Would quite like that mad man in a box to arrive and take me back to yesterday.

What a wonderful experience of watching the premiere of one of my favourite shows on a massive screen in a venue with 1600 other fans. Not to mention all the brilliant people I got to meet over the two days I was down in Cardiff! The atmosphere was incredible and the episode was just wonderful. 75 minutes of brilliance. Peter’s Doctor is definitely not what we expected and once again brings something totally new to the part while honouring his predecessors. 

The Q&A was equally brilliant. Obviously I don’t want to say anything at this point to prevent spoilers. I could do without the Daleks coming and finding me and having me killed…

Here are my photographs from the day:


So… @luninosity​ and I went to the Captain America: Civil War premiere today and the cast and crew after party…WHERE WE MET SEB!!!

We had 2 conversations with him, and probably spent in total…like 10-15 min talking to him? (Not sure, my sense of time was pretty skewed cuz everything seemed to slow down and speed up at once.)

Alright here are the deets (minus the part where I was gushing over him):

  • First conversation (because he randomly stopped in front of me while we were talking to Nathan Fillion…):
    • His favorite Shakespearean play is, in fact, Julius Caesar. He would LOVE to do that play one day and be the character of Cassius.
    • I told him I thought it was awesome he started writing (okay a little bit of me gushing), and he talked about taking creative writing classes in NY. 
    • I asked him if he’d ever be willing to share his writing and he said that maybe in the future, when he’s ready. It’s just a hobby right now.
    • He said that he doesn’t want to write scripts. He’s more interested in writing short fictional stories, so I suggested he publish a collection of short stories in the future. He would love to, “that would be awesome.”
  • Second conversation (we were leaving and wanted to say bye to him):
    • Luni gave him a little package of cat magnets, he laughed about that. I said “cuz you like scottish folds”
    • Then I asked him if he was a cat person, he said yes. He had a cat growing up. He’s a cat person, but he does like dogs.
    • Then we said bye to him and he shook our hands like 3 times and said it was nice meeting us. 

It felt like he was the most popular person there because so many people came over to talk to him and introduce themselves and congratulate him. Seriously, he was super nice, took photos with like a million people. And talked to everyone who approached him with such sincerity and gave them his full attention. 

We got interrupted twice while trying to get a quick picture with him and he came back around to make sure we got some photos with him. He really tried to make everyone feel welcome and smiled like nobody’s business. Just such a gracious person.

EDIT: OH ALSO!! I got a close up look at his hands. This man has beautiful hands. Like the Most Beautiful, Elegant Hands.