tourist jim

  • “You’re sending us on a work experience weekend?” Leonard asks, looking a little dumbfounded. “It’s a planet that needs some help. We’re gonna go there to teach them a few tricks that are, you know, more in line with the 23rd century.” “Isn’t that directly against the prime directive?” Leonard counters, following Jim as they walk towards the transporter room. “What? I can’t hear you over the found of the experience we’re gonna get,” Jim says, leaning in to kiss Leonard’s cheek. 
  • They’ve visited warm planets before, sure. And Leonard, born and raised in Georgia, knows heat. Likes heat, even, but this is a whole new level of it. It’s humid, too, and very few places in the exotic city they visit have some sort of air conditioning that’s actually working. The hospital seems alright, partially because it’s down in a cave where it’s relatively cool, and Leonard spends as much time down there as he can.
  • Jim takes he heat in stride, though, and Leonard tries not to look too disapproving of the Hawaiian t-shirts and shorts. “You look like a damn tourist,” Leonard says, and Jim laughs. “Let me enjoy the sun, don’t judge me.” “You’re going to get sunburnt. At least make sure you wear protection.” “You know me,” Jim says, sliding his arms around Bones’ shoulders, “you checked us out just a few weeks ago. I’m clean.” “What? No, I mean protection against the sun, you donut.” 
  • Spock is unaffected by the heat. Says something along the lines of “feels like Vulcan”, and continues to walk around in his uniform. Uhura, too, and Leonard is briefly envious that her uniform is but a short dress. Sulu and Chekov spend most of their time just on the beach, taking their time off to go swimming and (in Chekov’s case), interact extensively with the beautiful locals. Jim joins them after his meetings, and, like Leonard expects, he comes home with red shoulders and a very burned backside.
  • “Can’t you fix it?” Jim asks. “It’s a sunburn,” Leonard replies, “it’ll go away.” “Bones, darling, please-” “I warned you beforehand,” Leonard says, and Jim grunts as he lies down on his stomach. Though he shrieks when cold liquid lands on his back. “What the f-” “It’s just sun cream,” Leonard says, “helps with the burns.” “Warn me next time,“ Jim says, though he relaxes when Leonard’s hands massage his shoulders and his back. “Yes, because your burned skin is a telltale sign of how well you listen to my warnings,” Leonard replies. 
  • After business is done, though, it’s nice. All of them spend time on the beach. Jaylah and Scotty pick up surfing. Jim, Uhura, Spock, and Leonard go swimming. Chekov and Sulu organise a late night barbecue in the sand. And, really, Leonard finds himself quite relaxed afterwards. 
  • But the airconditioning in their room is poor. It’s a ceiling fan that doesn’t spin that well at all, and both Jim and Leonard lie in bed above the covers. Jim turns around, shifting closer, and he’s running his hand over Leonard’s chest. Leonard puts his PADD away, glancing at Jim with a small smile. “You didn’t really send us here for work experience, did you?” “No,” Jim admits, “I thought we deserved a holiday. But knowing you guys, you don’t really relax unless it’s something spontaneous, so I said nothing to you and Spock.” “The others knew?” “Chekov and Sulu, yeah,” Jim says, “they picked out the planet. Don’t think they’ve left the beach since we got here.” Leonard laughs, though, that turns into a tired groan when Jim presses himself even closer, kissing over Leonard’s cheek and down to his neck. “Jim,” Leonard huffs, “it’s a 100 degrees in here.” Jim laughs, straddling Leonard’s hips anyway. “Maybe, but I’m in desperate need for some Vitamin D.” Leonard opens his mouth to argue that - they’re on a tropical planet, after all - but when Jim kisses down his chest, hands roaming eagerly over Leonard’s body, the doctor wisely keeps his mouth shut.  
One day, one rhyme- Day 823

Today’s rhyme is inspired by country Victoria :-)

‘We need to bring more tourists in!’
Old Jim with feeling said.
He stood atop the podium,
Townsfolk around him spread.
“We just need a catchy slogan,
Something that sticks in mind.
Just like: They see more at Seymour,
Or something of that kind.
Tourists flooded in after that,
Best ad campaign they’ve done!
Why can’t we do the same thing here?”
The townsfolk spoke as one,
Said: “That’s the most awful idea
We’ve ever heard, for sure!”
“It worked for them, why not for us?”
“'Cause we live in Kilmore!”