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Harry Styles - Meet Online Imagine

[Wouldn’t this be awesome to have happen to you? haha. Enjoy, loves!]

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To Be A Fan || Calum Hood

this ^^^ i have always dreamed of meeting them bc theyre so asdfghjkl

Summary: Calum knows how much you adore Good Charlotte and decides to introduce you to them.

I M A G I N E 

“Oh my god, does my hair look okay? Am I presentable?” You blurt out as you fix your makeup at the mirror. 

“Y/N, you’re beautiful 24/7,” Calum chuckles as he rubs your shoulders. Calum was going to finally introduce you to one of your all-time favorite bands, Good Charlotte. Of course, you were never dating Calum for the publicity as well as the opportunities to meet famous people. You loved Calum and adored being with him every minute. But Calum offered you to meet them and you couldn’t turn that down. 

“Thanks Calum…” you said softly as Calum turned you around and smiled. He placed a quick kiss on your lips and stared at you lovingly. It always made you smile and gain butterflies in your stomach. “Does this outfit look weird?” You quickly grabbed the hem of your Green Day shirt.

“Stop fretting so much, okay? You look beautiful,” Calum said as he softly swatted your hands away. He kisses your temple before grabbing you by the waist and leading you to the tour truck. In just minutes, you guys found yourselves in the stadium that the boys were going to perform at as an opening. This was Good Charlotte’s concert that you were attending. 

“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh,” you squealed quietly, squeezing Calums hand tightly. You were so nervous that your palms grew sweaty. Calum chuckled, giving you a big, strong hug. 

“Stop freaking out, Y/N, just relax!” Calum encouraged as the car stopped. A guard rushed over and opened the door for you and Calum. You saw Luke and Ashton rush over to greet you guys. They went to you and put you in a sandwich hug with you in the middle.

“Jesus, Y/N, your entire body is shaking!” Ashton notes as they break they hug and look at you with concern. “Are you okay? Are you having a panic attack or something?”

“No, actually,” Calum said with a chuckle. “I’m introducing her to Benji and Joel and she’s having the biggest fan meltdown I’ve ever seen!” 

“Watch out, Calum,” Luke jokingly warned. “She might just fall in love with them, considering how crazy she’s going over just the thought of meeting them.”

“Oh fuck off, Luke,” Calum fended off his tease as Calum grabbed your hand and began walking you to the stage. Your stomach felt tight with a series of knots dancing inside. With your hands shaking and teeth gritting together, you follow Calum up the small flight of stairs. But once you saw the two Madden brothers in the flesh, you paled up and froze. 

“Y/N, hey!” Michael cheered, putting down his guitar and rushing to you. He quickly hugs you and then holds you by the shoulders. His forest green eyes study your face and give you a worried frown. “Are you okay, Y/N? Looks like you’re gonna be sick.”

“She’s a big fan of Benji and Joel,” Calum mused, causing Michael to give you an amused smile. “So I decided to introduce her to them. They’re cool mates.”

“Oh shit, you’re gonna love them, Y/N!” Michael tried to calm you down, but you were no sorts of calm. 

“I already do,” you blurted out as Calum dragged you passed Michael and began to wave at the brothers. You watched as the two twins turned to your direction and smiled. They gave Calum their heart-warming smile as Calum let you go and went to them. 

“Finally, Hood finally came around!” Joel commented, chuckling as Calum gave him a firm handshake with a man hug. 

“Seriously, we saw the other guys and wondered where you were,” Benji said in agreement, making you melt at their genuine voices. 

“Sorry, I was just with my girlfriend,” Calum says with a smile. “She was trying to look perfect for you guys. She’s a very big fan, d’you mind?” Calum gestured to you with his head, turning to see you as frozen as stone. The Madden Brothers turned to each other and smiled before turning to you and walking up to you. You were freaking out inside as the two large, tattooed men hovered over you. 

“Calum, why didn’t you tell us you have a girlfriend?” Benji called out, smiling down at you. He opened his large arms to you as you practically rushed in. “How are you, what’s your name?”

“I-I love you guys so much, I’m Y/N!” You spat out, practically freaking out at the amused twins. “I’m doing amazing now that I’m here and you’re here and we’re all here!”

“Why didn’t you tell us how beautiful she was, too?” Joel joked, winking at you as it was an act of making Calum jealous. “C’mere, you!” Joel opened his arms and you happily ran in them. “She’s adorably small, too!”

