tour take 3


UP ALL NIGHT (sold out arenas of 500,000 people)

TAKE ME HOME  (sold out arenas of 20,000 people)

WHERE WE ARE TOUR (sold out stadiums of 60,000-90,000 people)


1. Aubrey’s Fun Tour of the Hollywood Lot.
2. We asked Aubrey Plaza to give us a fun tour of the Hollywood lot where we shoot Parks and Rec.
3. She said no.
4. We reminded her that she is contractually obligated to promote the show at the discretion of the Executive Producers. She cursed at us, and scared us, a little, and we ran away.
5. We called her agent and asked him to try and help us get her to give us a fun tour of the Hollywood lot where we shoot Parks and Rec.
6. (Not Pictured*) She fired her agent and physically assaulted him and he ran away.
7. We offered her $1000 if she would give us a fun tour of the Hollywood Lot where we shoot Parks and Rec! She said “fine”. So here we go!
8. “Aubrey’s amazing tour of the Hollywood Lot!" 
9. "That’s Robert De Niro. This concludes the tour.”
10. We gently suggested the pointing to a man and claiming he was Robert De Niro isn’t what we were looking for.
11. (Not Pictured*) She unleashed a terrifying stream of psychologically-based insults that made us question the most basic essence of ourselves and our place in the universe.
12. That concludes our fun tour of the Hollywood Lot where we shoot Parks and Rec. Thanks Aubrey! See you next week!

*There can only be 10 pictures per post, so those pictures weren’t included. They didn’t have Aubrey in them anyway.


TLOS Tour: St. Louis - July 17th, 2016 // Left Bank Books
photos are all mine - please do not take (without credit)
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Important Announcement

Hi guys! It’s Grace! :)

I guess you’ve all noticed that the blog hasn’t been active for about two weeks. I wanted to address some things before it got to be too long and you all just sort of forgot or let your XKits automatically unfollow me.

There’s no way to put this that isn’t worded awkwardly without being upfront about it: TSFacts is going on a break. I suppose it’s not much a shock because Taylor is on one too, but I felt it was only fair to tell you guys I won’t be posting for a while instead of leaving you hanging.

As of right now, I’ve scoured basically every resource available that I’m aware of. RareTaylorSwift, every magazine interview on TSwiftDaily and, etc. I’ve read every single one. Not to say I’ve collected every fact on the internet, but as of now, I’ve exhausted every single source I’m aware of, and even Taylor expert Julianna has come up dry. 

We are not quitting. I love this blog dearly and maintaining it is one of my favorite things. As of right now, however, I have about 7 facts. I can’t possibly compile 20+ more (the minimum amount I usually like to have is about 25) quickly.

I know I told you guys something similar last year, but this year is really busy for me - I’ve been working more at my job, will be working on getting my license, applying for/touring colleges, and am taking 3 AP courses. There’s lots of family things changing for me as well which will keep me busy. Julianna also is applying for and touring colleges and is generally very busy during the school year (she does plays and things!! so talented), so this coupled with the fact that Taylor has done nothing and we’ve found everything to the best of our ability, made us decide to take a break. 

I’m hoping that with the 10-year anniversary of the self-titled album as well as Taylor’s Grand Prix performance in October will generate at least a few interviews and in the meantime I’ll look for other tidbits here and there. Again, this isn’t me trying to tell you the blog is done; far from it! I just don’t want you guys wondering when there will be another post/why there hasn’t been. 

I can’t say when the break will be over but with the events happening in October I would really like to be able to post sometime surrounding said events. That puts the break at roughly 1-2 months. 

I hope you guys understand, and if you have ANY questions, concerns, thoughts, or anything else, feel free to come talk to either one of us here.

tl;dr TSFacts is going on a break for about 2 months but is not quitting - it’s just that there isn’t much else to post anymore with Taylor being inactive.

We love you!

-Julianna & Grace