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A trip through Austria, sponsored by their tourism bureau. There are more city shots here than I typically like in these videos, but the editing is fascinating. Described in the original caption:

It took 8 months to produce and uses the HyperZoom™ method to produce a visually continuous journey with no cuts.
You can read more about the technique here:
You can read a ‘Making of’ blog here:


underrift Sunday Special VII - Quiet Little Town

Post-Barrier Snowdin is a nice place to live, though sunlamps are well-loved and daytrips to the surface are the most popular outing.

(If you lived in post-Barrier Snowdin, would you commute or take a Snowdin job? And if it’s the latter, would you work for Muffy and Maude, for Grillby, in Core Cooling, at the library or newspaper, the tourism bureau, or as a River Person… or something else altogether?)

See you next week, and feel free to suggest a Sunday Special you’d like to see!

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North Korea is one of the most isolated nations in the world, so what’s it really like to be a tourist there?

You might be surprised to learn that outsiders can visit North Korea. In fact, Kim Jong-un is pushing tourism, hoping to increase visits from the current 100,000 tourists a year to two million by 2020. As you might expect, tourism in North Korea is a unique experience and certainly not for everyone.

At present, the only way to officially tour North Korea is via one of the state-run tourism bureaus. Only guided tours are permitted (tourists do not wander on their own) and only certain cities can be visited. Visitors, like North Koreans, are constantly monitored while in the country and any photography or record of the stay will be tightly controlled. There is no right to privacy. There are occasional opportunities to mingle with some locals, which is a big reason why some people visit North Korea. Beyond learning about life there, some tourists hope their presence can help spread some word about the world beyond.

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In One Word-Arizona | The Arizona Office of Tourism (AOT). Campaign builds on the state’s brand and feature some of its most recognizable landscapes and visitor attractions such as the Grand Canyon National Park, Monument Valley, Sedona, and Saguaro National Park. Photographed by Mark Laverman. Agency, Moses Anshell.


Sugoii Arashi!!!

Info provided by Anarashi and twitter fan:

“It said this (Arashi Hawaii Blast DVD recording) was played at Hawaii Tourism Bureau yesterday!!”

**So, looks like Arashi became Ambassadors to Hawaii too (indirectly)!! Omedetto Arashi!!**