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“To The One Who Loves Her Next." - Grayson Dolan X Reader

Pairing: Grayson Dolan X Reader

Word Count: 932

Prompt: Grayson writes a letter to a girl he’s still in love with’s new man.

Warnings: Sad Gray:(

A/N: I’m sorry I haven’t been working on the blurbs and prompts and stuff. But I wrote this to hopefully make up for it. More imagines will be out soon! xx

“To the one who loves her next, 

 She’s terrified of bugs. So if you’re out one night with your friends and she’s home and she texts you freaking out because there’s a spider on her window, please go home and kill it. She’ll get upset and won’t sleep otherwise.

 She’s a total book worm. She adores all types of genre’s, and will always make time to read. Do not take that time away from her. Make sure she always gets some reading time in. It helps her decompress. She is also very big on studying and making sure she does well in school. She won’t reply for hours and sometimes you won’t hear from or see her for a week. You’ll take that personally. Don’t. She’s simply taking care of herself so that she does well in the future. She’ll tell you she loves you and will talk about how much she missed you when she was gone. 

 Some nights, when she goes out and drinks a little too much, she’ll call you to come pick her up, hiccuping into the phone until you arrive to the bar. When you get her home and into bed, she’ll fuss and pout for a bit before she gets playful. She’ll keep you up all night giggling and tickling you repeating “I love you and i’m sorry i’m obnoxious.” She is not obnoxious. Be sure she drinks plenty of water before she passes out or else she’ll be miserable in the morning.  

She gets extremely jealous. My god, she gets so jealous. And when she does, it doesn’t take long for her to do so. Those soft hazel eyes will turn cold. She beats herself up about that, and she doesn’t mean to be so possessive. Just keep in mind that she loves you. Reassure her that you love her too.

 On that note, she needs constant reassurance. Tell her you love her whenever you can, and mean it. If you can’t do that, then leave her. She deserves so much more than that.

 She is the most kind hearted, beautiful, strong, and independent woman i know. But her self esteem is low and she is so insecure. It still breaks my heart. So when you two get into a fight, which i know you will because she’s stubborn as hell, she will say “you don’t love me.” Do not get upset. Simply remind her that you do and name every possible reason why and she’ll come around again.  

Please remember that her dog comes first. Always. Rocky means the world to her, and she’d do anything for that pup.

 Pay attention to the little things about her. Notice how she clicks her tongue when she’s thinking, how she kicks her feet when she’s sleeping. Notice how she’ll turn red at the slightest compliments or slightly ignore you if you’ve upset her. Notice how she takes her coffee and how she puts 3 spoonfuls of sugar in her tea. She will notice. 

 She is very sensitive. Do not raise your voice at her. Ever. She may be stubborn but it doesn’t take much for her to start crying. Watch what you say around her. If you say something stupid and uncalled for, it will be stuck in her head and start to think it’s true. Do not tease her for being emotional. She cannot help it. She is the sweetest girl to ever walk the Earth. Do not ruin that.

 When she’s having a breakdown or an anxiety attack, wrap her in your arms and do not let her go, no matter what she tells you or how hard she tries to get out of your grip. Rub her back and whisper soothing things in her ear. It will calm her down immensely. Tell her she’s okay and that she’s safe with you, and that she has medication if she needs it.

 If you cannot treat her like royalty; like the princess she is, then let someone else. That girl deserves the world. Give her the love, care and respect she deserves. And if you know you can’t, give someone else the opportunity to do so. 

 Losing her is a pain you will never shake. It’s a feeling I would never wish upon anyone. Your world will come crashing down and you’ll feel helpless and lost with no direction. You’ll realize that she meant more to you than you’d ever realized and your heart will fall out of your chest and onto the ground beneath you, smashing into a thousand little fragments. Those pieces will never fit together like they used to. Do not let her go. It will be the biggest mistake you’ll ever make. I’d know because I’ve done so myself. 

 Don’t let her go, because not only will it break you, but it will break her. She’s gone through so much in her life already and she can’t handle much more. That, I know for a fact. She is fragile. She will love you with every bone in her body and everything she has to offer. Please give her the same. Don’t take advantage of the love she’s providing. 

 I am begging you not to hurt her. She is such a bright girl. Don’t let her sparkle die out.

