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Hello! I’m Anu and I’m a campus tour guide for my university.  Funnily enough, one of the questions I get asked the most is “What questions should I be asking?” so here’s a fairly lengthy list of questions that you can ask the next time you go on a college visit.  I’ve split them up into different sections for easier viewing; hope this helps!

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Lydia is going to drive Stiles from California to Washington, DC. According to Google it takes 41 hours to drive that distance. 41 fucking hours of Stiles and Lydia in a car together. 41 hours of arguing over who gets radio control. 41 hours of having to stop because Stiles has to pee. 41 hours of “Seriously, you’ve never seen Star Wars either?”, 41 hours of Lydia having to listen to Stiles on the phone with Scott because they’ve never been so far apart.

And then they get to the university and she helps him with his dorm. She meets his roommate. She complains about his choice of bedsheets. He gives her a campus tour but of course he gets them lost. They go get dinner before he forces her to watch the original Star Wars trilogy and she spends the night in his dorm.

The next morning she goes to leave and sets out on the road to MIT (which is another 7 hours) only to find that he has made her enough playlists to last the trip.

They do four way video chats with Scott and Malia. They try and see each other on weekends. He calls her when he can’t sleep because he is worried Liam has set Beacon Hills on fire. She calls him to complain about classes. He laughs and reminds her that she could teach the class.






Went to a post application visit day at the University of Bath today. I had a 1:1 talk with a tutor and we were given a tour of the campus and department which was very interesting as some of the research done my PhD students was explained (very simply) to us. I don’t think I’ll go to Bath but it was a nice visit and it gave me practice for my Leeds interview in a couple of weeks!


Jeff & Nathaniel

I was on my final year of university and on my way to class, there were tours going around my campus. Saw this cute blondie on his own looking very lost. Took all the courage in me to approach him, turns out he got separated from his group. Ditched my class and I took him to the campus cafe. We ended up talking for hours, swapped numbers, dated for a few months before asking him to be my bf and never looked back since.

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a little campus tour ft. scout on her banana yellow scooter

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I can imagine Akiteru loving to make oikawa a blushing mess and being lovey-dovey with him. (And we can see kei crying in the distance thinking WHY ME?????)

Ooh, imagine them meeting in COLLEGE and Akiteru (in his final year) being assigned to give Oikawa a campus tour, and it’s all history from there. Akiteru knows exactly who Oikawa is, but Oikawa can’t place why this guy is so familiar to him, until he realizes he never know Megane-kun’s actual name from Karasuno and this guy looks an awful lot like him, even if they’re absolutely unalike in every other way lol.

But maybe not, as he starts falling for this ridiculously attractive guy, he finally sees Akiteru’s talent for finding THE MOST EMBARRASSING WAYS OF DISPLAYING AFFECTION and Oikawa is Ruined.

I received an anon ask for a Stonathan first kiss fic. This is my first go at this ship, so I welcome your feedback! Enjoy!

“Why don’t you study with Jonathan? He knows this stuff even better than I do.” Nancy made the remark casually, as if the idea of her boyfriend and Byers hanging out together was the most natural thing in the world. With a history test coming up in less than a week, Steve just assumed that Nancy would insist on spending Saturday night preparing, so he was surprised when she announced a plan to head out of town for a campus tour.

“Studying” had begun as a euphemism for getting into Nancy’s pants, but in time their evening prep sessions were actually improving Steve’s grades. As anxious as the thought of being alone with Byers made him, Steve was at a loss to think of a better substitute study partner. His other friends weren’t a particularly scholastic bunch, and Jonathan was a dedicated student; he even had his college applications in ahead of the deadline.

After joining forces against the Demogorgon, Steve began to spend time socially with Jonathan, but Nancy was always with them, keeping any residual awkwardness between the two boys at bay. The trajectory of Steve’s relationship with Jonathan was so bizarre that it was challenging to classify as a friendship, but also impossible to define as anything else. Where do you really stand with someone who takes creepy pictures of your girlfriend then saves you from being murdered by an inter-dimensional monster?

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5 Ways to Make Your Activities List Awesome

You only get 150 characters to list an activity on your college app: how do you make the most of them? Like this:


Instead of: I raised money to donate to a school in Ghana in Africa by selling t-shirts and bracelets.
Try: Arranged advertising events, organized fundraisers, and gave presentations at school meetings.


So instead of: I worked at a clinic doing different things.

Try: Organized patient diagnosis notes, sterilized tools for surgeries, assisted with x-ray analysis.

See how that makes it sound like you actually were involved?


