Der Hintersee in Ramsau. Ramsau is a German municipality in the Bavarian Alps, pop.: ~1,800. It’s located on the Königssee in the Berchtesgadener Land in Bayern (Bavaria), Southern Germany, 35 km south of Salzburg/Austria and 150 km from München (Munich). Notable sights include the 3rd-highest mountain in Germany called the Watzmann, Lake Hintersee and the village’s famous church.


An introduction to Columbus, Indiana.

“While I’m being photographed, I shouldn’t smile or talk. When I put on this costume, I turn into someone from the Joseon dynasty. However, sometimes I get through embarrassing moments, like when I see that foreign travelers are happy when they take a picture with me, I end up smiling unwittingly.”

“저는 사진 찍힐 때 웃으면 안 돼요. 말도 하면 안 되구요. 이 옷을 입는 순간 조선시대 사람이 되는 거라서요. 그런데 좀 곤란할 때가 있어요. 외국인들이 저랑 사진 찍으면서 기뻐하는 모습을 보면 저도 모르게 웃게 되거든요.”