tourists in paris

Matthew: Okay, for visiting Paris, do you have a beret?

Alfred: I can get one real quick.

Matthew: No. Al, that’s not where I’m going with this. No one wears them here. Don’t bring- Al. I’m serious. 


Paris clashes after French police kill Chinese man


Father-of-five Liu Shaoyo, who was 56, was shot dead on Sunday night in Paris’s 19th arrondissement (district).

Police say he attacked an officer with a sharp object as soon as he came to the door and the officer was only saved by his bullet-proof vest. Another officer then shot him dead.

One of the man’s daughters told French media that her father, who spoke little French, had gone to the door holding a pair of scissors he had been using to prepare fish.

China’s foreign ministry lodged an official protest, urging a full French investigation and for Chinese people’s “security and rights” to be protected.

China’s intervention is unusual, says the BBC’s Hugh Schofield in Paris. The government in Beijing has spoken out in the past about the threat to Chinese tourists in Paris from criminal gangs but this is the first time it has implicitly criticised an action by French police.

an-nabethchase  asked:

Hi! I am traveling to France in about a week and have to make a reservation at a french restaurant by phone before then. I study French at school, but am not great at it. Do you think you could help me with some phrases that would help me with this call? Maybe even "does anyone there speak english" if possible, haha. Thank you so much!

of course! 

i’m calling to make a reservation = j’appelle pour réserver, je voudrais faire une réservation. does anyone there speak english = est-ce que quelqu’un parle/vous parlez anglais? (someone probably will, with a terrible accent) for three people = pour trois personnes. at what time do you have room = à quelle heure/quand avez-vous de la place? where is the restaurant located? = à quel endroit se situe le restaurant? inside or outside = dedans ou dehors. see you on monday = à lundi. sorry to bother you = excusez-moi de vous déranger.

more specific stuff :

do you have vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free options? = avez-vous des options végétariennes/véganes/sans gluten (or if you really want to blend in : est-ce que vous faites du végétarien?) is the restaurant accessible for wheelchairs? = est-ce que le restaurant est accessible aux fauteuils roulants? do you have wifi/an outside/a smoker area? = avez-vous du wifi/une terrasse/un espace fumeur?

and don’t forget my handy little tourist-in-paris/france guide

cliche - peter parker

Cliche - ((Tom Holland)) Peter Parker x Reader | 3rd Person

Prompt: in which (Y/N) is left alone in Paris, imagining what could’ve been if Peter were there with her. ((based on “tourist: a love song from paris” by jon cozart)) link here

a/n: might make a part two using the “a non love song from nashville” which is basically peter’s perspective with the other half of the story!! also HOMECOMING COMES OUT TMR I’M ECSTATIC BUT MY DAD WON’T LET ME GO SEE IT ON OPENING DAY/WEEKEND!! but i like this one and i hope u enjoy!! i love you!!

part two!

at least I avoided cliche

holding nobody’s hand along the champs-élysées

(Y/N) walked down the streets of Paris, alone. She had originally planned to go on this trip with her boyfriend, now ex-boyfriend, Peter. She walked alone to different tourist locations, but frowned when she noticed the many couples surrounding her. There were people everyone, holding hands or kissing, while she stood alone.

She walked towards the Champs-Élysées by herself, determined to have a good time without a boyfriend. In her opinion, you didn’t need a significant other to have fun, but it sure as hell sucks to be in a different country alone.

As she walked, she didn’t hold anybody’s hand. She didn’t know anybody in the city, and (Y/N) couldn’t help but envy the dozens of couples around her. Everyone was so damn happy, acting like they were in cliche movies that take place in Paris. At least (Y/N) knew that she had avoided that of all things.

taking my time

breaking bread, sipping wine

meant for two

Reaching a restaurant, (Y/N) walked in and requested a table for one. The hostess looked like she pitied her, but (Y/N) didn’t need sympathy. Walking to the small table outside, (Y/N) ordered a simple red wine while she waited for her food. And once again, couples surrounded her.

Ignoring all the happy, love-sick people around her, she sipped her wine that was set in front of her. The restaurant had provided free bread, and she ate it while she sipped on her wine. Admiring the scenery, (Y/N) had failed to notice a few simple things about her table. Across from her, sat an empty plate and wine glass, obviously meant for a person to accompany her.

People stared at the girl sitting alone at the table. She broke her bread and ate it, washing it down with red wine. There was enough bread for two people, and she was certainly drinking enough wine for two. The air around (Y/N) held an unspoken thought, this is all meant for two people, but she chose to ignore it.

it’s a beautiful city for saps

but turn out the lights, we’re too clever for that

and i know we’re not in love, but we’d fool this old town

with the view of us, thoughts from the tourists


After she had left the restaurant, (Y/N) continued to walk around the city and admired it’s beauty. Everything seemed too perfect, as if it were fake. Truly, the city was beautiful for saps, for people who just loved the thought of love. The sun was setting and the shop lights were turning off, but still (Y/N) walked.

Simply too clever to be fooled by the “city of love” filled with it’s cliche thoughts and perfect relationships, (Y/N) took a step back. Looking back at the city, she looked at it as if it were just a regular city and not so well known for its ideas of love, and everything changed.

Most of those people that (Y/N) saw were not in perfect relationships, they were real people. Some may have been in love, but most of them were just in love with the idea of it. (Y/N) thought back to the person that should’ve been there with her.

Peter was (Y/N)’s ex boyfriend, and Peter had fallen out of love with her. She still loved him, but he seemed to be over her. But still, Peter could’ve been there with her. Though no longer in love, they could’ve pretended, like a few couples here did. The pair could’ve pretended to be the ideal couple, hell, for the last month of their relationship Peter did pretend.

They could’ve easily fooled the town with a simple picture of them. The tourists would’ve loved them. But instead, the tourists’ thoughts were different. Since (Y/N) was alone, the tourists judged her. It was silent, but the air became thick with judgement when she walked to a tourist attraction made for couples.

we could fall for the streets of paris

but the eiffel’s a joke and the punchline is me

When (Y/N) began to think about Peter, it all just spiraled into even more thoughts about what could’ve been between the two. In (Y/N)’s opinion, they could’ve easily fallen back in love in the streets of the city. They could’ve visited the Eiffel Tower and smiled, but it was all a joke. Their relationship was a joke, and she was the punchline.

and you know, you know it’s not funny

but we’d laugh ‘til it was just the two of us

thoughts from the tourists


It wasn’t funny, but it somehow made (Y/N) laugh. The two could’ve stood there, in front of the massive structure and smiled like fools. They could’ve laughed at something that wasn’t even funny for hours at a time.

They would laugh until the world became just the two of them. The pair would laugh as everything else became unimportant. Until the tourists disappeared, until time stopped, until it was just the two of them together.

Tourists would’ve lived for the sight, seeing a young couple in love. Their thoughts about (Y/N) would’ve been drastically different from their current ones. Everyone pitied (Y/N), a hopeless romantic without romance. A hopeless romantic alone.

and i know, i know that we tried

to survive on a lie we couldn’t endure

so what’s just one more thought from the tourist

imagining the two of us


The duo could’ve tried harder, (Y/N) could’ve clung on to their lie of a relationship, but she couldn’t endure it anymore. They could’ve lied one more time on this last trip, with good thoughts from the tourist. She continued imagining the two of them, but she was in deed alone.

What (Y/N) didn’t know, though, was that back in America, Peter was thinking about her. He was mentally kicking himself for what he did to her, and he was still hopelessly in love with her. But she would never know the full story, and he didn’t plan on her finding out.

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