touri songs


A few days ago, Tori woke up and realized … “I’ve never played a show in South America before, what the hell?!” … so she booked a plane to Cartagena, Colombia for this Dream Concert™ she heard was being worked on. Her publicist gave us a ring, said “What’s the deal?” and we passed along some of the top songs that y'all requested. 

Tori performed at the Teatro Adolfo Mejia (also knows as the Heredia Theatre), located in La Plaza de la Merced.

She ordered arepas (cornmeal breads), buñuelos (fried fritters), and patacones (green plantain pancakes) for all of you in the audience, before the show started. Drinks included coffee (of course!), hot chocolate with coconut milk, and aguardiente (made from sugarcane, with aniseed flavours) for those over legal drinking age.

Listen to the concert here:

Disclaimer - this is such fantasy, but we can dream, right?