do not think on how Stephen still has nightmares of the tousand times Dormammu killed him, on how he wakes grasping for air, sweating looking around him to make sure he isn’t in the dark dimention, on how cloaky is there to confort him, wrapping him until he calms down an goes back to sleep, pls don’t 

Little amethyst gemsona design, nicknamed Necklace.

She got left behind on Earth, got buried in the dirt accidentally, decided to go sleep until Homeworld found her again, couple tousand years later got dug up by humans and put into a necklace, only reformed when she felt the presence of the crystal gems. She then got really salty about Homeworld not caring about gems at all and decided to stay.

Inspired by the amethyst necklace I wear.

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Hiii!! I have a random question, what was your favorite part of 1dday?? They really need to do another one so that we can have a Larry hour!

Hey babe! 

As much as I loved watching those spoons suffer, I don’t think we’ll be getting another 1D Day anytime soon. (Although I do agree about the Larry hour!)

So here is my top 10 1D Day moments because I couldn’t choose just one. (:

10. The Twenty Turd of November Two Tousand and Tirteen

Obviously I had to start off with this. This will make me giggle for the rest of my life.

9. Lilac Niall

This sweet angel. I am still not over this. 

8. Naked Niall

While we’re on the subject of Niall…

Okay this is slowly just turning into 10 things about Niall… lol

7. Toddler Talk

“I think he looks for treasure.” - Toddler on Louis


6. The Payne Train

… And thats all I have to say about that.

5. The fact that Louis hated every minute of it.


Obviously the better Styles.


3. Define girlfriends 

Louis Heterosexual Tomlinson needs the definition of girlfriend?

“Can you use it in a sentence, Piers?”

2. Little Things

When Harry decided to murder me into oblivion by serenading his boy in front of everyone.


1. Talk Dirty To Me

This was 100% the best thing to ever happen to me. If you don’t agree, you’re wrong. 


When Harry tried to copy his boyfriend and almost leaped straight over Paul with his giant hoppy frog legs.

Hopefully we never have to relive this ever ever again. 

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I don't your answers you sound like you are saying yes they are together but then also not saying they are?

I never confirmed either way. All I did was point out what I heard. Which was Tessa’s hesitation and giggle and then Scott’s quick fumble.

I never said they meant anything or that its a confirmation of any sort. I was simply pointing out why the interview made me laugh. 

Most people know I’m always on the fence and these past 3 interviews haven’t really tipped me that much further one way or the other. Its all in good fun. And when T&S give soundbites, they give damn good ones.

If nothing else, Scott’s two-tousand fumble and Tessa’s instant giggles were the best thing we’ve gotten all season imo. Just silly and fun. Still watching it and still smiling.

I’ll never get over Taako being canonically gay

I’ll never get over Taako having dates and adventures and a whole inner world

I’ll never get over Taako being one of the main characters of TAZ, being beloved by tousands, having fanart drawn of him

I’ll never get over Taako being gay, being so popular in the fandom, and his story not being about being gay

Like. If you want to know what I want to see more about in representation in the media? TAZ is the answer. Taako is the answer.

5sos preference ~ he has a breakdown/ starts crying on stage

Got inspiration to do this, been gone for a long time now and want to get back to writing. I’ve been so inactive on Tumblr because I’ve been traveling so much this summer (going away again tomorrow), right now I’m feeling quite beaten up (hard work out session yesterday) and I’m done packing, so felt like perfect timing to make a preference :-)

Michael (his pov)
I was alone on stage, it was my “moment” before playing Jet Black Heart. Looking out at the sea of fans made me so proud, y/n woul-… And there I go again, forgetting that we have broken up. I started thinking about how JBH was her favorite song on slfl. I knew I had to stop thinking about her if I didn’t want to start crying on stage.

Somehow I managed to advert my thoughts from her, and it worked up until right before I was about to start singing. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes just for a second, and an image of her face flashed up in my head. My voice cracked a bit on the first word and a few tears rolled down my cheeks. I couldn’t deny it; I missed her a lot!

I magically got myself through the rest of the song without anymore tears, however when I bent down to pick up my bottle of water before the next song, I could swear I saw her face. I turned around quickly to wipe my tears, but it was quite obvious to everyone else what was happening.

Throughout the concert my bandmates looked at my a bit worried, and tried to mentally communicate about my emotional stability with me and each other. I had small mishaps here and there, but nothing major, I managed to hold it in and move on.

When we got backstage I tripped in a few wires, that was when the rives over flooded. I was laying backstage crying my eyes out on the floor because of my recent break up. I felt cold and wanted her arms to hug me and hold me close. I wanted her to rub my back and kiss my tears away, the way she had done about 3 months ago when I cried in her arms for what would be the last time, which I didn’t know at the time.

Ashton was the first to notice me on the floor, so he sat down beside me and tried to comfort me. He let me put my head in his lap and stayed there with me until I calmed down. Calum and Luke were not to far behind, and sat down with me on the floor too. Luke played with my hair, as the boys had seen y/n do it before to calm me down. Calum rubbed my back, as he didn’t know what else to do, but wanted to help calming me down.

“You okay now?”, Luke was the first one to speak up when I had stopped crying. Skipping the normal question “what’s wrong?”, everyone knew what was wrong. I didn’t have the energy to verbally answer, so I just nodded, but this was a lie, and they knew this as well. I wasn’t “okay”, I was broken. Everyone knew I was broken, but they knew there was nothing they could do, so they pretended to believe me.

