tour: 2012


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Truly vintage costumes resurfacing in recent years

  1. Patti Cohenour’s original Broadway Wishing costume from 1988, recognizable by its non-stripy fabric and rosy appliquées, was reused in the US tour in 2007-08, when it was worn by Sara Jean Ford. That’s some 20 years after it was first made!
  2. A Don Juan Rehearsal dress from the original Stockholm production (1989-95) was one of many to be reused in Copenhagen 2000-03, and again in 2009. The photo here shows Emma Frost wearing it in 2009.
  3. Dorte Holst played Carlotta in the last leg of the UK Tour in 1995. A skirt from the same era reappeared in the Restaged UK Tour in 2012, where it was worn by Angela M. Caesar. There’s subtle differences in apron and appliquees, making me think it’s not the very same one, but it’s definitely contemporary. The red tabs and apron trim is unique for these.
  4. Elisabeth Berg’s original Stockholm Aminta costume from 1989 was reused in Copenhagen; probably already in 2000, but definitely in 2009, when it was used by u/s Christine Emma Frost. That’s some 20 years after it first was made!
  5. The Mandarine coat in Australia and the World Tour might have been altered along the way, having lining and shoulder fabrics replaced. But the sleeve, and especially the cuff, is a perfect match - albeit a tad more worn, with gold threads coming loose. The left photo shows Anthony Warlow wearing it in Melbourne ca. 1990, and the right one shows Brad Little wearing it some 23 years later. If it was also used in the Stockholm revival, it means this costume has been in use for some 27 years!