“Making of” the pigeon animation :)

1st: Animating bouncing balls, to get the rythm, stretch and squash right

2nd: Rough anim, here i try and draw very quickly my ideas, i need to draw the breakdowns, and add a bit more of acting/ secondary mouvement

3rd: Cleaning, making sure evrything is about the same proportions, last polishing of mouvement and acting

4th: A little bit of extra characters, so the world doesn’t feel empty, it adds life to the scene

5th: And of course our little painting, 

6th: Merge everything together, make some composting on After effects, and you’re all set :D

Thank you everyone you rock!


EDIT: i finally fixed the last gif!

Remembering Khaled al-Asaad today, the heroic archaeologist who died defending Palmyra from ISIS.

They beheaded him because he to refused to lead Isis to the hidden Palmyra antiquities.

He gave such memorable services to the place and to history.