Instead of: I helped tour visitors around the campus and presented some information on school history and student life.

Try: I give campus tours, providing info on school history, student activities, boarding life.


Instead of: Instructing, helping, teaching children tennis (how are these three different?)

Try: Instructing in proper technique, while imparting lessons in sportsmanship, health and integrity.


Instead of:
(top box) School newspaper
(description box) I am the editor for the school newspaper (Don’t repeat words!)

(top box) Editor of International Column, School Newspaper
(description box) Responsible for brainstorming, revising, and supervising articles by other writers for my column.


A: You get 30 characters for the title and 160 characters for the description. Use them (just as) wisely.

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I was looking at the campus tour info for a college and they spelled "possess" like "posses" and it's kind of concerning that the college I'm looking at can't even spell simple words correctly haha

Omg that’s bad yeah. Okay a few months ago at the campus I go to there were paper signs plastered in hall the hallways advertising for Board of Directors applications (like, to be on Student Council) and there was a typo on that poster, in like, size 80 font, clear as day. I forget what it was, but I remember having a kind of facepalm-cringe moment for the entire college. 

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I got rejected from my dream school. What do I do?

Hey, anon. I’m sorry to hear that. When I was applying to colleges, I also had a dream school: Wesleyan University.

It became my dream school when I toured campus over my junior year spring break. I had my heart set on majoring in their College of Social Studies, which offers a fantastic interdisciplinary program in government, sociopolitical theory, history, and economics. Wesleyan is a liberal and politically active school with an incredible arts community. I loved the campus. It felt like a perfect fit.

I was one of those kids who knew what she wanted. Even before touring Wesleyan, I was specifically looking for “a small liberal arts college in the Mid-Atlantic or New England Area with a strong international studies program.” I planned on staying on campus most of the time, so being in the middle of nowhere was fine. I did so much college research, and was confident in my criteria.

Pretty much everyone in my life was positive I would be accepted to Wesleyan. I heard enough positive reassurance that I began to believe it. I applied early decision–

–and was deferred to the second early decision round, and then rejected.

Believe me, anon. I was beyond shattered. It was the weekend of a big speech and debate travel tournament. I was president of the team. Everyone on the team knew I was going to hear from Wesleyan. The decisions came out Friday evening before the tournament, so I spent the night before the first day of the tournament sobbing in a hotel room. My sister and one of my friends brought me ice cream and said well-intentioned comforting things that did nothing to make me feel better.

I was sad, and angry, and also incredibly embarrassed, because here was this thing everyone told me I was going to achieve. And then I didn’t. I also didn’t know why they had rejected me. My standardized test scores were above their average. My grades were fine. I was always “the writer friend,” and my essays got positive reception from the people I’d had read them. My interview had gone excellently! All signs had pointed to, Sarah, you’re absolutely going to be attending Wesleyan in the fall.

And then suddenly that was not a version of reality that could happen anymore. It took me awhile to process. I couldn’t picture myself at another school. Wesleyan was perfect, there was no other school like it, how was I supposed to be happy at a school that wasn’t Wesleyan?

In late March and early April, college regular decisions came out. I got into a handful of schools. I toured three of them. One school in particular stood out. It didn’t have all of the same things as Wesleyan: there was no College of Social Studies, and less of an arts community, and it was a few hundred people smaller. But it also had things I hadn’t realized I wanted. There was an institute on campus where I could participate in semester long fellowships and travel abroad for a week for no cost additional to tuition. The dorms and dining hall were much nicer. After I got on campus, I realized had the times to run cross country there—and the coach set up a meeting with me that day. I still had another tour to go, but I could already visualize myself being really happy at this school.

I ended up enrolling, and I spent my first year of college there. A couple things happened my first semester that I didn’t anticipate.

The first was realizing I didn’t like international studies all that much. The part I liked? Actually its own major, called sociology. So I switched majors. My intro professor has been a huge influence on my career and we still talk regularly. The sociology department at my college was amazing…and also tiny. There were very few research opportunities, because there were no grad students and no research of magnitude.

I also realized I wasn’t actually as down with being in the middle of nowhere as I’d thought. The college I went to was in a tiny town, very rural, farms on all sides. I got stir crazy. I wanted to be somewhere you could go out and explore beyond what was functionally one commercial street.

There were a couple other factors: the coursework was much less rigorous than I wanted, I didn’t feel like I fit into the culture of the school, and I was unhappy some of the time. But I also ran cross country with some of the nicest girls I’ve ever met, and they are some of my best friends to this day. And because the school didn’t have a very academically focused culture, I stood out in all of my classes. I got to be friends with all eight professors I had that year. There weren’t a lot of people invested in extracurriculars, so as a freshman, I got to be the fiction editor of our literary magazine and do my own radio show! There were opportunities just sitting there for me to take advantage of.

