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̄͑̚T̝̖̪̱̖̦O͈̤̱̭ ̈́̓ͯB͆ͦͭ̐E̹͇̋̆ͣ.̰͍͓̜̱͆̐̉̊̑̚.̺̬̘̹͙̻͕ͭ͂̂͌̐.̓ͫͭ͛.̬̠̙͈̝̣̎ͧͥ.̪̳̫̻̫͚̥͌W͓͔͍͇̝͖ͨ̓ͮ͗H͚̦͓̘͔͉̪͊͒O͇ͧ̇̃͛̏L͍͉̘̘̤̙͌̈́ͧË̠́̌̏̋͌͛.̞̼̙̥̭͈̺̾̆ͪ̋.͊ͩͨ.̿͛ͫ͗͂̆.̜̒ͬ͊̿͊͌.

Was always wondering what would happen if they met the cluster… x

Natural Black Tourmaline Cluster Crystal from Brazil

Black Tourmaline holds many powerful properties including emitting a strong grounding energy, purifying negative energy into positive and assisting in eliminating any anxieties, anger and feelings of unworthiness.

Not only that but this specimen boasts gorgeous terminations on the top and an array of sculptural features throughout the crystal. It would make a perfect artistic piece for an office or in the home thanks to it’s abilities to keep you centred and protected. 

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Tourmaline: chapter 11

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Attempting to establish contact. Crystal System Peridot, do you copy? Crystal System Peridot…

Steven landed hard on his hands and knees. He let out a small oomf, even if his lungs and voice weren’t technically there. It came as a reflex to the sudden fall from control. He looked up, blinking the disorientation from his body as he found himself back in the fuzzy, not-so-real matrix of their shared mind.

A sharp motion caught his attention. Peridot startled at the intrusion. She was still lying on her side, but her eyes flew open. She flinched as Steven crashed beside her, before scrambling to get her stump of an arm under her for support in a fit of adrenaline-fueled panic.

“What- What are you doing here?! What happened?!” Her words echoed raw with static. Steven gave her form a once over, noting with a pit of fear in his stomach that her cracks had gouged deeper, and her form had blurred.

“I-I’m sorry,” he choked out. Steven crawled backwards. A seed of heavy, twisting failure knotted in him. “I couldn’t heal your gem in time.”

A shade of alertness dropped from Peridot’s eyes. Peridot gave a quick glance to Steven’s healed gem, almost with disinterest. She lowered herself flat to the hazy ground again. “Then leave me alone. I wanna die in peace.”

Steven didn’t budge though. He sat there, immobile, uncertain. It bred a thick tension between the two, one Peridot couldn’t willfully ignore. Peridot cracked her eyes open and searched his face. Confusion and terrified uncertainty bled through to her mind—emotions that weren’t her own. She inhaled deeply in hopes of stirring her failing matrix. “…What happened?” she clipped out, as if it pained her to even ask.

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Tourmaline Cluster “The Steamboat”
A natural Tourmaline cluster featuring two parallel bicolored vivid reddish pink Elbaite crystals with bright bluish green exterior zoning and flat basal terminations, aesthetically perched on a tuft of Cleavelandite atop a large Quartz crystal; from the Tourmaline King mine on Tourmaline Queen Mountain, San Diego County, California.

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Happy New Year! I wanted my first post of the year to be neat.. so take a look at this incredible tourmaline cluster! I’ve never seen one like it before. It’s amazing! I hope you all have a wonderful year. (P.S. I didn’t mute the video because the sound of the birds chirping is wonderful 💖) ~

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My most frequently used/worn crystals 🌙

Can you tell that I love quartz? ^^ I’d still like to add a white dendritic agate and a tourmalated quartz to my collection. But so far, I haven’t found any specimens that I’ve fallen in love with, yet.

Those two beautiful wire wrapped pendants were purchased from @90377. In case you wanted to know ^^