I had this cute Idea for a thing that ill take pictures at places i go to, so like at movie theater or a zoo and draw Tourist Plankton in them just for fun like hes traveling around, or someone can send me a picture they took and i can draw plankton in it like he traveled there too. 

I just thought it was cute


You might wonder, why would these folks still produce traditional ceramics? Not dishwasher safe and much more expensive than their Chinese knock-offs, owning a set of these hand painted Horezu-style unicates means quite an investment for the many groups of buyers flocking on the main street of the southern Romanian village of Olari. Maybe it fits better with a society closer to the “traditional” model of the women doing the dishes by hand… Maybe the generous European Union fonds helped the skilled makers build a halfway-functioning business… Maybe in the dawn of newly discovered (and often Russian-funded) nationalism every Real Romanian realized they must eat mamaliga from a rooster-decorated clay plate… The world never had simple answers and nowadays they are probably harder than ever to find.
A good beer is just as difficult to find in the age of accelerated production where quality is among the first left behind… and craft breweries, smaller or on their way up, are jumping in to fill the gap. A French national, a former big cheese in the Romanian branch of the Carrefour supermarkets, decided to do just that: open a craft brewery to bring out such treats as this Sikaru Green Griffin IPA, hoppy like the green hills and caramel thick without hitting sweet. Hmmm, maybe somebody should put something to grill on that fire…

The Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi) 1762 is Italy’s largest and most famous Baroque fountain, standing 85 feet high and 65 feet across. The fountain can be found in Rome’s Piazza di Trevi in the Quirinale district.

Water flows from the mouth of the dominating figure–Neptune, god of the sea–standing atop a shell-shaped chariot drawn by two sea horses and two gods. The horses represent the changing mood of the sea.


Al Muharraq, Bahrain

If you ever have the privilege to go to Rome, make sure you visit the Trevi Fountain both during the day and at night. The view is completely different! 

Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy