tourist london

meme children take on london

sorry this is such a long post i took way too many photos

ft. @casual-voodoo and @the-brean-movement diving onto most of my photos.

erin evidently got bored

@casual-voodoo exposed

please can i work here


let the peace signs begin

i’m pretty sure everyone in that pod hates me

seriously. we have a problem with peace signs.

how do selfies work

this was a complete fail you can’t even see the view behind us

apparently there was too much sauce.

what even is this

the fault in our lighting

memes will be memes

(also this captures the exact moment my hat flew from my head)

i shall give no context

photos of @the-brean-movement taking photos of me taking photos of her

nerds (the thrilling sequel)

meme child found a hat


my life in one photo

the peace signs are getting out of hand

despite its appearance, this creature is not a cinnamon roll.

i have so many questions. why does my shoulder look so odd? is that even a shoulder? what body part is that? why is it at such an odd angle? we shall never know.

my home


thanks, guys.