 Give her your all and she’ll return the favor. She’ll change your perspective on life and make everything okay again. As long as you give her the world, you’ll never need to ask the universe for another thing ever again.

 Please remember that. 

 Sincerely, a man who couldn’t give her what she deserves.”

Arguments ♡ Grayson

Summary: “anon:Hey! If your still taking request, can I get one where like they get into a little argument and then he leaves for Hawaii without her knowing and like maybe when he gets back the reader is at the airport or something? Thank you! Btw you have great writing!!

Word Count: 1,030

Warnings: Angust, Fluff.

A/N: finally back! i know most people don’t read these, but oh well. i know the timeline dosen’t add up sometimes, but i wrote this before the video came out, sorry! and i loved this so much omg! 

Originally posted by tcktck8

If you could take it all back, you would. The argument, the fighting, everything. You just had to get mad over stupid things, which turned into bigger things, and now Grayson was on an Airplane to god knows where, and you were stuck in the apartment, alone. You tried calling him, over and over again, but then realized he wouldn’t pick up until he landed. “God, I’m so stupid” You cried, throwing yourself onto you and grayson’s bed. You tried texting him, but no messages would go through, pissing you off more.

You refreshed his snapchat’s until you finally seen that he landed. You instantly tried calling him-it instantly going to voicemail. “Damnit Gray” You cursed, trying to think of something to do, in order to get ahold of him. You thought of calling his parents, they probably weren’t with him. “Ethan” You shouted, your finger typing faster then your brain could register. “PIck Up, Pick up, Pick up” You softly said, hoping to god he would answer. Finally, he did. “y/n? Hey!” he sounded shocked that you called him, but you instantly questioned him “Ethan, I have no Idea where grayson is. He won’t pick up my calls, or answer my text’s. I’m getting worried” You hoped Ethan knew where he was. “Really? I talked to him about-” Ethan paused, probably to try to find when he talked to Grayson, then returned to the phone “-about 20 minutes ago. It’s weird that he’s not answering your calls. He normally answers yours before mine” He laughed. You took a deep breath. “We got into a fight, Ethan.” You slowly said it, so you could register that’s the reason he wasn’t answering. “You and Gray? Fighting?” He suddenly started laughing, “Listen, Ethan. Can I just come over, and we can try to find him? Together?”  You ask, biting you lip. “Sorry, y/n I’m all the way in Colorado. So unless you wanna come here-” “You’re in Colorado? Where’s gray?” You cut him off, hoping he would answer. “He obviously doesn’t want you to know, sorry y/n” he clarified. “Fine, thanks for all your help” You spat, hanging up the phone.

You instantly went to his snapchat, seeing if he posted anything else, hoping he would post it to keep the fans updated. Sure enough he did. “Hawaii?” You questioned, “Why in the hell would He go to Hawaii?” You asked yourself, replaying the picture over and over, hoping to get a clue.

The next few days you heard rumors that Grayson was with another girl, and you hoped to god it wasn’t true. It had been a few days since he left, and you were suddenly bored. You had barely any friends, and they were all but they were all busy.

          Ethan: All I can tell you is he lands at LAX in about 45 minutes.

                y/n: Thanks so much Ethan. I owe you. Big Time <3

You knew you wanted to go meet Grayson, but you didn’t know if you wanted to get all dressed up. You still didn’t know if he left because of the fight, or if it was for a video or something. You didn’t want to take any chances, so you threw on his favorite pair of jeans, and his favorite top, and was out the door, on your way to the airport. About 10 minutes passed, and you were finally in the parking lot of the LAX Airport. You still weren’t sure if you should go in, not wanting to draw attention to grayson. You thought about it for longer than you thought you would’ve, then finally went into the Airport.

LAX was huge, if his Airplane was across the airport, there was no way you would make it. “Miss? You okay?” You felt someone tap on your shoulder, instantly turning towards them. “Yeah- Yeah” You shook your head, “Where is the Airplane from Hawaii landing?” You asked, hoping it was close. “Um,-” She pulled something out of her pocket, “Terminal 34-A” She smiled, sending you on your way.

You looked around, ‘32-D’ ‘33-A’, then you started to run, watching as the signs flew by, before finally coming to 34-A. You stopped, took a deep breath, then walked to the nearest person you could find. “I-Is this the plane from Hawaii?” You questioned, still trying to catch your breath. “Yes Ma’am. But the last person just exited, sorry.” He smiled, then walked away.

