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On the humans are weird thing, what about the Hadron Collider?

Like, aliens come to earth and are kind of impressed with how fast our technology is progressing, and they’re like, touring the earth and meeting the greatest minds of our generation and eventually end up at CERN.

Alien: So what are you doing here, Human Scientist of CERN?

Scientist: Oh, well, we made this machine that smashes atoms into even smaller stuff.

Alien: Oh? And how did you achieve this?

Scientist: Well, we throw them at each other at amazing speeds until they break apart. It’s actually pretty cool.

Alien: It does sound interesting.

Scientist: Right? It sucks there’s people who are pissed about it.

Alien: Excuse me?

Scientist: Well, theoretically there’s a chance that we could create a black hole if we go through this process.



Alien: Why do you persist in this endeavor if this is a possibility?

Scientist: It’s fuckin’ sicc

And then the aliens realize that oh, humans are only so ahead of the times is because they’re fucking crazy and just do shit. And then they leave.

Just in case.


i cant believe he sounds like a literal angel

Bang Yongguk as your boyfriend

- ready to duel anyone who looks at you for too long

- supports whatever you do

- probably likes romantic cliché movies

- will send you lots of shirtless snaps

- then acts like nothing’s happened 

- random hugs and kisses during the day

- lots of cringeworthy but cute aegyo 

- he’d become very cuddly when you both lie in bed

- sometimes you would catch him looking at you, but he’d turn his head as soon as you noticed

- then he’d smile his adorable gummy smile

- b.a.p would soon be your second family

- prepare for a winnie puuh marathon

- definitely buy matching rings

- he would anxiously sit in he corner while you listen to his new songs

- he’d take you to spontaneous beach dates

- sometimes you’ll come home and find your favorite book, movie, flower, candy on the bed 

Admin Tatsmato 

This is my first “ … as your boyfriend “ post. I know its not great, but it will get better, promise!