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Quicker Hamilton Facts

Y’all STILL ALSO need to realize:

Lafayette go soooo drunk once that his brother-in-law had to drag him home

Hamilton’s ship caught on fire coming over to America

Jefferson had a mockingbird named Dick

He also owned a goat that killed someone

After being told about Hamilton’s death, Jefferson became quiet and aloof as he quickly found Burr to arrest him.


Which is why Hamilton didn’t want to get close to Washington in fear he would be a father figure and let him down.

Washington refused to respond letters from the British because they didn’t address him correctly.

Hamilton was claimed dead after destroying British supply in and trying to cross a river with British gun fire only to show up soaking wet later while everyone was drinking to his memory 

When Lafayette came back to America before his death, he and Jefferson hugged and cried with each other 

They said God Bless to each other

AND Jefferson and Lafayette did a lot of weed and a lot of alcohol

Washington liked to pretend his knife and forks were drumsticks and play music on tables

Despite common belief, Hamilton would often make time for his family and would often right home to Eliza about how homesick he was

Martha Washington outlived four children and two husbands and said the worst day of her life was went Jefferson came to visit.

Laurens was getting out of bed when he hit his head on the ceiling

Hamilton was supposed to go on Washington’s boat during Valley Forge but he wasn’t used to this thing called “winter” and often got sick a lot.

Thomas Jefferson told his grandchildren to flirt with everyone despite their gender so everyone would like them

Jefferson had an expensive bust of Hamilton in his house for no other reason than he wanted one.

Burr set himself on fire trying to light a candle on fire with gunpowder.


Hamilton was not only gay for Laurens, but also for the spy John Andre.

He said Andre was too pretty to be hung

Franklin and Adams shared a bed and fought over whether a window open was good for your health while you slept.

Franklin won because he ranted so much that Adams fell asleep.

Lafayette often joked about his name, saying “It’s not my fault, I was baptized like a Spaniard, with the name of every conceivable saint who might offer me more protection in battle”

When George Washington was 17, a girl stole his clothes just to see him looking for them while naked.

Eliza had a mourning ring which she worn on a ribbon around her neck and had a lock of Hamilton’s hair

Engraved inside the ring was the day he died and how old he was

Lafayette was buried under soil from Bunker Hill in France

During World War 1, General Pershing and a perade went to Lafayette’s grave and said “Lafayette, we’re here!”

Sooo…America help Lafayette in a war, just a little toooo late.

After Hamilton’s death, Eliza referred to her late husband as “my Hamilton” and “my Alexander” 

When giving tour of her home, she would stare for many moments at a bust of Hamilton and would whisper “my Hamilton”

Burr bought a coconut for about $40 today because why not.

Hamilton was called “The Little Lion” because of his mouth and small stature.

Burr would often refer to Hamilton as “my dear friend Hamilton, whom I shot”

Burr was attacked by bedbugs and proceeded to sleep on the floor for 6 hours

Burr’s daughter, Theodosia, was lost at sea.

Burr had sex with A LOT of ladies in Europe…after he killed Hamilton

ghost hunter au
  • merle believes in ghosts and he believes it to be his duty to help them pass into the afterlife 
  • magnus believes in ghosts but he mostly wants to fight them
  • lup can’t even tell at this point if she’s a believer or a sceptic, but regardless she has a good time. she tells the best stories of their nights, if wildly exaggerated and inaccurate. she really plays into the role of paranoid ghost hunter. 
  • taako doesn’t give a shit about ghosts he only goes cause lup does and because his type is goth boys and they get a kick out of it
  • barry says he’s a sceptic but every time they go out he’s the first to get scared and insist there’s ghosts here and it’s time to leave 
  • lucretia is a sceptic but on the off chance that ghosts are real she wants to be there to see it happen. she writes down everything accurately as it happens. she hooks them up with the dankest haunted houses and abandoned train stations
  • davenport is researcher at a local university and doesn’t tell anyone about his secret double life as the leader of a ghost hunting troupe, but he has evp readers and other equipment hidden all around the office. Very much a believer but he’s very scientific about it.  

I never see her singing no way and smile or laugh every time I see her preforming sad or crying this time she laughs and smile this make me happy 😍❤️
Love you babe girl 🤦🏽‍♀️❤️