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St. Louis wants to take down a Confederate statue. But residents will have to pay extra.

  • Elected leaders in St. Louis say they want to move a 103-year-old Confederate monument that sits in one of the city’s public parks.
  • The catch? The city won’t use taxpayers’ dollars to do it.
  • If residents want to rid Forest Park of the symbol of racism and white supremacy, they can donate to a GoFundMe campaign started by St. Louis Treasurer Tishaura Jones.
  •  Over the last few years, two sitting mayors claimed the city simply can’t afford to move the 32-foot-tall granite and bronze statue depicting Missourian families who sent their young men to fight for pro-slavery Confederate states during the Civil War. Read more. (5/27/17, 11:25 AM)

so ive been in saint louis for a week doing housing & urban policy research on institutions between 1896 and the 2014 execution of Mike Brown in Ferguson, for a stage/multimedia project and

i guess I’ll start off by saying I dined and drank with Michael Brown Sr., who through a random connection came over to our airbnb and talked about how he’s been and his entourage talked revolution with us and like

it was probably one of the most important conversations I’ll ever have??

to be looking someone who lost their son and had his narrative taken and blown up in media that led to a popular uprising - a series of events that I watched from Japan - to be sharing a bottle of rosé with him and just chit chatting. we’ve actually formally interviewed TONS of people (artists, activists, policy officials, historians, residents) - but he was the only we put down the camera and just talked with.

it’s just been overwhelming. all of this on top of spending 24/7 with other grad students and a professor. I’m glad I got to see @thisclosetodiscourse beforehand so I could recharge.

I think I’ll wait until I’m back home in North Carolina, safe in my room, where I’ll cry about this trip.

Here’s (most of) today’s Techblr Meet-up at USITT 2017 in St. Louis!

The weather was, shall we say, brisk, but the techblr community, the brave native children of the uncharted internet, indeed we assembled en masse nonetheless! Nets were worked! Usernames were faced! Hangs were outed! 

We’ll do it again next year in Ft. Lauderdale! 

Attendees: @q2qcomics, @backstageleft, @embersandauroras, @darthzeus, @gluphokquen, @techies-in-black, @snapbacksandkarkats, @kreacherofhabit, @bisexual-ben-wyatt, @scenicsauthoff, @officialmothkid, @thatlesbianthespian, @i-am-the-egg, @theaterninja12, @asm-on-heads-nevermind, @scoutfinches, @salouisefar, @tinkertechy, @chargescenicunicorn, @notthatdaniel, @bosierosie, @eponinetheunafraid 


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