“Remind yourself that she’s mine, Joel,” Calum said playfully with a hint of jealousy. 

“Calm down, Cal, we’re not taking your girl,” Benji waved him off before returning to look at you. “So you’re Calums girlfriend, huh? Y/N… it’s a real pleasure to meet you.”

“You have no idea how much I’ve been dying to meet you guys!” You began to cry from how excited you got. 

“Aw!” The twins say in sync before grabbing you in a group hug. You flipped shit. Not only did you get two separate hugs from each twin, but now you were in one group hug with both of them. You kept crying even more, immensely happy and grateful to be where you were right now. 

“Can you guys sign my shirt please?” You asked politely, taking out their merchandise and a black sharpie pen. “It would honestly mean the world to me!” 

“Of course!” Benji cheered, grabbing the shirt and sharpie to sign first. As he did, Joel began to talk to you a bit. 

“So you’re a big fan, eh?” Joel asked, causing you to nod rapidly. “Have you heard any of our recent songs that you like?”

“I’m really in love with Life Can’t Get Much Better,” you whisper shyly, still in disbelief that you’re actually in their presence. “I’ve memorized the whole song and all.”

“Can you sing some for me?” Joel asked sweetly, his face full of hope under all his wild facial hair. 

“O-oh, I don’t know, I’m not as talented as Calum,” you nervously laugh, attempting to evade the question. 

“Yeah, right, Y/N! Your voice is like liquid gold!” Calum called out, making you flush even more. “Just the first chorus, okay!” 

“Okay, well um…” you shuffled, looking down to begin singing. “Life can’t get much better, let’s just stay together. These scars are tokens of promises broken…” you stretched out broken, allowing that word to linger with your voice melodically. 

“Amazing!” Benji cheered, the two Madden brothers as well as Calum beginning to clap for you. You blushed and covered your face with your hands. To say that you were freaking out was an understatement. 

OhmygodtheMaddenBrothersactuallyclappedforme,” you said quickly in your hands, making them laugh. You peek a bit to see Joel now signing your shirt. Benji softly took your wrists and put them down, giving you a smile. 

“You’re a very talented and lovely girl, and Calum is extremely lucky to have you,” Benji says, full honesty in his voice and eyes. You nod, smiling widely with your excitement toning down by just the slightest. 

“Here you go, Y/N!” Joel caps the sharpie and presents the shirt to you. “A shirt sign by the Madden Brothers for our bro’s pretty rad girlfriend.” You took the shirt and squealed, having them laugh once more. 

“Can’t wait to see you in the crowd, Y/N,” Benji says softly. 

“It’s been a pleasure!” You squealed. “Can I have another hug please?” You asked quietly, having the twins give you another group hug. You cherished it fully and knew you were never going to forget this day. “C-can we also take a few selfies too?” 

“I was just about to ask!” Joel cheered. You all began to pose to your camera, with the 5SOS boys rushing to join. You guys did a series of poses for Instagram and practically destroyed the Snapchat filters. After your 10 minute photoshoot, you give them one more hug before Calum finally manages to drag you away. 

“So, I assume you like them?” Calum asked, chuckling at your beaming state. You nod as the two of you descend from the stairs and meet with the other boys. 

“I like them lots,” you say with a nod and a huge smile. “But I love you lots. Thank you so much for this!” You jumped into Calums arms so he could carry you. You wrap your legs around his waist with your arms looping around his neck. He holds your up and chuckles, having his face just one inch from yours. You give him a passionate kiss on his lips as he walks the both of you back to the truck. But it was a hungry kiss, as you practically attacked them by sucking on his bottom lip and slipping your tongue. 

“Holy fuck, Y/N!” Calum groans in the kiss. “If I had known you’d get like this if I introduced you to celebrities, I would’ve introduced you to them ages ago!” 

basically me if i met them tbh except with more tears and probably passing out LOL

Some time ago i learnt that firefighters actually have to be clean shaven at work for safety reasons (like proper use of breathing equipment etc.) so i’ve been thinking… about them sterek firefighters aus… and… I guess that’s it? sterek au with firefighter!Derek, whole 2.5k of it. But also not something you probably expect. // I don’t write fanfiction so anything you find under this is going to be clumsy and awkward af.

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