Last year I compiled a list of every museum and attraction covered on the blog, and considering today’s the BIG anniversary I thought I’d update it. My very first post was nothing too exciting, just explaining the overall purpose of the blog, which I think I am still pretty much doing, although not as often as I’d like (I may not post daily or even weekly but I’m not quitting the blogging world just yet). If you haven’t seen this list before, I hope it gives you some ideas for weird places to add to your own list of must-see places:

1. Neon Museum in Las Vegas (tried to see this in person, but was denied…now supposedly much easier to visit)

2. Neon Sign Museum in Cincinnati (my goal is to see this in person one day)

3. American Heritage Wax Museum

4. Baked Bean Museum of Excellence

5. Italy’s Button Museum

6. America’s first Wax Museum in Saint Augustine, Florida

7. Dog Collar Museum at Leeds Castle

8. Cumberland Pencil Museum*

9. Glore Psychiatric Museum (check out some stomach contents)

10. Georgia’s Lunchbox Museum (not once, but twice)

11. Pearl’s House of Dolls

12. The late, great Velveteria

13. Potter’s Wax Museum

14. Friet Museum in Brussels

15. Idaho’s Potato Museum (check out its potato masher collection)

16. Munich’s Potato Museum (Das Kartoffel)

17. Canada’s Potato Museum

18. Sex Museum

19. Leila’s Hair Museum (in January 2013 Chicago artist and writer Dmitry Samarov told us about his visit)

20. Berlin’s Museum for Communication

21. Pollock’s Toy Museum

22. International Museum of Cryptozoology

23. Some famous death masks, like the ones at the Nikola Tesla Museum and the James Joyce Tower and Museum

24. Taiwan’s Museum of Drinking Water

25. Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum

26. International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum

27. Comic Strip Center in Belgium

28. Museum of Street Lighting

29. National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame

30. Currywurst Museum

31. British Dental Association Museum

32. National Maritime Museum

33. Hobo Museum*

34. Banana Museum

35. Liberace Museum (now closed, but never forgotten)

36. Museum of Funeral Customs (also closed, but here’s a postcard I sent a friend, which is now a collector’s item)*

37. Brontë Museum & Parsonage*

38. The “Midget Museum” in Blackpool

39. Marsh’s Free Museum

40. Cockroach Hall of Fame Museum

41. Museum of Jurassic Technology

42. Museum of Natural History’s Beetle Collection

43. Museum of Letters (Buchstaben Museum)

44. Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum

45. Adapter Museum

46. World of Coca-Cola Museum

47. Robert C. Williams Paper Museum

48. The World’s Only Fan Museum

49. American Clock & Watch Museum

50. New Zealand’s Shell House Museum

51. Kansas City’s Airline History Museum

52. Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising

53. World Museum of Mining

54. Walter Potter’s Museum of Curiosities

55. Mummy Museum

56. Death Mask and Taxidermied Display of Dolly the Sheep at National Museum of Scotland (also check out Arthur’s Seat Coffins)*

57. Here’s a Mütter Museum postcard

58. Hollywood Wax Museum

59. Bramber Museum

60. Dan Blocker Museum

61. Meguro Parasite Museum in Tokyo

62. Italy’s Serial Killer Museum (not once, but twice)

63. Dresden’s Deutsche Hygiene-Museum

64. Vent Haven Museum

65. Set of sixty miniature heads (‘Palace of Pills’ and the world’s first push up bra) at London’s Science Museum*

66. Alaska’s Hammer Museum (another one of those repeats)

67. London Sewing Machine Museum

68. New Mexico’s Abandoned Frontier Museum

69. Museum of Energy

70. San Francisco’s Musée Mécanique

71. Deutsches Flippermuseum

72. International Slavery Museum*

73. Kelvingrove Art Gallery’s Expression Court (there’s also an Elvis)*

74. Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens in Belgium

75. Condiment Packet Gallery

76. Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum

77. The Lightnin’ Salvage Junk Museum

78. Don Aslett’s Museum of Clean

79. Korea’s Owl Art & Craft Museum

80. Vodka Museum

81. British Lawnmower Museum

82. Oasis Bordello Museum

83. Sixth Floor Museum

84. Marzipan Museum

85. Tennessee’s Teapot Museum

86. Turkey’s UFO Museum (and the Göreme Open Air Museum)

87. Streetlife Museum

88. Imperial War Museum North*

89. China’s Xinjiang Regional Museum

90. Helwan Wax Museum

91. Edinburgh Museum of Childhood

92. SPAM Museum

93. Aluminum Tree and Aesthetically Challenged Seasonal Ornament Museum (a holiday tradition of repeating Christmas-related posts)

94. A Christmas Story House Museum (just like the movie, this one’s on repeat)

95. Basel’s Puppenhaus Museum

96. Jimmy Stewart Museum

97. Urban Planning Museum

98. Museum of Vintage Cartoon Memorabilia and Commercial Archaeology

99. Digital Snow Museum

100. American Museum of Magic*

101. Supreme Burgrave’s House collection at Prague Castle

102. Maine’s Music Box Museum

103. Santa Claus Museum

104. Hamburger Bahnhof Museum

105. The now-closed John Lennon Museum in Japan

106. World’s Largest Snowman

107. Felissimo Christmas Museum

108. Obsolete Computer Museum

109. Museum of Enduring Beauty

110. Liverpool’s Beatles Story Museum*

111. Oscar Getz Museum of Whiskey History

112. Australia’s Giant Sam the Koala

113. Bramah Tea and Coffee Museum (R.I.P.)

114. History of Pharmacy Museum

115. August von Spiess Museum of Hunting

116. Museo Galileo

117. Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines

118. National Media Museum (formerly known as the Photography Museum, which I had many opportunities to visit and deeply regret did not - but here’s a weird photograph)

119. Salzburg’s Dwarf Garden

120. Stockfish Museum

121. Antarctic Exploration Museum and Post Office

122. Cuba’s Rum Museum

123. Egged Museum of Passengers Traffic

124. Shankar’s International Dolls Museum

125. De Lat Crazy House in Vietnam

126. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Rosario

127. Much Missed Museum of Menstruation

128. Jordan Museum of Popular Traditions

129. Cress Funeral Home’s Taxidermy Collection

130. Pitt Rivers Museum*

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