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NYC Protest #Trump's RACIST anti-migrant, anti-refugees policies TODAY at JFK - terminal 4  - happening NOW .

EMERGENCY RALLY TODAY 1/28 - HAPPENING NOW! Terminal 4 - John F. Kennedy International Airport to Protest #Trump’s RACIST anti-migrant, anti-refugees policies .
“As you all know, Trump signed the final of 3 horrifying executive orders this week on immigration yesterday (more here) and yet (unlike the first two) the language of the order is *still* not available to the public, making it’s details impossible to know.
*Already* despite receiving some assurances to the contrary, as of 10pm last night, CBP has been instructed to refuse entry to any people from the 7 countries – including refugees, visa holders, students, tourists, — some ambiguity with green card holders although we already have heard reports of some LPRs (lawful permanent residents) being interrogated for hours if national of the countries.
This is happening *right now* – let’s not let this go down without making noise. For those who can (who feel comfortable, and who can risk potential arrest), let’s meet at JFK now – *outside of Terminal 4, International Arrivals”


Обновленная модель холдера. Идеален как портмоне на каждый день и как туристический вариант кошелька. Отстегивающийся ремешок на запястье, идет в комплекте. Закрывается на кнопку. Размер 12х22 см в закрытом виде.

/ Updated version of Travel-stuff-holder. Size 12 x 22 cm.