Tousei Kimono danshi koitsuzuri vol. 3: Kousuke-hen

Friendly reminder that this series is R-18! One rainy day, you visit a small restaurant and it turns out that the chef is Itou Kousuke, your classmate in primary and secondary school. You haven’t seen each other since graduation, and you end up going to the restaurant often to talk to Kousuke and relive memories of your school days. “You have changed. You became… beautiful.” A few days later, when you head for the restaurant earlier than usual, you find Kousuke who seems to be acting strangely… 

CV: 寺竹順 (Abe Atsushi)
Date of release: 3 September 2014
Preorder: Amazon JPAnimate Online (tokuten)

NEW ALBUM『ARCHE』(2014.12.10 RELEASE) - content

DISC 1 : Blu-spec CD2
01. Un deux
02. 咀嚼 [soshaku /mastication]
03. 鱗 [uroko /fish scale]
04. Phenomenon
05. Cause of fickleness
06. 濤声 [tousei / sound of rain]
07. 輪郭 [rinkaku]
08. Chain repulsion
09. Midwife
10. 禍夜想 [magayasou]
11. 懐春 [kaishun / yearning of youth]
12. Behind a vacant image
13. Sustain the untruth
14. 空谷の跫音 [kuukoku no kyouon / lonely sound of footsteps]
15. The inferno
16. Revelation of mankind

DISC 2 : CD [7曲収録予定 /plans to record 7 songs]
新曲「and Zero」(インストゥルメンタル・トラック)、「てふてふ」に加え、最新シングル「SUSTAIN THE UNTRUTH」、最新ミニアルバム『THE UNRAVELING』 より「Unraveling」のリミックス・ヴァージョン、新曲のアンプラグド/シンフォニックによるアレンジトラックを含む全7曲が収録される予定です。
We have plans to record 7 songs, including new songs “and Zero” (instrumental track), “tefutefu”, the latest single “SUSTAIN THE UNTRUTH”, remix version of “Unraveling” from the  latest mini album “THE UNRAVELING” and unplugged version(s) or symphonic version(s) of new songs.
DISC 3 : Blu-ray もしくは DVD
新曲「Un deux」「Chain repulsion」をスタジオにて一発録りにて収録した最新クリップ、2014年8月に開催されました<TOUR14 PSYCHONNECT -mode of “GAUZE”?->より最新ライヴ映像他、『ARCHE』オリジナル映像コンテンツが収録されます。
It will include shot in one take recorded in the studio version of new songs “Un deux” and  "Chain repulsion", also live footage from the TOUR14 PSYCHONNECT -mode of"GAUZE"? and original material from ARCHE.


Humoristic report from tour final by レッド

From left to right
Red writing: 2015.01.11 Shinkiba STUDIO COAST, final!
*Toshiya: If he didn’t have his bass he would look like that (my imagination); I can still go on because I have my bass (from Toshiya quotes) / Toshiya in the bottom: During part of Tousei he gradually sank to his knees in the end becoming like that / Best actor award / ->when screaming started he stood up; then in turn Kyo collapsed
*Toshiya and Die: Standing together near Toshiya’s spot they were laughing / maybe something like “it’s great” “kind of” (laugh)
Kaoru: [curtain: on the left side of stage] just like that he’s behind Kyo / Was it during Sustain? suddenly he was standing behind Kyo, so Kyo had no way of escape; Kaoru san who is good at trapping people
(Kyo and Kaoru on the right) -> Kyo wanted to go back to centre of stage, when he turns around there’s someone there. Leader as if nothing happened moves and makes a way (laugh)
*Shinya: Intro for Uroko; around 0:08 just right after the chorus sang by Kyo, Yamo-chan (Shinya) made this pose, it was really cool!!!


“We didn’t have enough trailers to give to everyone, so we gave them to the first four above-the-line people. When River started working with Sheila Tousey, he realized that she was in a honey wagon and he was in a trailer, and she not only had long makeup hours, but a lot of preparation doing vocal exercises. So he came to me and said, "I’d like to give Sheila my trailer and I’ll go into the honey wagon.” I’d never had an actor say, “May I give up my comfortable space for a smaller one, because one of my fellow performers needs it more than I do?” - Carolyn Pfeiffer, producer of Silent Tongue


DIR EN GREY - Tousei Live @ Rock im Revier, May 29, 2015

DIR EN GREY in Warsaw [setlist]


01. 咀嚼 (Soshaku)
02. Chain Repulsion
03. Sustain the Untruth
04. Un deux
05. 鱗 (Uroko)
06. 濤声 (Tousei)
07. 輪郭 (Rinkaku)
08. 空谷の跫音 (Kuukoku no kyouon)
09. 禍夜想 (Magasou)
10. Phenomenon
11. Behind a Vacant Image
12. Cause of fickleness
13. The Inferno
14. Revelation of Mankind


16. 朔 (Saku)
17. 激しさと… (Hageshisa to…)