He had heard it in songs, He had been told about this a tousand times. He thought he knew the feeling of seconds stretching for eternities. But this was something else. This was what it really was like when a second felt like a century. His eyes where focussed on the old face in front of him, his servo on his cheek letting memories shoot back right through his spark and his his completely numb processor. His spark hurt, as if it would collapse any second but that was so unimportant right now.* 

Wake up.. *He whispered without making any sound. He just moved his lips. Then he repeated it. this time whispering audible. * 

wake up… Wake up… Wake up!

Magnus! WAKE UP! *He grit his denta. He was desperate. The last thing he wanted was him going back into the eternal stasis he had been kept in for so many decades.* Wake UP! WAKE UP YOU STUPID FRAG WAKE THE FRAG UP! Don’t leave me here alone again!!!!! *Then LC burried his face against the mech’s chest and couldnt help but sob uncontrollably.* 

Medics were still bustling around. Finally one seemed to take mercy on the shivering red mech and placed a servo on his shoulder, softly telling him that the massive mech under him was stable, though his systems were slow to reboot. 

Which they were indeed. he re-focused his energy to boot his optics faster with the gentle nudging of several medics plugged into him. 

He stared up at the light grey ceiling, still unable to really move his helm. He tried to speak again “-poll…” The deep voice frizzed out and he huffed in frustration. Instead, he let his spark pulse and reach out of the other. The large servo on your back twitched just barely. 


- What is this- …
- …
- … Zojja, those pictures… There is…
- Me.
- … Everywhere…
- My Soul is not lost. It never was.
- Zojja…
- Every picture, every single one, is different life.
- There are tousands of them…
- And many more of them lost.
- …
- I was never reborn. AS soon as my body died, my soul never vanished into nothingness. It was immediately located in new body, to start new life. I remember nothing from my earlier life until I reach age of brain puberty. Then everything comes back. That makes of all of my lifes and endless chain.
- That means…
- I am immortal, Xavier.


500 years later, The Capital: Von Zuhn city

Admiral: …As You can see, we searched whole planet on our own with no luck. The matter is urgent. We need to find the map before someone else does that.
Cesus: You mean the humans.
Admiral: Humans, pirates… They are both the risk. We need the map to find other lost libraries and artifacts of the Vorrs. The informations and the technology they would provide can be crucial in our evolution. This is why You are here, generals. Your mission is to find The Pearl.
Aeorien: Anuv'ei Pearl? We thought it’s just a myth.
Admiral: “A myth” which makes all pirates rather busy for years, General. And our only track so far. We have to find the pearl.
Cesus: Where do we start?
Admiral: Find high ranked pirates. Everyone heard of Gold Fang. They know the most.
Aeorien: Then we will bring Gold Fang.
Admiral: No, tracking him is impossible, that man lives for more than tousand years and noone ever know how he looks like. Find someone as good as informed, but less harder to track.
Cesus: Anti-Admirals then. Captains.
Aeorien: Then we go to Creullazen.
Admiral: Leave as soon as You can. One more thing. Prince Saavera wants to join the misison.
Aeorien: The Prince? But the mission can put him in danger and-
Admiral: General T'sovus. It is not all seven Saavera prince’s going with You, neither Prince Viiar. It is Prince Luces. I demand obedience, general.
Generals: Yes, Admiral.