Shawn's Dallas Q&A Breakdown
  • Shawn said empathy is the best quality a person can have
  • Q: What's your best pick up line?
  • A: I honestly don't use them, I suck at them
  • Shawn said he stopped trying to learn Spanish because it was too hard
  • Shawn said he would live in the 70's if he could
  • Shawn said he likes the name Skylar
  • Shawn might name his daughter skylar( just imagine Skylar Mendes)
  • Shawn said he went to the Red Hot Chili Peppers in Amsterdam!
  • Shawn said he doesn't know how to cook so he uses uber eats
  • If Shawn could collaborate with anyone, dead or alive , he would choose Bob Marley or Alicia Keys
  • A fan made a joke book for Shawn and gave it to him during the Q&A
  • Shawn said fans apologize for not making eye contact with him when they meet him but he said it's okay