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Related to what that last anon said: There is no way D is straight. He has been asked if he's straight and he has refused to answer more than once, he admitted that he was raised in a gay community and that he looked up to his gay friends (also admitted he has kissed men irl). He also said people fall in love with souls and not gender and the way he looks at some men (especially C) is definitely not straight. I have a question tho: What it's confirmation day 1 & 2? What happened in those days?

Not to mention. He stated, on camera, he was gay.

Confirmation Day One. Summer 2013. Darren on tour in Toronto. Chris in France. Chris was filmed walking with Will and briefly they held hands. Caught on film and released to the world. Due to paparazzi laws in France. They need permission to do this.

Meanwhile across the ocean. Darren was asked about M on the radio and confirmed, for the first time, their relationship.

Same day. Both relationships “confirmed” in some manner. How’s that for a coincidence.

Fast forward. Confirmation Day 2. Just this past winter. Chris in NYC promoting STFF. Darren in LA at the premiere of Feud. Chris for the very first times since Will has been presumed to be his bf stated “will is my boyfriend.” It was huge. (In my opinion done to equalize the crime and shoulder equal blame with Darren. I think he’s very conscious of how many more lies Darren has been forced to tell and he’s determined to shift the balance as much as he can). What do we get from Darren? A kiss pic. Granted the worst of the lot. But a kiss pic just the same.

So confirmation day 2 was the opposite of one. With one individual using words, the other actions.