“Fuck” You mumbled, under your breath. You sat down on a nearby chair, pulling out your phone, trying to call Grayson again. No Answer. Groaning, you threw your phone into your jacket pocket, then got up again, trying to find him. “Grayson?” You yelled, not caring if fan’s where in the airport. “Gray” You called again, getting aggravated. “Grayson Dolan?” Someone asked, coming up to your side. Turning around, you seen a girl who looked about 13-give or take a few years. “You were yelling Grayson, I was wondering if it was Grayson Dolan” She repeated, you still standing still. “Yes. Yes, Grayson Dolan, he should be here somewher-” before you could even finish the girl squealed, running off to go find her friends. You slouched your shoulders, knowing you fucked up.

“y/n” you heard a deep voice call, making you turn around. “Grayson” You whispered, jumping on him. You instantly connected your lips, and he spun around. “I missed you so much” He smiled, once you broke the kiss.”I missed you, too baby girl” He smiled, grabbing your hand, and walking out of the Airport.

“So, you’re not mad at me” You questioned, as you loaded his luggage into the trunk. “How could I ever be mad at you, princess? I mean, yeah, sure, I was mad at first, but me and Ethan have been planning this for months. The fan’s are going to love it” He chuckled, closing the trunk, then grabbing your hands. “I love you, y/n. I could never stay mad at you for more then 10 minutes” He laughed, making you laugh too. He gave you a small kiss, before you both went home, him telling you all about the trip on the 15 minute drive home.

Scared to be Lonely (Grayson)

Tired. Grayson felt tired. No more, no less. His long day had begun at 3am, when he got out from under his warm white duvet with his headphones nearly chokimg him to death. “I’ve got to stop falling asleep to music,” he thinks, unrapping the tangled cords from around his neck. He unplugs them from his phone and sees a message from his close friend appear on the screen. The next came through about an hour before simply saying, “busy?” He doesn’t think as his thumbs type back quickly, “was asleep.. awake now.” Instantly, he receives a response. “Can I come over?” “Ofc.”

By the time she made it to his Los Angeles apartment, the sun had began to rise. It was beautiful, the sky turning a light pink as it shone through his open window. They watched it together in eachothers arms underneath that same white and crinkled duvet.

“Why’d you come over?” Grayson asks, feeling her warm cheek against his bare chest. He plays with her hair gently, tucking it behind her ear and smiling when he sees how her body shivers from his touch.

“I was scared to be lonely,” she says, and with each word her lips brush lightly against his skin. She sits up now, turning to face him. She had enough of the sunrise, and frankly, she found the boy laying next to her more beautiful than any sunrise she’d seen in California.

“Well, now you don’t have to be,” Grayson’s eyes lock on hers, but soon his attention is drawn to her pink lips. He doesn’t think, he just acts, and this act consists of him capturing her lips with his.

At first they kiss innocently, like a couple would after a first date. She pulls back and looks at him momentarily, almost as if for permission, before leaning back in. Then their kiss becomes more intimate, and it shows how much they truly need each other.

Grayson cups his hands around her soft face, her skin feeling like satin against his. He thinks she tastes like coffee, probably from trying to stay up all night, and she thinks he tastes like strawberries but she doesn’t know exactly why. Soon he pulls away from her lips and begins leaving kisses down her neck. He uses his teeth to tug and pull at the sensitive areas of her skin, listening to her soft moans. He can hear the smile in her voice as he continues to brand her, making sure she remembers she was not alone this early thursday morning.

One thing leads to the next, and soon Grayson has all her clothes off and scattered on the floor in his room apart from her undergarments. He’s on top of her now, his big hands roaming her small body as he kisses her deeply and needily. His right hand grips her thigh, slowly parting it away from the other. When his fingers brush over her clothed heat, she shudders beneath him and he can’t help but smirk at how little effort he put in to drive her wild. He uses his middle and ring finger to slowly rub circles around her fabric covered clit, causing her moan his name against his lips. He continues doing this for awhile, feeling how her hips buck up against his hand in search for more.

