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My favourite incarnation of Sebastian Stan: The Martian press tour - Beijing, 2015.

stages of tour grief, us fan edition:

2. realization that the venues are like max 3.5k capacity and some are much smaller
3. realization that there are 12 us shows for 50 states
4. realization that people from surrounding states will be gunning for your tickets
5. resignation that you prob won’t get tickets
6. Hope™

kigichi  asked:

Came for the mpreg and stayed for the sweetie that is you

Headcanon with @rouge-winter: Steve and the boys just coo over Tony’s belly while the girls Nat, Pep, Carol, etc. are too busy actually babyproofing the whole mansion and being useful. (Rhodey is on tour and losing his shit over news of his godbaby) For darling @kigichi and my niche mpreg fan friends ;)

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Harry changing up these songs every single time is such a credit to his vocals and musicality. Carolina has had three separate moods if you compare the The Today Show, the Garage (closest to the album) and now The LateLate Show.

Sometimes I forget what a work horse he is. On stage, he is SO eager to please, to show off and to go off. And even though I see ppl missing ho!Harry and dancer!Harry, I really love that these smaller stages force him to just stay put and connect with the music. Now he is picking his freestyle moments to emphasize certain lyrics, now he is using inflection, now he is changing up keys and tempo, now he is playing an instrument!

No doubt he will strut, grind and drop it low on tour. That shit is important too. I just like hearing the songs and seeing all the subtle choices he’s making just as much.

The very, very best of luck to everyone trying for tickets tomorrow morning. For the Brits & Europeans my tips would be - 

  • It’s been said over and over, but have your billing & delivery information up to date on your Ticketmaster account in advance!
  • have the event page open and refresh it at 9am, don’t try to load it for the first time.
  • I don’t know if it helped, but for London I chose Standing rather than “Best Available” and it went straight through
  • If you pay by Visa, do not have a heart attack if it asks you to do Verified by Visa. It will text you a secure code to put in (instead of your password). Have your phone to hand.
  • Make sure you know your Ticketmaster password. Yes, you’ll already be logged in but it will ask you for your Ticketmaster password again and if you’re like me your brain will turn to mush and you’ll have about 20 seconds of panic where you convince yourself you do not know it.
  • If you get a ticket, you have 1.5 min to confirm that you want to purchase it, and then 5 min to complete purchase. There’s a countdown clock the whole time and you will want to smash its face in.

YOU CAN DO IT, HARRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A year ago today this lovely little tweet was made. Also a year ago around this time, my sister and I were talking about how it was a dream of ours to see Green Day at some point in our lives. Little did we know they’d be announcing a club tour just a couple weeks later, and little did we know it would literally change our lives.



The 2P's irrational fears

2P! Italy:
- eating expired food
- he always makes sure that everything he eats are fresh and still hasn’t gone past the expiration date
- he’s weird lmao

2P! Germany:
- mirrors
- he always gets pretty anxious whenever he’s alone in a room with a mirror
- he has watched plenty of movies to back him up

2P! Japan:
- garden gnomes
- he swore he saw one of them move
- Kuro doesn’t trust them

2P! Romano:
- hair fall
- once woke up and saw strands of hair on his pillow
- he’s scared that he might lose all of his hair lmao

2P! Prussia:
- skateboards, wave boards, etc.
- he once tried using Lutz’s skateboard when he was a kid but he slipped and fell head first
- never again

2P! Austria:
- escalators
- he’ll never admit it tho
- his clothes might get stuck and that’s pretty dang dangerous tbh

2P! America:
- mascots
- he thinks they’re fucking sketchy
- actin’ all shady with their giant head and unblinking eyes

2P! Canada:
- doors
- he never keeps doors completely closed in a room
- unless he knows there’s another way out

2P! France:
- ferris wheels
- he isn’t afraid of heights or anything, just ferris wheels
- if you somehow end up riding one with him, he’ll refuse to let go of you

2P! Russia:
- splinters
- he’s always very cautious when handling wood
- who knows they might get into tour bloodstream or some shit

2P! China:
- large couches
- Kuro made him read a manga about a person being inside a chair and it practically haunted him
- he makes sure a person couldn’t possibly be in there before sitting on one

2P! South Korea:
- empty spaces on a bed
- always crowds his bed with pillows when he sleeps
- someone or something could end up appearing there, and he ain’t dealing with that bullshit