tour: up all night

Pulling an all nighter,
I usually am against staying up late to study for your exams or working on your deadline assignments, but sometimes you just can’t avoid it.
Tomorrow I have a very important Biochemistry Midterm, so I took a long nap to “restore my energy”, and now I feel ready and motivated to study all night and give my best.
I will still have a energy boost nap before the exam, just cause it’s very bad to fall asleep on your exam paper..

david freaking archuleta busting out some moves on stage last night WHAT IS LIFE.

youguys. the story behind this is so cute! there was a 12-year-old fan right in front of the stage holding up a sign that said she’s been a fan since she was 3 and asked if david would dance for her tonight. SO HE DID IT. and watch at the end, he looks over and points right at her and walks toward her and smiles and it is not possible to actually love him more i promise because i love him more than i can handle already LOOK AT THIS BOY AND HIS SMILE AND POINT AND WALK AND KILLIN EM. bless everything.

video credit to omar medrano - go check out his ig he has tons of amazingness!