tour update 1


(yay they are backkkkk)

- #dan
-“firstly, i missed you guys.”
-top fans
-jet lag (the jet lag is really bad)


-he misses everyone on tour though..the crew and everyone
-“you should celebrate your’re special”
-the after party :D
-> the themed cocktails
(if you had more than 3 of those you’d probs die..very coconut)
-> his was just pitch black
-the new merch
-the calendars
-> they were not trying to be sexual :D
-they’ll be back in store soon
->tour merch


-the book signings in the US
-some concepts at the signings
-the angry dad at the book signing
-phil and his waffles
-they went from the UK to NY, to LA,to Chicago and back to the UK
-the snow in Chicago
-the twitter poll :D
->dads won by 54%
-the interview in New York
-back to Phil’s waffle problem
-back to the interviews in NY
->they really liked the interviews in NY
-the interview with Huffington Post
-the Tumblr visit
->the Q&A
-the soppiness atm :’)
->he just feels like these things need to be said
-Hat Fic
-radio 1 wants to know his fave viral video of 2015
-there was Wifi on the plane
-he watched Ant Men and Jurassic World on the plane
-the audiobook trailer
->they filmed it ages ago
-it has been a year since they started writing the book
-other than the world tour he has no life plans
->he’s so exhausted (HE’S NOT COMPLAINING THOUGH)
->“i’m the happiest i’ve ever been rn”
-he has a new idea for a video
-(something festive ?)
-THERE WILL BE A NEW PROJECT INVOLVING US AS A COMMUNITY ON danisnotonfire AND amazing phil SOON!!!! (about the audiobook)
-The Walking Dead
-AHS Hotel
-he’s planning on watching all the Star Wars movies soon
-#spon (merch)
-“so proud of Martyn”
-Grimes new album
-DILMAS 2 (!?!?!??!!!?!!?)
-tips for first youtube vids
-Phil is cooking atm

-“take a breath in,take a breath out..and say ‘i’m fine, i can do this..’ you’re in control of your future and i believe in you.” STOPPPPO

-> that was it pals! xx let me know if i missed something

MENTIONED PHIL: ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| | [21]


I’m Josh I’m 17 and I suffer from Cystic Fibrosis. Memphis May Fire was one of my favorite bands, their lyrics always made me feel better and always helped me feel understood in the situations I would be in.  While on instagram I saw the MMF Page post something about the Living The Dream foundation. Now the closest show they had for the Take action tour was about 3 hours which normally for me is too far to ride, but I decided what was the worst that could happen and I shot them an email, Couple days later I got a phone call and they told me that I was going to get to come to the concert and meet the band, I was excited to say the least.

When we walked into the room the band was waiting in, I saw them sitting and literally froze before the extremely nice lady from LTDF told me to go on, encouragingly, as soon as I got close I was greeted with handshakes from the band and I was literally so happy. We stood there, talked about our conditions, ourselves, lives, talents and other bands we listen to. I mentioned that just a week prior I had been to the Frozen flame tour and got to meet Miss May I and Matty was like “Oh yeah Levi is my boy! Also people get our names mixed up all the time! ” I had to respond “ You guys should totally get together and make a supergroup called Miss May Fire ” which everyone laughed.

After that, Matty and the rest of the band talked to us saying how they were proud of us for fighting, and how we are the reasons they do this, to know they can help make someones life a little better with their music.

After that we took some photos together and just before we left I asked Matty if it’d be alright if I were to copy his knuckle tattoos ( Only Love Will Save ) And he excitingly was like “ Yeah dude go for it! "They then signed posters for us and we continued into the venue and they played an amazing show.

I still cherish these memories and it made me even happier when first I saw myself on their IG, then their facebook, and then a video on their youtube which nearly brought me to tears (Take action tour update #1) My warped date in VA beach is just over a week away, and I couldn’t be any more thrilled to see them again!! :)

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(let me know if you’re enjoying the updates)

- #danhizzle

-BBC documentary in January
-US tourdates soon
-Felix’ tweet
-he didn’t watch Sam Peppers video
->description of the bloopers
->he was joking
-World Tour
-Advent Calendar
->“phil literally as an angel,that one is really nice.”
-Kanye’s child (Saint West)
-Phil is in the lounge
-he’s not wearing a belt rn
-hasn’t listened to Blue Neighborhood yet
-> wants to probably experience it
-> “enter me Troye”
-Radio show
-the Minze Pie incident
->“they are incredibly sticky”
-Tyler’s movie
->got over 5000 images
->dan featured over 200 pictures
-stress mushroom
-the trust fall thing in PINOF7
-“girls can get whatever haircut they want”
-he goes to a fancy dinner tomorrow
-the christmas jumpers
-the house is all christmassy decorated
- #rude
-community montage of the 7 second challenge
-DILMAS (maybe)
-the Star Wars marathon
-he’s in Griffendor or Slytherin
-the radio/music award thing
->gosh he’s such a sweet angel!
->he doesn’t want us to waist our time voting for something that doesn’t mean anything
-“you all should take a paper and write ‘person that is good’ on it and stick it to your forehead because you deserve it. There,you just got an award for self esteem”
-he’ll probs see us next week
-“i just want Phil’s hair. Phil,i want your straight hair. Do you know what i go through every day?!”
-“bye everyone and remember to stick that thing to your forehead.”

MENTIONED PHIL: ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| || [32] OKKKKKKKKK