tour september 2011

Fall Out Boy live sets

Late and incomplete but this took a couple hours and I’m tired. Not all of this is pro-quality, especially the older stuff (obviously). I’ll add to it when I come across stuff. If anyone has a link to any of the unlinked shows below, please let me know!

La Grange show (2 songs) - recorded November 16, 2002
At the Metro - recorded February 9, 2003
Showplace Theatre show - recorded February 20, 2003
Cruise Inn show - recorded May 24, 2003
Halloween show @ Knights of Columbus – recorded October 31, 2003
Tower Records show – recorded August 28, 2004
AOL Sessions - released January 6, 2007
AOL Music Live From the Roxy - recorded February 10, 2007
VH1 Unplugged - aired July 3, 2007 (?)
Live Earth – recorded July 7, 2007
Young Wild Things Tour (Live From UCF Arena) - recorded November 1, 2007*
Fuse Presents: Fall Out Boy (Live at Chicago Theater) – recorded December 2, 2008
Fall Out Boy: Live From the Nokia Theater – recorded December 16, 2008
Believers Never Die Part Deux – April 10, 2009*
PBS Soundstage - aired July 23, 2009*
Fall Out Boy Live Sets on Yahoo! Music - 2009
Soul Punk Tour – recorded September 1, 2011*
2013 Reading Festival - recorded August 25, 2013
Live at MTV World Stage - recorded October 3, 2013
2013 Radio 1 Teen Choice Awards - recorded November 3, 2013
VEVO Presents: Live in London – recorded November 5, 2013*

* playlist courtesy of brue


I’ve been to two shows (made pretty impressive shirts for each if I do say so myself)

Speak Now Tour Denver September 2011


I may have also written into Ellen (multiple times), The Today Show, Katie Couric, A couple Radio Stations with some variation of this letter

I’ve made lots of fan art in hopes you’d notice that

check it out here

I bought 5 copies of 1989 just for the swiftstakes code (well soon to be 6 I just pre-ordered the vinyl)

I’ve entered that subway contest everyday.

and Ill be going to both Denver and Omaha dates for the 1989 tour and you best believe I will be stepping up my outfit game for those

ANYWAY I just want you to know that I love you to the moon and back and I have put more effort into trying to get you to notice me/be your friend (that sounds creepy?/ etc then I will ever put into getting any stupid boy to notice me because you have made me fearless <3