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Двойной турбийон внутри скелетона Louis Moinet. На вращающемся циферблате миниатюра звездное небо и Луна и из метеорита. Снял с руки CEO @louismoinet. Скоро открытие бутика в Смоленском Пассаже. Такой эксклюзив как вы знаете только в @rich.time 👍🏼 #часы #луимоне #турбийон #скелетон #watchporn #louismoinet #tourbillon #richtime #watchesmania #watchesofinstagram #watches #doubletourbillon (at Москва, Смоленский Пассаж)

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Piece of art by @greubel.forsey. Турбийон, вечный календарь, уравнение времени. На видео демонстрация, как говорят программисты, «защиты от дурака», а в нашем случае - кривых рук) Ритейл, как и часы, космос. #greubelforsey #perpetualcalendar #tourbillon #турбийон #вечныйкалендарь #уравнениевремени #watchporn #watches #watchesofinstagram (at Conservatory Lounge & Bar - Бар Консерватория)

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The first time luhan holds your hand (or you holding his)

Luhan was smart about it, cautious. Hesitant at first, that we can’t deny. It took him a while to get used to you —to get used to anyone [besides his cats], really— settled at his side with playful fingers twirling around his knuckles. Holding your hand hadn’t been anything he abstained, of course, but he is skittish, and he’d grown fond of the subtle way your fingers weaved and danced around the leather edges of his watch when you were dozed off somewhere.

Manchester United scoring at the Champion’s League on screen as you press your nose into his shoulder; fingers absentmindedly playing with his watch, rings or any object of the matter.

“My cue,” thinks Luhan.

Without waiting for second thoughts, a nervy smile appears across his face. No bid for permission is needed; he simply upwards his hands, palm turned towards the ceiling, letting the gold accents of his Skull Tourbillon watch catch in the lighting. Your soft fingers feel at it, chin resting just by Luhan’s shoulder, and his smile grows further as your tips travel further from his wrist to faintly brush the palm of his open hand.

His hands are warm —a little sweaty, but warm nonetheless, and you can grasp the calloused lines of his thumb (you’re assuming it is caused by his addiction to play Xbox) shuffling against yours. His fingers are rough, no doubt from the manly man he always claims himself to be, but at the same time, they somewhat have smoothness in them. The skin-to-skin contact is velvet to the touch.

Shy Han tries to contain his reaction, but you quickly come to notice the cautious smirk that is formed on the corner of his mouth. You can’t see it clearly under the dim lighting of his living room, but you are certain of its existence. Still, timid and all, Luhan takes advantage of the leverage he now has on your hand to pull you and tug your joined hands underneath his bottom lip, your knuckles being rewarded by a kiss.

“Is this okay?” he wonders, his breath close to your index finger.

“It is,” your voice comes out as a whisper answered by a faint squeeze to your hand, Luhan’s fingers holding onto yours tightly. “It is nice. Really nice.”

With a bashful gaze, he smiles, “I would say perfect.”


B - for Breguet! Напоминаем, что в бутике Tourbillon на пересечении Столешникова и Петровки проходит выставка турбийонов. 53 произведения высокого часового искусства рук мастеров Breguet, Blancpain, Jaquet Droz, Omega, Swatch и конечно же мои любимые Glashütte Original ☺️ Вход Свободный. @montresbreguet #breguet #tourbillon #watches #watchporn #horology #турбийон #бриллианты #тяжелыйлюкс (at Tourbillon Moscow)

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