci à @coeurd-art-ichaut et @artful-leo pour votre organisation! C’est intense mais c’est fun :D J’espère que cette suite vous plaira! (Partie 1 - Partie 2 - Partie 3)

De Bien Belles Vacances 4 : Bal populaire à Arkanis (oui j'ai bidouillé un peu le prompt pour que ça colle)

Matt regardait Techie terminer sa cinquième côtelette d’agneau d’affilée. Pour quelqu’un d’aussi frêle, il avait un sacré appétit, au point que Matt se demandait si Ermitage ou quel que soit son nom ne privait pas habituellement son petit frère de nourriture. Il avait même mangé plus que Matt lui-même ! Et pourtant, avec son grand corps et ses activités physiques quotidiennes, Matt pouvait vider avidement bien des plats.

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Tu te souviens du gars qui a arrêté de me parler lorsqu’il y a commencé à traîner avec une autre fille ? 

Ben c’est quelqu’un avec qui j’avais une grande complicité, durant tout le long de cette année. On s’entendait tellement bien que je l’ai fait entrer au McDo pour qu’il y bosse cet été. Résultat : il a rencontré une fille, et il sort avec depuis deux semaines. Et moi, j’ai pas de nouvelles depuis le 25 juin.

Puis vendredi, il est venu me parler. Un peu timide, il m’a demandé ce que je faisais cette semaine, il m’a proposé un ciné. J’étais contente, jusqu’à ce que j’en parle à l’une de mes collègues et qu’elle me dise de ne pas y aller. Puis j’ai plus ou moins compris pourquoi après : sa copine est en vacances pendant deux semaines (et en plus elle n’aime pas les films de super-héros genre les Marvel, DC, Star Wars, tout ce qu’il aime quoi) et ses seuls amis sont parti à l’étranger. Il reste plus que moi, la fille qu’il calcule pas depuis trois semaines. Me voilà avec l’étiquette de bouche-trou.

Youpi tralalère


Sith lords chillin’ in the sun for the Bro’s birthday (that means you @cy-lindric)

(sithsona dark swagus by cy-lindric and darth maladi)

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Here’s what I will say about Sanders: 

I learned what I needed to learn when Sanders answered the question of, “when do you think it’s okay to go to war?” with, “I’m not a pacifist! I’m prepared to take this country into war! I voted for the war in Afghanistan! I think it’s okay to go to war to hold Osama [former Saudi ally of the US] accountable [through a 14 year war in Afghanistan, for actions that had nothing to do with Afghanistan when he was eventually found in Pakistan].” That was it for me because it shows that – surprise! – his supposed anti-war stances aren’t as anti-war as y’all think they are, they’re anti-unpopular-wars and pro-somewhat-justifyable-wars-that-I-can-use-to-assert-my-jingoism. I’m not surprised by this, I’ve known about his shitty foreign policy. 

I’m not here to support him just because supposedly he’s the “best” out of the line-up of roughly two dozen people tryna run for the head of Empire, I don’t give a fuck. But it’s important to talk about what support for him means – 

Support for him is telling of what/who his supporters are willing to put on the line for what they consider to be “progress”: either his supporters share his horrid stances in foreign policy or they don’t but they do not have the backbone to oppose him based on that alone and a 14 year long war of terror against the Afghan people and ongoing drone strikes without any accountability is something they’re willing to overlook for their own “progress” and betterment. I’m not here to convince Sanders supporters – or anyone, for that matter – to give a shit about Afghan lives and others lost to this post-9/11 paradigm of terror. I’m not going to convince people to view us as human beings and I don’t care to. What I’m here to say is, liberation, salvation, true progress will never come by throwing others under the bus. Whatever “progress” you think you’ll achieve by only selectively addressing injustice and accepting the terrors of war and American jingoism as “collateral” or the “price you pay” so long as its other paying it will bring you no kind of real progress. 

Don’t view us as equals, don’t ask yourselves “what if it was my country that was bombed for 14 years and my family that was tortured?” if it’s not going to help you see us as humans anyway. But please, for fuck’s sake, stop pretending that your politics are “progressive” or your concerns anything but selfish when it comes to ~justice~ when all you want is “progress” for yourself and are willing to pay in how ever many brown and black lives and livelihoods it takes. 

You’re at the heart of Empire. And if the fact that an entire section of the Democratic candidates’ debate was dedicated to everyone touting their bombing and war-mongering résumés and everyone outlining exactly whom they would bomb when doesn’t remind you of this, nothing will. You’re at the heart of Empire, and, to quote Arash Daneshzadeh, “you can’t vote Empire or its legacy out of existence. You can only choose flavors,” so don’t fool yourselves into thinking you’re doing anything else.