So that’s exactly what he gives her. She pulls away from his lips for a moment and he takes this time to remove the rest of the garments from her body, revealing her small, perky breasts and her glistening pink center. Grayson takes one of her nipples in his mouth, sucking and biting on it gently, making her back arch against him. His right hand takes her unattented boob, massaging it and rolling the nipple between his thumb and pointer finger.

“God, Grayson. That feels so damn good,” she breathes out, in awe at how good he’s making her feel with such little effort. His lips unattatch from her breasts and he makes his way down her flat tummy, kissing right around her belly button piercing. He always loved that thing, even though he never saw it this close before. Something about it just drove him crazy.

Grayson’s lips place a small kiss, rught above her clit, making her body jolt with electricity. His fingers and mouth work together at pleasing her, his lips and tongue teasing her clit while his fingers pump slowly in and out of her.

“Faster,” she begs, and so he complys. He begins thrusting his fingers at a more rapid speed, the noise of her wetness making the bulge in his sweats throb immensly. He can tell she’s close to her first orgasm when her moans become louder and her body moves more uncontrollably underneath him. One of her hands tangles in his messy bedhead, tugging and pulling at the strands, pressing him deeper into her.

As his fingers curl inside of her and his lips suck on her swollen clit, he feels her tighten around his digits, her thighs squeezing together and trapping his face in her heat as she cums. She convulses against him, screaming out his name so loud, over and over again, that he knows his neighbors are going to file complaints.

When she finally recovers, her body relaxes and he lifts his face away from her center, his lips covered in her juices. His tongue swipes his plump lower lip, then his top, then enters his mouth as he tastes the sweetness that remained on his skin. She sits up again, pulling his face to hers, kissing him openmouthedly, tasting the odd flavor of herself on him.

At that moment, Grayson feels her small and slender hands trail down his stomach, reaching under the elastic of his sweatpants and pulling out his throbbing member. It twitches at her touch and she smiles against his lips. She slowly begins to pump his cock up and down, making Grayson’s jaw clench in response. She does this not long because she knows how eager he is to feel her mouth around him.

Grayson stands up and she falls to her knees, immediately taking his member into his mouth. At first she sucks on him slowly, letting her tongue swirl around his head before taking in all she could. She bobs her head quicker now, eliciting grunts from his mouth. He looks down at her and loves the way she looks with his cock deep in her mouth, something about the sight triggering some primal instinct.

Grayson’s hands pull her hair into a makeshift ponytail as he begins thrusting himself into her mouth, hearing the sound it makes when the tip of his dick hits the back of her throat. “That’s it babygirl, choke on daddy’s cock.” Grayson usually wasn’t like this, but god, she was giving him the best head he’s ever had, so why shouldn’t he try to enjoy it a bit.

Her jaw is getting tired now, and he knows it too, but she keeps her composure and even throws in a few moans around his dick that send him vibrations throughout his body. He knows he’s close to coming so he pulls away from her, marveling at a strand of saliva that stays connected from his mouth to her dick. She giggles too, wiping it sway with her hand.

“I want to be on top,” she says, a playful look on her face as she climbs on top of him. Her legs wrap around his toned torso and he uses his hand to slowly guide his tip between her folds.

“There’s nothing wrong with that,” he smirks as she slowly lets herself fall around him. He fills her up to the brink and at first she doesn’t think she can handle it.

“Shit, Gray. You’re huge,” she whimpers as her hips slowly begin to bounce up and down. She lets out a few moans and so does he, feeling as she swivles and rides his dick so perfect like a porno.

“You’re so fucking tight,” he groans, his hands gripping tight at her waist, guiding her, pulling her down onto his cock with more force. Her breasts jiggle infont of him as he helps her pick up speed, feeling his release not too far away.

“Fuck me,” she cries, the palms of her hands resting on his chest as he takes this opportunity to thrust up into her. With each thrust she feels her stomach tighten, and she normally doesn’t do this, but to intensify her orgasm, she brings a hand to her clit and begins rubbing it at as rapid pace as Grayson continues to fuck her.

“Oh fuck, babygirl. Keep doing that and cum for daddy,” Grayson’s voice is deep and full of lust as he feels her pussy clench around him once again.

“Oh daddy, I’m coming,” she moans out and he watches as her body convulses once again. It doesn’t take much for him to release too, heavy pants and deep groans coming from the back of his throat.

