Revival Tour Act 5 New Costume-  Selena Gomez seems to be obsessed with the 90′s aesthetic and you can totally see it (almost feel it) in this new tour costume. She debuted a bright orange denim jacket, orange bralette and purple high waisted pants all from Sami Miro Vintage. 

FINALLY SOME COLOR AND I’M LIVING FOR IT! In my opinion, the bright colors add a fun, whimsical element to the show. When does Selena ever wear orange?! Like NEVER and I find that act 5 is the perfect section of the show for her aesthetic to be this vibrant. The songs are fun and light-hearted and this costume goes perfectly with that feeling. Previous costumes (one, two

Revival Tour Act 3 New Costume- Selena Gomez debuted another new dress in act 3 which makes the 4th look for this section of the show (Count them off: One, Two, Three, Four). Selena wore a custom black slip dress with faux fur lining from Sami Miro Vintage

She looks gorgeous as always but I don’t feel like this dress is as interesting as it could be for this part of the show. I do like the addition of the fur though, its different. 

What do you guys think? @askselenascloset


@trashique2: insane taxi driver In SINGAPORE!!!!!!!!