“Every Working Elephant Has A Wounded Soul And A Broken Heart

Tourists are responsible for this abuse.

NEVER trek or ride an elephant – any time – anywhere – ever! Never pay a mahout with a street begging elephant or watch a baby elephant playing in the surf. It is all based on egregious cruelty, torture, abuse and deprivation.”

12 Most Amazing Pools In The World

It used to be that all you had to attract people to your hotel was build a pool.  As tourists evolved, the pool was considered a must.  Thus the indoor pool became a standard of luxury.

Today, both of those types of pools are anything but impressive.  It is this reason that many hotels are spending thousands, if not millions, on their pools in hopes of attracting customers.  In recent years the stakes have gone up dramatically, so now designers are getting even more creative than before to combine architectural elements that couldn’t have been dreamed of just a decade or two ago.

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Seven Days and Seven Nights

As crazy as it may seem, I’ve only been in Copenhagen for seven full days. It feels like I’ve been here for weeks, even months, between the number of people that I’ve met, the things I’ve gotten to do, and the fact that I can successfully navigate my commute into the city – biggest win so far, let’s be honest.

In these past seven days, I played tourist during DIS orientation, visiting the Rundetaarn (Round Tower), one of the few places that gives you a panoramic view of the city, and it only took an hour of getting lost to get there! There was also a scavenger hunt during the first few days that helped me check off a few bucket list items. After four hours and seven brisk miles (or 11 kilometers because Europe), I visited Von Frue Kirke (Church of Our Lady), Christiansborg (Danish Parliament), and Amalienborg (The Royal Palace). I loved learning more about Denmark’s political system and how the public views the crowned prince. Prince Frederik and his wife are known for being down to earth, sending their children to public school and even biking them to school like so many other Copenhageners do daily. And during our stop at Amalienborg, the doors of Prince Frederik’s palace opened up and out raced a car containing the crowned princess! Never have I been more excited to almost be run over.

As an unscheduled stop on the scavenger hunt, I also got to see Nyhavn, the iconic harbor that will pop up first if you ever Google “Copenhagen”. Another windy day, but it was sunny and blue skies, so I obviously couldn’t resist taking a typical tourist picture while we still have beautiful weather in Denmark.

When I’m not indulging in touristy pictures, however, the other thing filling up my camera roll is food. Specifically, pastries. More specifically, pastries from Sct. Peders’ Bageri. Any DIS student in the history of ever has raved about the bakery’s huge and relatively cheap Onsdags kanel snegles (Wednesday cinnamon snails or rolls, if you will), and it was one of the first stops that I made on my first Wednesday in the city. Since then, I’ve officially gone back more times than is healthy. But can you blame me? I expect this is just the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Last but not least as a part of this installment of “Katie Attempts to be European”, I attended my first football (soccer – thanks, America) this afternoon. My host family are fans of the club team, Brøndby, and my host brother (who allegedly reads this blog now, and if this is true, thanks for putting up my incessant questions during the game) let me tag along. Football might not be the most popular sport in America – evident from the fact that we are the only people who call the sport something else – but today showed me that sports are universal. It’s all about the experience – the cheering, the energy from the crowd – and even if I didn’t understand the songs, they were extremely catchy, and it was exciting all the same.

And that’s just about the Reader’s Digest version of my first week in Copenhagen. Here’s to many more!

10 Of The Most Mysterious Forests Across The Globe

Despite being key tourist attractions across the world, forests have their own mysteries that mesmerize many people. It can be the location which looks odd; the trees might be shaped in a strange manner or even houses some rare species of animals which are all strange in their own capacities.

With forest accounting for 9.4% of the earth surface, there is a reason why they must concern many people. In any forest that you visit, make sure you have taken a keen look at the key features defining it to help you determine if it’s strange or not. This article will look at 10 of the most mysterious forests across the globe.

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