touring germany

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Have you been to a Taylor concert??

Yes! I have! Let me tell you this fun story haha.. so, I was on her Speak Now Tour 2011 in Germany. I went with my friend from Germany and her mum. We stood there, and suddenly I saw Andrea with some people from her crew. I was like “fuck that’s Taylor Swift’s mum” and everyone was like “No way.” .. finally I convinced my friend and her mum to go over to her and I asked If we could take a photo with her & she looked at me and said “oh my god, you’re so beautiful. I love your blonde hair. Wow. Are you German? You don’t sound German?” and we literally had the most amazing conversation about blonde hair and Germany and England and being raised bilingual and.. since then Andrea is my second mum. Lmao. She’s so so so amazing and I’m not surprised that Taylor is just as great as her. 

Two years ago, THIS happened: me and my best friend flew from Italy to Cologne and attended the first night (and then the second one too because we just couldn’t get enough) of the 1989 World tour. We had an awful day. First of all, some people, who we used to call friends, started being incredibly mean to us on Twitter (mainly because they were jealous of us having front of stage tickets). Then, the traveling was a-w-f-u-l, we didn’t even think we could make it to the show at some point. But we did. And we danced. And 😢. And sang. And 😂. And everyone was looking at us because we were having the time of our lives. That was the best night I have had in a very long time. I’be been spending the past 4 years fighting depression in any possible way I can, but being in a room with 15.000 people singing and dancing is definitely the best therapy I’ve been trying so far. And most of all, having my best friend there (who, by the way, I met at the Speak Now Tour show in Milan back in 2011), holding my hand through clean and dancing with me during shake it off, was the best part. I could never thank you enough, @taylorswift for the strength, the happiness, the love you’ve brought to my life in the past 8 years. When I’ll be 80, I know I’ll look down at my arm and smile at my fearless tattoo because it will remind me of you, of my best friends, of the happy/full of life/incredible times I was lucky enough to live. And I’m not giving up on myself, so that I can experience MANY more of those times with you.