The Great White Shark Lays On The Beach. What These Tourists Do Will Leave You Speechless!
Shark species are in great danger because of their continuous decrease in their numbers. Not only human impact on nature culls these creatures but sometimes misfortune too. When a shark was washed ashore, tourists flocked around it but what happened will leave you speechless! source The following event took place in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where a...
Basic Egyptian Phrases

I can’t speak Arabic well. - mabatkallemš `arabi kwayyes ما بتكلمش عربي كويس

Do you speak English? - betetkallem ’engelīzi? بتتكلم إنجليزي؟ (male) - betetkallemi ’engelīzi? بتتكلمي إنجليزي؟ (female)

Is there someone here who speaks English? - fī hadde hena beyetkallem ’engelīzi? فيه حد هنا بيتكلم إنجليزي؟

Save me! - ’elha’ūni! إلحقوني

Look out! - hāseb حاسب (to a male) - hasbi حاسبي (to a female) - hasbu حاسبو (to a group)

I don’t understand. - ’ana meš fāhem أنا مش فاهم (male) - ’ana meš fahma أنا مش فاهمة (female)

Where is the toilet? - fēn ’el-hammām? فين الحمام؟

Uluwatu Tour | Bali Temple Uluwatu Sunset Tour & Kecak Dance

Bali Uluwatu Tour Package, a half-day trip to Uluwatu Temple (Bali sea temple on the cliff) and watch an amazing Kecak dance show with a beautiful sunset backdrop. 

Half Day Itinerary Uluwatu Temple Tour with Balinese Kecak Dance Performance and Sunset 

  1. To Visit Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) Cultural Park
  2. To Visit Uluwatu Temple (Bali Sea Temple on The Cliff)
  3. To Watch Kecak dance Performance
  4. To Have Seafood Dinner in Jimbaran Bay, Bali

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