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244/365 - Erik

Erik (@prins-erik)​ came to London, and we spent the day visiting various tourist attractions (Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Banqueting House, the Houses of Parliament, Fortnum and Mason, Horseguards Parade, Whitehall, Trafalgar Square, the Victoria & Albert Museum, and Kensington Palace.

We covered about twelve and a half miles on foot I think. 

anonymous asked:

plot twist: the reason dan is trying so hard to impressive the lesters is because he's planning on asking for phil's hand in marriage

honestly tho why are they both being so frantic and weird about this visit!!!!! phil is dusting the whole house for 3 hours!!!!! dan is nervously taking drink orders and staying on his absolute best behavior!!!!!!!! phil asked for suggestions for the Most Perfect Tourist Activities around london!!! why all the trouble when we know they hang out w the lesters like so frequently????? and the lesters have probs visited london like a million times? dan’s known them for nearly a decade??? wtf is up! tbh, the most reasonable explanation i can come up with is that maybe this is the first time ever the lester parents are seeing this new flat and they want it to be perf but also!!!!!!! you never know w these dudes im keeping my eyes and ears wide open