I applied to transfer to schools I thought I had no chance of getting into, and sort of put it out of my mind. Had I stayed at my last college, I would’ve had a satisfactory experience. I was prepared to be there for the next three years.

But then, lo and behold, I was accepted to Johns Hopkins.

This was the complete opposite of the Wesleyan rejection experience. I had told pretty much no one I was even thinking about transferring. I didn’t want my friends to think it had something to do with them. I was studying for finals with a friend in the library when I got the email to check the application portal. All of a sudden I was looking at this big congratulations graphic. I couldn’t tell my friend what was going on, so I sent a screenshot to my family’s group chat. And ran, in the rain, to my sociology professor’s office to say, “Help I got into Hopkins what do I do I didn’t think this would happen should I transfer???”

My one friend from that school who knew, bless them, drove me to Hopkins the morning of my flight home to California. I toured campus, and I fell in love, and then I flew home and thought about it for a couple days. I reached out to people on campus: professors, different groups, and then ended up accepting the offer.

This has been a very long-winded post. But what I’m trying to get at, what I hope you take away from this, anon, is that I am two years out from my rejection from Wesleyan and I am so, so glad I didn’t end up going there! It’s still a great school! But nineteen-year-old me is drastically different from seventeen-year-old me. And the path I have gone down is not something I could have even begun to anticipate during the spring of my senior year of high school. Had I gotten into Wesleyan, I’d likely have ended up just as unhappy with its tiny sociology program. So it’s all worked out, just not in the way I thought it would.

For now: be sad. Get it out of your system as much as you can now, and then be okay with it if you find yourself randomly bitter once and awhile in the coming months. But also think about your options. If you’re sure your dream school was the type of school you want to go to, look for similar schools. There will be some aspects you like less and more. It might be the perfect kind of school for you, or you might figure out you’d be better off somewhere else completely different. You also just don’t know! You’re young. We’re young. So much can change so quickly. If someone had told senior year of high school Sarah she was going to live in a city and fall in love with theater and major in soc and work at an ice cream store, she wouldn’t have believed it! But here I am.

I would also like to say one last thing, and it’s that college is what you make of it. You have a pretty significant degree of control over your experience. The school I was at last year was not a great fit for me, but I had a pretty good time. I made friends I’ll likely have the rest of my life, I got to do a lot of rad things, and I loved my professors. It is possible to carve a niche out for yourself pretty much anywhere you go. I really encourage you to do your research and take initiative to set up the opportunities for yourself that you want to have.  

Best of luck with everything, anon.



(Xma) Scott x reader with angel wings. Where she helps him feel comfortable wearing his glasses and he helps her become less insecure about her wings?

Pairing: Scott Summers x Reader

Fandom: X-Men | Apocalypse.

Word count: 997.

It’s the first time I write Scott but I enjoyed it more than I expected, I’d love to write more about him so feel free to ask :)

You had arrived to Xavier’s earlier in the day, your parents had driven you there and after an emotional goodbye, they went back home and you stayed in the School.

Hank McCoy, a tall man who looked shy,introduced himself as the Chemistry professor and welcomed you, explaining you the way the School worked, he tried to give you a tour around campus but you refused,he assigned you a room, and encouraged you to make new friends but you felt like an outcast.

It didn’t matter that the School was meant for people like you, mutants, you didn’t feel like your mutation was a blessing, it was more than a curse.

Everything began in the last two monts, you felt sharp, unberable pains on the back every night, like if your ribs were trying to pierce your skin and go away, then you started to spot the little white feathers on your blankets, but it was your mom the one who discovered it when you were in a fitting room trying on a dress for your Aunt’s wedding.

Two little angel-like wings were growing from your shoulder blades, and it all went downhill from there, they grew bigger everyday until their tips reacheded your knees, your father had heard about Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters and called them, a week later, you were enrolled.

You were wearing the biggest coat you could find in the state of New York, it’s big enough to cover your wings for now but they’ll keep growing, you felt really self-concious so you stayed inside the mansion, exploring it , wanting to find a corner with a cozy coach, out of plain sigh

You were walking absentmindedly through the hallways after visiting the library when you bumped into someone.

“Hey, watch where you’re going!” You said half shouting.

“I wasn’t the one who was distracted.” The person replied, you looked at him, it was a  brown haired guy, taller than you, he was wearing red Ray Bans wich was odd since you were inside the School.

