tour of colorado

One thing I love about the show South Park is that the one episode they did about Casa Bonita literally saved the restaurant from bankruptcy. And the restaurant is absolutely proud of that fact, and are fully aware the grand majority of their current customers came because of South Park.

I’m not kidding, you ever go to that restaurant and one of the first things the waiters say to you while welcoming you is “Do any of you watch South Park??” and then they’ll go on like “If you want to see all the places that Cartman went to, the jail is downstairs, the waterfall is over there, you’ll find the puppet show that way…!!” And they are so excited about it, like “Yeah! Yeah!! We were featured on a popular cartoon!! We know!! Welcome!!” it’s so adorable.

And there’s this dumb Cartman plushie that you can find there

And I’ve been there a couple times and noticed it in a couple different places so maybe they have a running gag where they keep moving it so people have fun finding it? Idk but I love it. Casa Bonita is so incredibly proud they got featured on a vulgar cartoon show and they are totally owning it.


From Instagram:  frankieromustdie throwback to denver when @dick_douglas took me to he biggest comic shop in the world, #MileHighComics (apparently this is my go to move when i’m in a place that excites me) #weirdlips2017


05/01 || Las Vegas NV || Beauty Bar
05/02 || Salt Lake City UT || Vague Space
05/03 || Denver CO || Hi Dive
05/04 || Albuquerque NM || Sister Bar
05/05 || Norman OK || Opolis
05/06 || Austin TX || Hotel Vegas presented by Levitation
05/07 || Dallas TX || Transit Bike Company
05/09 || Indianapolis IN || Pioneer
05/10 || Chicago IL || Schubas
05/11 || Des Moines IA || Vaudeville Mews
05/12 || Milwaukee MI || Milwaukee Psych Fest
05/13 || Louisville KY || Zanzibar
05/14 || Springfield MO || Altar Fest
05/16 || Amarillo TX || Golden Light
05/17 || Taos NM || Mesa Brewing
05/18 || Phoenix AZ || Valley Bar
05/19 || San Diego CA || Soda Bar
06/02 || Nelsonville OH || Nelsonville Music Festival
06/23 || San Francisco CA || The Independent
06/24 || Pomona CA || The Glasshouse

(photo by M. Cooper for Black on the Canvas)


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