Ashton (normal pov/ authors pov)
Ashton had not been feeling well all day, he had gotten a cold and a fever somehow, and with that came; a very blocked nose, achey limbs, shivers and a headache. However Ashton claimed that “the show must go on” and with that, he went on stage.

For the whole day, Ashton had taken naps in between work, and that had made his fever go down a bit and his muscles weren’t aching as much anymore. He still had a blocked nose, small fever, slightly aching muscles and a headache.

A headache can be bad enough when you are laying in bed resting (depending on how bad it is). Now replace the bed with sitting on a drum stool with bright lights in your face. Add the sound of tousands of girls screaming. Put on the voices of your three best friends singing into microphones and playing instruments over speakers. To top it off you are sitting behind the drum set and drumming. Even with his “ears” in, all of this were not feeling too nice to poor Ashton, and his headache only grew worse.

They were done with about half of the set when they got a break, and Ashton was sitting backstage with his head in his hands. It was time to go back on, but even Ashton himself had now realized that he was not ready to do the other half of the set.

Michael was out there, ready to do JBH (don’t remember when in the show that was, but just pretend it’s in the middle). Luke told him to procastinate, and him and Calum were discussing what to do. You had sensed that Ashton was at his breaking point, so you went behind stage to check up on him.

Luke and Calum decided that they would let Ashton rest a bit, so Calum went out and interrupted Michael, so he wouldn’t start singing JBH. You told Luke to go to your bag and get two painkillers and get a cold towel, while you helped Ashton lay down. Luke went out on stage again, and they played “wherever you are” acoustic (got this idea from someone else’s writing, but can’t remember who, shout out to that person though!).

You removed Ashton’s hands from his eyes and looked at his tear stained face. You gave him the pills and a water bottle and he drank it willingly. You then moved so you sat indian style with his head in your lap, and you put the towel over his eyes and forehead, then you told him to relax and block out the noise with his hands. Your hands softly massaged his temples, and you could feel that it helped a bit at least.

The boys finished singing, and you asked him if he was ready again. He nodded, knowing it would be better when the painkillers kicked in as well. The rest of the band looked quite relieved when he got back, as they were having trouble with finding more ways to procastinate.

Upon his return, Ashton felt the need to explain to the fans what was happening. “I’m really sorry guys, I’m not feeling my best today and I just needed a little break. I’m lucky enough to have people around me who takes good care of me when I fail to do so myself, so thank you to the world’s best bandmates for being good at procastinating, and the world’s best girlfriend for being good at coming up with quick temporary solutions.” He grinned at you, as this wasn’t the first time something similar had happened, and it wouldn’t be the last either.

He thanked the fans for being patient, and with that the show continued. He was exhausted at the end, but he got through it at least. The rest of the night was spent in a dark bunk bed, cuddling with Ashton and comforting him, and you wouldn’t have rather been anywhere else.

So it’s getting late and I’m tired, don’t know if I’ll ever do Luke and Calum’s part, cause I might just forget it. It might take a while (we’re leaving tomorrow, and I won’t have too much internet, but I’ll try to do it). I have so many bruises up my arms, that it looks like I’ve been beaten up, thought I’d let you all know that!😂 Goodnight everyone!💤

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i think half of your followers in social medias are just because how you look and not cause your art.

are you one of them~? <3

honestly, it’s really hard to imagine tousands of people following me because i post a selfie every once in a while, but the thought itself is kinda flattering :3

so i’m good either way~ ;D

He had heard it in songs, He had been told about this a tousand times. He thought he knew the feeling of seconds stretching for eternities. But this was something else. This was what it really was like when a second felt like a century. His eyes where focussed on the old face in front of him, his servo on his cheek letting memories shoot back right through his spark and his his completely numb processor. His spark hurt, as if it would collapse any second but that was so unimportant right now.* 

Wake up.. *He whispered without making any sound. He just moved his lips. Then he repeated it. this time whispering audible. * 

wake up… Wake up… Wake up!

Magnus! WAKE UP! *He grit his denta. He was desperate. The last thing he wanted was him going back into the eternal stasis he had been kept in for so many decades.* Wake UP! WAKE UP YOU STUPID FRAG WAKE THE FRAG UP! Don’t leave me here alone again!!!!! *Then LC burried his face against the mech’s chest and couldnt help but sob uncontrollably.* 

Medics were still bustling around. Finally one seemed to take mercy on the shivering red mech and placed a servo on his shoulder, softly telling him that the massive mech under him was stable, though his systems were slow to reboot. 

Which they were indeed. he re-focused his energy to boot his optics faster with the gentle nudging of several medics plugged into him. 

He stared up at the light grey ceiling, still unable to really move his helm. He tried to speak again “-poll…” The deep voice frizzed out and he huffed in frustration. Instead, he let his spark pulse and reach out of the other. The large servo on your back twitched just barely. 

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Cake-Imagine - Worship Version 2

Read Version 1 here. Two different fics using the same cake stage-move.

Calum threw his head back and laughed, feeling breathless and heady and wanted as Luke crowded into him, sandwiched him between his own body and the door at his back. With the way Luke was pushing into him, the handle would have no doubt left a deep imprint in his waist if it wasn’t for the younger boy’s arm snaked around his waist, which took the brunt of the abuse.

Luke didn’t seem to notice the pain, blue eyes alight with desire as they skittered over Calum’s features, taking in crinkled doe-brown eyes, delicately flushed cheeks, and those lips parted in that infuriating laugh even when they looked swollen, bruised scarlet from Luke’s kiss.

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