“Well, maybe you could see better if you took those glases off.” You answered.

“The thing is I can’t.” He sighed, looking a bit uncomfortable.

“Oh… I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude.” You blushed, giving a step back.

“No, no, I’m sorry, I’m always bumping into people, I should really watch where I’m going but it’s complicated, I really hate this glasses..” He apologized. “I’m Scott.”

“I’m uh, Y/N.” You gave him a shy smile and shooked his hand.

“You arrived today, right?” He asked, you nodded. “Have you been in the gardens? I can give you a tour if you want.”

“Thanks but no thanks.” He seemed nice but the other students looked completely normal, how were they going to react to a girl with angel wings?

“Why? Is there something wrong?” You shooked your head. “Look, I know I’ve known you for like three minutes but here everyone is really supportive, you don’t have to worry.” He smiled and you accepted, hoping the rest of the students were as kind as Scott.

You stepped outside the mansion on your way to the lake and he stopped.

“Y/N, it’s pretty hot out here, and you’re wearing the biggest coat in the state of New York, you should take it off.” He said.

“I can’t, well, I can but it’s my mutation, it feels more like a curse than a gift.” You sigh.

“I know how you feel, that happens to me the whole time, without the glasses I wouldn’t be able to control my powers, I could easily kill someone.”

“But at least you look normal, do you really think I like going around wearing New York’s biggest coat?”

“I know, but I’d give anything to see the world with my own eyes again, not through these glasses, it’s not the same, I wish I could see the color of the sky.” He sounded sad, you leaned and gave him a half hug.

“But you know you look super badass with those glasses, right?” You tried to cheer him up, “You look so effortlessly cool, like a modern version of James Dean.”

He laughed, and you smiled.

“What are you hiding? Do you have dragon scales or a fluffy tail?” He joked, you laughed, not having to worry about your wings for a while felt good.

“No, but if I show you do you promise not to laugh or freak out?” You asked.

“Y/N, I don’t think I can freak out anymore, one of my best friends has blue skin and a tail.” He gave you an encouraging smile and you took off your coat, revealing a pair of beautiful white angel wings.

“Do you have wings? Like, real angel wings?” He definitely looked surpirsed. “Wait, can you fly?”

You answered him by floating a few inches above the grass, he took a step back and tripped with a stone onto the grass, but his eyes were still on you, his mouth was still open in surprise.

“You should probably close your mouth if you don’t want to eat a fly.” You smirked, landing next to him.

“I can’t understand why do you feel so self consious about your wings, they’re amazing.” He said, sitting.

“I suppose I feel less human.” You shrugged.

“You shouldn’t feel like that, your mutation is amazing, I mean it, the younger kids are going to love you.”

“You shouldn’t hate on those glasses that much, but thanks, it’s amazing not having to worry about being judged.”

“Don’t worry, they won’t judge you here, and if someone else makes you feel bad about your wings, I’ll avenge you.” He smirked the last part.

“Since when do I need my personal avenger?” You raised an eyebrow, laughing softly.

“Well my Y/N, angels can’t seek vengeance.”

goofy college traditions/things to consider when writing your next omgcp fic from a grad of a small-ish liberal arts college:

  • throwing kids into the lake on their birthday, which is strictly adhered to by freshmen who will scream and run away from any and all friends on their birthday to avoid the lake. after frosh year, your friends will just gang up on you and throw you in whenever they feel like it.
  • campus-wide beer pong tournaments that are taken VERY seriously
  • one dorm had an annual streaking party for their freshers where they would all congregate in the library on the second floor, strip down to nothing and put boxes over their heads and then take a running tour of campus and through the hallways of every women’s dorm. i saw….a lot of penises. i imagine hazeapalooza had some streaking. (my college didn’t have greek life, so your dorm was your identity~)
    • hazing is also strictly condemned, so every one of these traditions was very careful to be “optional!!!”
  • any and every holiday that has ever been imagined will have a student life-sponsored event with a food spread
  • memes about what the hell gender/species/whatever the mascot is. everyone is confused. many freshman don’t even know what the mascot is.
  • that one building on campus that doesn’t have any windows anymore because some architect in the 80s thought it would be more thermodynamic if they put concrete in them. people work there - you see them go in and out, but what do they do? no one knows. the building is widely considered to be haunted.
  • inappropriate/borderline sexual nicknames for any building that houses a dining hall. the administration gets very annoyed and does everything from sending out a formal plea through student government to renaming the building after a new person to get students to stop calling it that. it does not work.