ID #87845

Name: Timi
Age: 19(20 in August)
Country: Slovenia

Heya, my name is Timi and I come from a small country called Slovenia. Currenty I’m in college studying Tourism(don’t really like it tho), but I have to get a degree If I wish to live abroad.

At first I may be Awkward and a bit shy but it gets better with time.

I have quite a wierd sense of humor and may be sarcartic at times.

Love to edit videos and pictures(still learning), taking photographs and doing other multimedia related stuff.

I like all kinds of music (k-pop, rock, metal, edm, hardstyle, trap, …).

Also really interested in the asian culture, martial arts and languages. I also like to play games, watch TV series, sometimes anime, read manga when I have time.

This is some of the more basic information about me. If you wish feel free to contact me.

Preferences: None really