i’m so proud of 5sos and where they are in life and with all the fans and the amazing opportunities they get and everything but i kinda wish they wouldn’t have toured with one direction at all like i wish they were a lesser known band but still big like all time low like they could have all the respect they deserve and more of a gender neutral fan base and they’d be able to get chances to play warped tour and shit like they can’t play warped tour now because fans would only go to see them, and they’d lose the little respect they have because of that like fans would take advantage of the fact that warped tour’s tickets are so cheap and go see them a ton of times and take away the fun from people who like the other bands. i’d love to see 5sos play warped tour but not how they are now, it’d just make shit worse for them and it pisses me off that they can’t have the chance to play at warped because of how big they are


The mutinous crew aboard the S.S. Cardboard Car  (∩▂∩)

Perfect Ten ~ 2014 JAT Shizuoka ~ SHINee I’m Your Boy 2014 Tour Sketch 

LOL, Jinki’s face when it suddenly starts going in the opposite direction…  

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Hey, what happened with that yt book thing this morning?i saw it in your tt but couldn't understand...

basically, a smaller youtuber posted a negative opinion on zoe and alfie (not something like “i hate zoe and alfie cause they suck!!” but more like “i dislike them because of a, b, and c”) and evan, louise and a few other friends of zalfie caught wind of it. they started going off about how the youtuber was just jealous and spiteful about how successful zoe and alfie are and that they were tired of people throwing shade and spreading negativity?? which like, alright, i understand defending your friends, and i don’t 100% agree with the original opinion, but these days it seems like youtubers can’t accept any sort of criticism at all and dismiss it in favor of blindly defending their friends. any negative opinion = hate, shade, and spreading negativity in their minds, and in many cases, the “negativity” in question is simply just someone expressing their thoughts. 

it’s honestly exhausting that so many youtubers tell us that we’re not just a number to them, that we’re all equals, and then turn around and say we’re just being haters and spreading negativity when we talk about something in the community that we don’t like. of course, some people do just spew hate, but that isn’t the case. the opinion in question explained in detail why they didn’t like zoe and alfie (with valid reasons imo), but of course their friends completely dismissed the criticism as hate instead of assessing the situation and, i don’t know, wondering why the person said it and why a large portion of the community is agreeing with it? it’s such an “i’m right, you’re wrong and irrelevant, deal with it” mentality, it’s very one-sided and i, for one, am sick of the power imbalance going on. hence me voicing my frustrations on twitter. 

this is really all i want to publish on the matter, so if you’d like to voice anything on this please do so off anon so that i can reply to you privately :-)


Dancing With The Stars Tour: January 2016 Windsor, Ontario

I gathered all my recordings, and made them into one video. Me dancing with Val is at the end. Don’t mind my friends’ commentary. They’re crazy.