Méla-chan’s Manga duets

Meilou and Kosuke

Koun and Fukuo

SKY and Yuna

Ema and Netsu

E-Ko and Touru

Megumi and Amane

Lucky and Opale

Marnica and Helleb

Uakum and Charleine

Lou Mia and Shonyx

Chu-Mellow and Sweetie

Apple and Hannibal

Coeurphann and Naela

Bubulle and Néomine

Méryl and Ondine

Swanne and Fhowl

Cyann and Ecko

I felt like drawing my main OC duets (not couples, main character duets) of my own manga scenarios in my head…

17 (or even more) ideas of scenarios… Wow.

It took me an hour to pick a name for most of these charas XD

Art © Mela–chan (Ai-Kizu-RP)


I wanted to doodle a little thank you to @skillshotlabs for giving us a great year of cute wonderful senpai~! so… thank you guys for making me hooked to the only app I’ve played for so long and still love! 
love their winter outfits so much that I had to draw my top five favorite senpai in them. also thank you so much for letting me confess to wakatoshiiwilllovehimforever