It takes a long while for them to recover, and somehow they end up in the exact spot as they were when they were watching the sunrise. Her head rests on his now sweaty chest and his hand runs through her light hair.

“Thanks for keeping me company,” she finally says after a long while.

“I would never leave you lonely,” Grayson’s words echo in the room empty apart from them as they are left to reminisce on the time they just spent together.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Because your’e beautiful,” he smiled.

Your face lit up, your cheeks warming as you climbed into Ethan’s lap. He wrapped his arms protectively around you, bundling you up under his fluffy hoodie. You curled your legs and placed your head on his chest, while he rested his cheek against your head, his eyes fluttering closed in peace. You nuzzled into him and breathed in the cool aroma of his cologne.

This was your happy place.

Jealous ♡ Ethan

anon: hey, love! If you’re still doing requests, can I request a coachella!ethan? Something ‘round the lines of a guy hitting on y/n, and ethan being super jealous, and like turning her ‘roud and kiss her, and then he has a big ass smirk on his face when he looks back at the guy? Sorry if this is hella specific, but thanks!

Word Count: 1,044 

Warnings: Cursing, mild fighting.

A/N: I am in love with this! I love coachella!grayson and coachella!ethan. They looked so damn good, i’m still shook. But, i hope y’all enjoy! xoxo

Originally posted by thedolangifs

Coachella came and went faster then you could blink. You enjoyed day one, how Ethan shows you around, getting excited by telling you when his favorite bands where going to be playing, and then racing to them later on in the night. Ethan would jump around, singing the songs loudly, Ethan getting into the music. Day two, was even better. You and Ethan stayed up all night, going to concerts, jamming to music, not realizing what time it was. You slept all day two, finally getting up around 4:30. You instantly got dressed, and went out for the night. The night started out amazing, Ethan taking you to your favorite booth, getting your favorite food, then hurrying to another little concert. It was finally day three, and it had crept up on you. You had been having such a fun time, you didn’t know what was day one, or day two.

Ethan was blaring music, getting dressed. You were still trying to catch up on some sleep. “Ethan, be quiet,” you mumbled, snuggling into the comforters. “y/n, babe, wake up. We need to get the best seats” Ethan chuckled, trying to get the comforters off you. You yanked as hard as you could, fighting, and protesting, but alas, Ethan was stronger than you. “You’re cute, y/n. Thinking you’re stronger than me,” Ethan chuckled, coming towards you. “Come on Princess,” He chuckled, as he picked you up off the bed. “You have to get up,” He carried you to the small couch that was in the room, as Cameron came into the room. “Ethan, does y/n have any sunglasses I can borrow?” She questioned, coming into the room. You got up off the couch, walking over to your bag, handing her a pair of your sunglasses. “Here you go,” you smiled, as you handed them to her, then walking back over to Ethan. “You’re never going to let me sleep, are you Dolan?” You laughed, giving a peck on the lips, then walking back over to your suitcase.

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i miss the old u (Ethan)

Their relationship was one of those that made people envious. They were perfect. They never fought, got on great, and genuinely loved the shit out of each other. Lately, things were different. Ethan became irritated with his girlfriend more often than usual. He noticed little things about her that irked his soul. The way she never said thank you when he bought her things. How when they had sex, she only focused on herself getting off. And especially how it had been a whole month since she said “I love you.”

Today, Ethan was going to test the girl he thought he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. The girl that everyone said was “the one” for him.

“Get in the car, babe,” his voice shows no emotion. In fact, when he says the word ‘babe’, it almost has a bitter infliction.

Her eyebrows furrow and she sits up on the couch. Ethan notices how she hasn’t looked up from her phone for hours until that moment, and he wonders if she’s even being faithful to him anymore. “Why?” That’s all she says as she locks her phone and stares at him in the eyes. Both sets are cold and emotionless, but hers are glistened over with confusion.

“Because I want to go to the mall,” he isn’t facing her anymore and he takes advantage of the fact and lets his eyes roll from one side to the next. “And I want to buy you something.”

He’s not looking at her, but he can see her face perk up with that fake smile that makes him want to vomit. “That’s all you had to say, baby.” He can hear the smirk in her voice when she speaks, and she skips to the car so fast without even thinking about grabbing her purse.

