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Paris, France


Seven Leading Architects Defend the World’s Most Hated Buildings

  • ANNABELLE SELLDORF ON THE EMPIRE STATE PLAZA, ALBANY “I know that others find it too brutal or forbidding, but I think it’s beautiful in its monumentality and starkness.“
  • ZAHA HADID ON THE ORANGE COUNTY GOVERNMENT CENTER, GOSHEN, N.Y. “There is an integrity within the design that displays a commitment to engagement and connectivity.”
  • DANIEL LIBESKIND ON THE TOUR MONTPARNASSE, PARIS  “Maybe Tour Montparnasse is not a work of genius, but it signified a notion of what the city of the future will have to be.“ 
  • ADA TOLLA ON VELE DI SCAMPIA, NAPLES, ITALY “But the complex was cursed. It wasn’t built as specified; value-engineering changed the structure and reduced the interior courtyards, therefore limiting the amount of light. None of the planned public spaces, amenities, schools or offices were ever constructed.”
  • NORMAN FOSTER ON TEMPELHOF AIRPORT, BERLIN “Monuments, if you trace their ancestry, can reveal disturbing things about the past. Nonetheless, they have enduring qualities which, viewed on their own merits, are perhaps an example to us.”
  • AMANDA LEVETE ON THE BT TOWER, LONDON “What fascinates me is that in its time the BT Tower was a building that was entirely about its function as a telecommunications tower: Its purpose was its height.”
  • VINCENT VAN DUYSEN ON CENTRE POMPIDOU, PARIS  “It reversed the typical model of a museum into something that was engaging and inviting to the public. Architecture at that time needed to do things differently, like a shock. The shock liberates a lot of emotions and perceptions.”