Click here to support Carolina Crown by Porfirio Ramirez
I have achieved one of the biggest and hardest dreams of my life by being recently being contracted to march with Carolina Crown for the 2016 season. With move-ins being less than a month away I need as much financial help as I can get with finishing paying off the last of my tuition.

Please share this! My friend recently got a contract to march Carolina Crown this summer for his age out! He is so so talented and deserves this! Even if you can’t donate, just reblog please :) help a fellow guardie out!
Click here to support Tour Fees Mandarins Drum and Bugle Corps by Jonathan Calderon

Hey everyone! My name is Jonathan Calderon, and i have been offered a spot in the Sacramento Mandarins Drum and Bugle Corps ( /, part of a non-profit organization called Drum Corps International, Which is an activity that requires and teaches discipline, responsibility,…

You guys should totally help him because he’s pretty awesome!