“Christ,” Ethan mumbles under his breath. “I fell in love with a bitch.”

The entire car ride to the mall is silent. Ethan doesn’t turn on the radio, he doesn’t look at her, and he definetly doesn’t rest his hand on her thigh like he used to. When they get to their destination, he grabs her hand in hope of that warm feeling it used to inflict on his stomach, but to no avail.

“Pick anything you like,” he speaks, bluntly, letting go of her cold limb. She’s gone. Just like that, racing off to each and every corner of her favorite store and not coming back for nearly an hour. When she returns, she has a shopping back overflowing with items that he knows she’ll never wear more than twice.

“I’m ready,” she cheeses. Ethan grabs the bag from her and leads her to the front of the store. He smiles at the pretty cashier, and she smiles back, a genuine, friendly smile. Something that Ethan hadn’t seen from his girlfriend in months.

“That’ll be $135,” he swipes his credit card quickly through the slot and hears his girlfriend let out a sigh of impatience. His jaw clenches and when the nice girl hands him his receipt, he snatches it from her hand, causing her to jump back out of fear.

Ethan stomps out of the store with his girlfriends’ bag in hand. He hears the ‘click-clack’ of her heels trailing behind him and feels her hand reach for the bag. “What the fuck was that about, Ethan? You nearly gave that girl a heart attack when you snatched the receipt from her.” Her eyebrows furrow once again when Ethan doesn’t give up her bag.

Ethan keeps walking, heading straight for their car. He doesn’t open the door for her and waits for her to pout about that too.

“Hello? E? What’s wrong with you? And can I have my bag?”

“You’re what the fuck is wrong with me. I just took you shopping and let you pick out anything and everything you want, and do I get a thank you? No. I don’t even remember the last time you said thank you, you ungrateful bitch,” he’s furious and he watches as her face turns a tomato red. He knows she’s on the verge of tears, and for a moment, he regrets his actions. “Look,” he sighs. “I just miss the old you. The one who I used to stay up with all night and talk about stupid shit, and laugh with about dumb jokes, or cuddle with while we binge watch our favorite tv show. I miss when your smile was contagious and really, I just fucking miss when you used to tell me you loved me..”

A tear streams down her cheek and she stares into her lap. Her perfect winged eyeliner smudges when she rubs her tears away, and he can tell she’s genuienly hurt. It never even crossed his mind that maybe she didn’t know she had changed for the worse.

“I-I’m sorry. I didn’t even realize what a bitch I’ve been lately,” she sniffles, and Ethan can’t lie to himself, it was cute. “I love you, E. Really, so much.”

“I love you too,” he uses his thumb to wipe away a tear from her face. He realizes then how strong his grasp is still onn her shopping bag. “Here,” he chuckles and hands it to her, surprised at how white his knuckles are.

“Thank you,” she says immediately. “For everything.”

“You’re welcome, babe,” and this time, he says the last word with benevolence as he drives off and lets his hand rest on her warm thigh.

Panic Attacks ♡ Grayson

Summary: Anonymous requested: Hi!! Can you write a Grayson imagine he has a really bad panic attack and y/n helps him and it’s really fluffy please!

Word Count: 1,003

Warnings: Panic Attacks.

A/N: This is over 1,000 words, oops. I hope this is how you wanted it, enjoy xoxo

“I’m about to release the girls. You ready, Dolan’s?” one of the security guards said, over the earpieces. “Ready as I’ll ever be” Grayson laughed. “I better go” You smiled, trying to walk away. “Not so fast” Grayson chuckled, grabbing your arm and pulling you back towards him. He towered over you, but you didn’t mind, You thought it was cute. As he kissed you on your forehead, you smiled, hugging him. “Gray, I really should go” You laughed, trying to pull away. “It’s not fair” He mumbled, letting you go. “I know, I know. I still love you, ya big dork” You quickly ran up to him, kissing his lips before running backstage, hiding from all the fans.

