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Do you think Shawn would mind a little pda? Maybe not in public where there are paps but like when he is indoors perhaps on tour and she just wants to kiss his lips, cheek and hug him?

I think Shawn loves kissing and cuddling and hand holding and so on. As you say, I don’t think he’d do it in public with paps around, mostly because he wouldn’t want you to get involved with this world, if you didn’t feel like it. But around friends, his team and family - just them - he wouldn’t mind pda at all. 

I mean, when he’s finally with you - whether it’s him being home or you joining tour - he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off you. Like knowing you’d be separating soon, he’d want all the kisses and hugs and cuddles he could possibly get, you know? He would want to catch up on all the kisses he missed out on, all the times he felt like hugging you, those moments were all he really needed was to hold your hand. He’d be trying catching up on that. 

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okay i think camren was real i just don't know when it could have happened when what do you think ??

here’s what I think: lauren had feelings for camila and they had something going on but never got official but the feelings were strong then remember lauren got close to lucy? the trips together came and they got more close, lauren started catching feelings for lucy too and got confused and there’s a few more reasons they were on and off, i think camila was lauren’s comfort but she felt like they couldn’t be together that’s why they always are acting like ‘’i love you but we can’t be together’’. i believe lauren didn’t make both relationship official and seems like she is the most hurt between all of them. i think camren ended early 2016 or end of 2015 if we think, that’s when laucy got more intense: lucy was always with lauren on tour etc (i don’t remember when but L hinted she wasn’t single). i think lucy was the person who made lauren feel more secure about her sexuality and when she was ready to come out (or they were) the pics ‘’leaked’’ and everything (the plans) got ‘’ruined’’. i feel like laucy was something like friends with benefits and things got intense because of feelings but yes i do think their feelings were strong too, i also think they will get back

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I'm going to need to see this picture of herself on her dressing table. If I was Stevie, id have a shrine to myself too.

It’s on her mirrored vanity, in the corner. The photo itself seems to be a candid from the Tusk tour but I don’t have it:

lol KOREAN idols don’t have to learn another language just for you. if you go into KOREAN pop then what do you expect them to speak? just because they are touring your country doesn’t mean they are going to speak your language fluently, they came there for a few days not to live the rest of their lives there. “we basically pay their bills!” doesn’t mean they have to learn another language just for you. you pay for their albums and that’s exactly what you’re going to receive. does your bill say “xxx album + english lesson”? no. it just says the album’s name. you pay for what you get. if they’re learning a language for you then feel special because they don’t have to do it, they’re doing it out of the goodness of their heart. if you want to get into KOREAN pop and want to understand KOREAN idols then go pick up something and learn the KOREAN language.