June 3rd:     Arrival in Singapore

June 4th:     Action for Aids reception 
                     Parttaking in an iftar: breaking of the fast during Ramadan

June 5th:     Royal Salute Polo Cup: raising money for Sentebale
                     Visit to Jamiyah Children’s Home

June 7th:     Launch of Invictus Sydney 2018: Harry will give a speech
                     Reception with 2017 Australian competitors and their families
                     View demonstrations of Invictus Games sports

June 8th:     Private working day with organisers of Invictus Sydney

I’m still struggling to deal with the fact that Harry is playing a show at the Garage tonight.

You have no idea how many grubby little shows I’ve seen at that venue. My feet have stuck to that sticky floor countless times. I used to live around the corner for years (on the scummy side ;). It is a proper London rock venue. Every rock/indie band paid their dues at the Garage. It’s the site of so many ‘firsts’ - those shows where the London music press dragged their asses up to Islington and witnessed the birth of something special and fanned the flames of hype.

Kings Of Leon’s played their first ever show in London there.

And now Harry bloody Styles is going to be playing possibly his first ever full set there with his band. His first ever solo show. Not just a few songs for a radio show. An actual show.

Guys, I’m ascending again - someone drag me back to earth.