You watched, as Grayson and Ethan hugged the fans, joked with them, and took pictures with them. They were both loving it. You heard everything they were saying, even though they thought you couldn’t. About 10 minutes in, one girl intrigued you, “Who was that girl that you were hugging on?” She asked the twins. You automatically seen Grayson start blushing, badly. “What girl” Ethan smiled, trying to cover up for Grayson’s blushing. “The girl. Don’t act stupid with me. I seen Gray kiss her, before they let us in” She rose an eyebrow. “Don’t tell me she’s ‘just a family member’” She scoffed, placing a hand on her hip. “She’s no one. I swear” Gray smiled, trying to hug the girl before her time was up. “Times up” The tall, security guard said, but the girl wasn’t leaving. “Who is she” She pushed, crossing her arms. “I-I-I” Grayson started breathing heavy -you could hear it on the earpiece. “Gray, Gray” You questioned, trying to calm him down, as he was never good in these situations. “Grayson” You yelled, a little louder, eyes glued to the t.v screen.

“I’m not leaving until I know who she is” The girl continued, making Grayson more anxious. Ethan was trying to calm the girl down, telling her you were no one, and that she seen things. All the fans were complaining, screaming. “Grayson Bailey Dolan” You screamed. Everyone winced a little, their hand going up to their ears, but you didn’t care. You just wanted to make sure gray was okay. You seen his hand shaking, slightly, and he was blinking really fast. In a second’s decision, you decided to go out there and help him, not caring what the manager would say. You threw your earpiece down on the ground, and ran out, going to help Grayson. “Grayson” You asked, once you got up to the Twins. “Her! Her! This is the girl I seen kissing Gray” She yelled, so everyone could hear. You put your hand up to his face; he was burning hot. “Gray, don’t do this to me” You cried, trying to get a guard to help you. “Joeseph” You yelled, hoping he could hear you between  all the commotion. “I need you to help me carry him backstage” You yelled, all the fangirls still yelling. Joseph nodded his head, and  carried Grayson’s arms, while you got his legs.

Once you were backstage, you laid him down on the ground, not knowing what to do next. “Call 911” You spat, giving Joseph orders. You removed all his clothes, trying to hurry so he wouldn’t be so hot. “Gray. I’ll be right back.” You whispered, hoping he could hear you. You kissed his forehead, him still burning hot, then went out to see what has happening. The girl was still fighting with Ethan, trying to figure out who you were, and everyone was pissed, just wanting her to leave. You walked up to one of the Guards “Why don’t you just escort her out?” You questioned, eyeing the girl. “She said she’ll sue” He shrugged. You scoffed, and walked up to the girl, Ethan still trying to calm her down. “I got this” You smiled, turning to Ethan, then to the girl “Y/N, don’t-” “I got this, she can’t sue me, I ain’t go nothing for her to take” You turned around, now facing the girl. She scanned you, for a second, before speaking. “You’re the girl. You’re the girl I seen kissing my Grayson” She exclaimed, not backing down. “You’re Grayson? Do you know what you did to him?” You yelled, over all the commotion. “Y/N, Seriously” Ethan pleaded, grabbing your shoulder. “He’s back their, passed out, probably on his way to the Hospital right now, because you had to keep bugging him” You spat, getting angry. “Mrs (Y/L/N), Grayson just got on the Ambulance, we’ve held them, but you need to hurry” Joseph whispered to you. “See? Now the whole show’s cancelled because of you” You spat, eyeing her up and down once more, then walking away with Ethan.

Getting into the Ambulance, you took a deep breath, then ran over to Grayson, laying lifeless on the gurney. “Grayson” You cried, running over to the boy. “Y/N?” He questioned, leaning up a little. “Oh, Gray.” You smiled, hugging him, tightly. “Easy” someone said. You loosened your grip, Sitting on the bed, beside him. “What happened” He asked, again, sitting up more. “Some Girl Kept asking about who y/n was, and you had a Panic attack” Ethan sighed, grabbing his brother’s hand. He looked at you, and then back at Ethan. “I don’t think I need to go to the Hospital” He laughed, looking around

A few hours later, Grayson was fully Okay, and laying in the hospital bed, joking around with Ethan. “-and then she” Grayson stopped to laughed, then was going to continue, but seen you. “y/n” he smiled, reaching his arms out, moting for you to hug him. “Gray” you laughed, walking towards him. He scooted over, patting the side of his bed, wanting you to lay down beside him. “I’ll just-” Ethan awkwardly laughed, leaving the room. “I was so worried” you sighed, snuggling up to him. “I would never leave you, y/n” He smiled.