tour tattoos

I still cant believe 2018 is the last year Warped Tour is running. I’ve had a ton of awesome moments of my life the 2 times I’ve toured on it and have met and gathered alot of new friends. Im very thankful for Motionless In White and Vampires Everywhere for taking me with them as a crew member.

Saying that, there’s a petition going around about people wanting to see my band play on Warped Tour next year Now idk if it will work on any level but it doesn’t hurt to try…right? Itd be awesome for you to sign it and leave a comment on why you signed it, if you want.

Thanks a bunch!

introducing jonghyun’s newest, and ninth known in total, tattoo. the tattoo was first seen today (august 5th kst) at smtown live world tour in hong kong. the tattoo appears to be below his shoulder - though no one is sure yet if it is on his back or above his chest, as the above image doesn’t give enough details to confirm that. the cleanest image that we have of it so far is this one, which has it appearing to read something close to: “a romantic”. (source)

edit: according to ideal boy, the tattoo may actually say “a romanticist”.this could have a lot of meanings and we won’t know for sure unless jonghyun explains it, but a romanticist (when referring to a single person) is usually in reference to someone who creates work that shows both imagination and sensitivity, or who has a sensitive / romantic / etc. outlook on life.