anonymous asked:

I saw that you wrote a fic with a spanish MC, could you perhaps write a jumin x mc fic with a French MC? That would make me so very happy!

I’d be more than happy to do that! Thank you and have a terrific day! 

Also, I will be using French here, and if it’s not correct, let me know! For those who don’t know French don’t worry, context clues are there to help readers figure what it means. Enjoy! <3


You stepped from your apartment early in the afternoon, slipping out a deep breath as you looked about, only to stagger back as you rammed into someone, twisting about to see who.

He was a young man, dark eyes widening as he saw you, sooty curls of hair twirling about his gaze.

“Ah,  je suis désolé.” He murmured, his voice low and murky, his mind clearly filled with other thoughts as he apologized. 

You dipped your head politely, offering him a small smile as you brushed it off. “C'est bon ! Ne vous inquiétez pas!” 

He furrowed his brow, struggling to figure what exactly you said, hesitating before continuing.

“Je ne voulais vraiment pas la porte.”

You were even more baffled.

“Um… Ce qui?” You withheld your laughter. 

He said it again, slower, doubting himself.

“…Je ne voulais pas jeter à la porte.” 

A faint snicker left your lips, folding your arms across your chest. “Are you a tourist?” 

“You speak English?” 

You nodded. “Far better than you speak French,” You remarked. “I was a bit confused when you kept telling me you didn’t mean to ‘throw the door’.” 

He sighed, running his fingers messily through his hair, exasperated. “I suppose it’s that ovbious?”

“A bit.” 

“Well-to be clear, I’m not exactly a tourtist. I’m here on a business meeting-clients and possible trade it’s-” He scoffed. “I haven’t even properly introduced myself I’m sorry.” 

He reached out a hand for you to shake.

“I’m Jumin Han, pleasure to meet you.” 

“I’m MC,” You returned, a sudden thought occuring. “Oh! You’re the son of the head of that C & R company right?”

“Yes, yes I am.” He frowned. “But for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to get to our meeting place.” 

“Well, what’s it called?” 

He snatched out his phone and showed you the building, the towering structure instantly recognizable to you.

“Oh! Yeah, I know that place!” You exclaimed. “I go past it almost every day! When do you have to be there?”

“In a few hours.” 

“Then, let me show you around a bit!” You grinned lightly. “There’s a little cafe nearby that I think works for just about anybody.” 

“I suppose…” 


The cafe was a small area truthfully, a gentle chiming of music drifting throughout the halls, drips of sunlight peering in through the windows as you sat down across from Jumin.

“How long are you staying here?” You questioned, leaning over curiously. 

“Depends on how well the meeting goes. Should it go poorly, I assume I’d be on the next plane out. However, should it go well, I should make it a priority to figure my way around it.” 

“I can be your personal guide.” You offered, a bit humorously. “Only lived here my whole life.” 

“It’s a beautiful place, I’m sure it’s easy to become preoccupied simply observing the sights.” 

“Yeah, there’s a lot to see see. Have you gone on a tour or anything?”

“I don’t have much free time,” He replied, raising a cup of coffee to his lips. “though I’d like to at least look at a couple. Any recommendations?”  

“The Louvre, absoloutely, and…” You considered for a second. “Palace of Versallies.” 

“No Eiffel Tower?” 

“Classic but…not too bad to mix it up sometimes.” 

You thanked the waitress as she set down your food, dipping your spoon in as soon as you were able.

“Soupe à L'oignon?” 

You nodded, grinning. “My favorite.” 

He sank in your words, murmuring beneath his breath something he thought you couldn’t hear.

But you did.

You absolutely did.


You continued on, chattering about random stories, and tales soft hints of laughter escaping you, Jumin’s own voice softening over time.

You learned of some of his friends back home, V and his assistant Jahee being one of the most notable. 

But more than anything, you learned of his cat Elizabeth 3rd.

Yet through your conversations time seemingly flew by, Jumin’s phone buzzing with an alarm as he pulled it from his pocket, a curse silently muttered from him as he stood up.

“I’ll pay if you’d like-” 

“Don’t worry about it. I’m a regular here!” 

He seemed almost shocked. “Are you sure?”

“Positive,” You scribbled your number on a piece of a napkin, handing it to him. “Here, lemme know if you need your favorite tour guide.” 

A bit of red sprinkled his cheeks, dipping his head gratefully. “I’ll let you know as soon as I can.” 

You stopped him before he continued on, sheepishly speaking. “Um…also-do you think we could do this again this um…-”


Your heart nearly erupted from your chest.

Yet you didn’t even need to say anything.

For he answered the very thing for you.

And he smiled while doing it.

“I’d like nothing more.”