tourist info center


August 5, 2017
- Took some trains to move my base from Miyazaki to Hiroshima. Most of the day was spent at pit stops along the way
- In Oita, I explored the station mall and found a rooftop garden
- In Kokura, I discovered a festival going on this weekend only (Wasshoi Hyakuman Natsumatsuri)
- Due to the festival, I couldn’t find a locker for my luggage and left it at a tourist info center until 6PM (500 yen at Kokura Station)
- Explored the TOTO Museum
- Ramen for dinner in Kokura (and fried rice and 1-bite gyoza)
- Hiroshima Airbnb was upgrade from a 1-room apartment to a 3-room apartment with dining room at no extra cost (it became more 広い hiroi). It’s also on top of a pokestop.