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do not think on how Stephen still has nightmares of the tousand times Dormammu killed him, on how he wakes grasping for air, sweating looking around him to make sure he isn’t in the dark dimention, on how cloaky is there to confort him, wrapping him until he calms down an goes back to sleep, pls don’t 

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If complete axis could erase one of their memories, what would it be?

Germany: Despite many beliefs that he would try to forget about about some things of WW2 like - in particular - the Holocaust. But he wouldn’t want to forget it because something that is forgotten can happen again. Therefore, he would probably choose the time right before Berlin was taken when Russian troops stormed the eastern front and Germany’s citizens had to suffer incredible horrors.

Italy: If he could choose to forget one thing, it would be the landing of the allies in ww2 in Italy - not because he didn’t want the war to end, but because he had to betray Germany afterwards.

Japan: He would want to forget about the two bombs. Not only because of the tousands of lives that were lost, but because it took the world in an era of nuclear destruction.

Please everytime you look at the moon think of your baby who hug you very close…even in distance…even from tousand miles away…even years later.❤😢Then you can feel my heartbeat…what still beat for you ❤❤❤❤

Lately, westallen shippers used the argument that Caitlin doesnt believe in Barry.Well at least like Iris does.

Quick reminder that Cait believe in him and the flash first.

She  was ready to take the chance to lose yet another person she cares about because SHE BELIEVE IN HIM. She litteraly shoot him tousand of watts into his body, something that could have kill him, because SHE BELIEVE.

So DONT come into OUR tag saying that Cait doesnt believe in Barry. She worry about him and the limit of his abilities, it’s something that someone who cares alot does.