Do you visit circuses that use animals, do you give money to these awful gimmicky animal tourist attractions, do you watch videos of elephants painting and monkeys riding bikes etc… And laugh? Is this entertainment to you? Because it’s no fun for the animals that are used. Please next time you come across any animals used in entertainment, think about this image. Think about all the things that happen to these very same animals behind the scenes. Is it natural behavior for a monkey to ride a bike or an elephant to paint? Is it natural behaviour for elephants and horses to be dancing in shows with huge noisy crowds? Is this what we are going to reduced these beautiful wild creatures to? Our entertainment?

'Nest 615' also means, 'Ginger is a city guide for tourists when they come into the shop and want to find places that are "truly Nashville".'

'Cause lord knows I try to avoid sending them 'across the river' to 2nd Ave, (also known as the tourist trap of Nashville that is *so* not how most of this city is). We have so much epic shit in this town, people should get to experience it outside of the strip of road full of cowboy hats and overpriced bars.

Sorry not sorry.